Head of Headship Warns "Crisis Ahead"

“…define, correct or control the church…”

Not this group. This group’s focus is on Jesus, the One.


Yep, Robin…it is pretty unbelievable that we are living in the 21st century with people like this promoting this type of complete and utter ridiculousness. Oh, yes, as you have already well outlined- the financial penalties, if nothing else, will come back to bite tushes.


Naturally…and Laurel is an expert on both the Feminist Movement and Satanism. Not.

Some time ago it would have greatly concerned me that individuals like Laurel and her husband would be having/participating in these events. However, it seems laughable now that anyone living in a modern world could possibly take this “Secrets Unsealed” seriously. In a post modern world everything about this symposium sounds hockey and melodramatic. All that will come out of this event is to look even more ridiculous to the outside world…poor advertising.


Your and Elmer’s @elmer_cupino turn, eh?.. … LOL


Did anyone notice that Kevin Paulson is not listed as a speaker on the incoming symposium? What happened? Did he break with the group?

The group’s despair is such that now they have to actually expand on L Damsteegt idea of “satanic relationships” in order to make any impact.
I can’t believe that such retrograde and medieval ideas are being presented in the 21st Century.

Are they going to distribute some special brooms as gifts to those attending the symposium??? Brooms make great souvenirs, besides being a great transportation. As gas prices go up, “econo-brooms” could be handy… :wink:


Long-standing Adventists know that these groups come and go. They will always be with us. To be denounced, I think, is exactly what they want. This will help create a divide between those they consider to be “true” and “false” Adventists and this they see as their objective.

Denouncing them should only add fuel to their fire. A slow and reasoned teaching to correct their errors and to refrain from calling out and criticizing their leaders, I believe, is a better approach. Reasoned dialogue that does not descend into quarrels and snide remarks should be productive and persuasive for the curious observer.


Hopeful, I have never understood why we need a BRI? We have universities, isn’t that enough?


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It will be really interesting to see how Secrets Unsealed, and other conservative independent ministries that have railed against women’s ordination, react if the vote at San Antonio is “Yes”.

They’ll have a fairly simple choice. Either they will have to back away from their present doomsday rhetoric, or they will forever isolate themselves from mainstream Adventism. Either option will be quite destructive to the experience of those caught up in these movements. It would be nice if there was a way to avert their inevitable pain.


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When I first saw this indeed “amusing topic” there were already a couple of comments written, and I saw how the KGS already got @elmer_cupino and @kennlutz … So I decided to make no “real” comment on the issue, only some sugar coated ones. I would be repeating myself anyway, since people already know exactly what I thing about this issue anyway. Though I would love to see what Elmer and Ken wrote about it.

It’s been tough to keep up with all articles and comments. I am still working full time, so there is not much time left for Spectrum. And reading about secrets that are no longer secrets has become a disgusting routine. Still worse, learning that some devoted and extremely faithful… Christians… are calling pro-WO Satan’s agents, this is really outrageous.

I wish the official Church leaders had the courage McCain had when a woman said to him, during the presidential campaign, that Obama was an Arab, etc. McCain had the decency of saying “No mam, he is not.” I am not a Republican (surprise??? LOL) neither do I sympathize much with McCain, but he scored several points by being decent when needed.

Our denominational leaders on the top stay completely quiet when some “devoted and extremely faithful Adventists” preach those Satanic messages (I mean about Satan being the true leader of those pro-WO). This is awful.

I am now cruising in “observation mode” waiting for what will happen at the GC. I think we will be surprised by some outrageous things happening. I think that the “Head of Headship Worms” will rejoice at first, with the NO vote. But then they will go viral when the Unions move forward as start ordaining their women around the world.

Also keep an eye on any suspicious maneuver. There will be a couple of attempts to strip the Unions from their power. Some people will even suggest that the Unions are superfluous, that they cost too much money, and that they could be just eliminated. A Soviet style maneuver!!! But I am not sure they will succeed. I think God created the Unions for a purpose and He will protect them from those who are so well-intentioned in… “saving money”… :wink:


It is a self-inflicted pain caused by radicalization of religious thinking (aka fanaticism!)


This is free speech in Adventistm and they should have a place in marketing their ideas.

Yet, I feel sad our discussion and time is not spend on developing city missions, to make a difference in society in places like downtown Baltimore. In some ways I fault leadership for failure to cast a vision that would enroll our youth in compelling community service. What do our churches do the best at? Preaching.


There are 18 listings for different SDA groups in Bakersfield, CA area [yellow pages].
The Central SDA Church has no particular Web Site to Google. Have to have a password to get into the site.
Apparently, Secrets is attempting to hit a huge SDA audience.
Are they wanting to continue to put “pressure” on that North California [and PUC] and Oregon, Washington area? And make Jabs at the Southern Calif SDAs for what they did?
Is this “Israel” and “Judah” thinking in reverse. One would have to listen just for the entertainment, and enlightenment about the characters involved. I’m sure the “questions from the audience” are going to be scripted [and censored].
Would STILL like to know what their Budget for this event is.
Some Independent Ministries are more financially transparent than others.


these guys are facing real competition, I received a blog on face book, since removed, The preacher was plugging his book that tells the world that before Obama finishes his term, all hell will break loose just before the return of Jesus…he had a set of Scriptures that clearly point to the exact timing etc. Sound familiar? I got a phone call before I got to the end. it was gone when I returned., My one chance ruined by a phone call. Panic is a best seller. I fear for Texas, Georgia once had 7 major U S military bases, now only 5. but the interstate highway system favors these bases. I live within 7 miles from one of the bases and just 1/4 Mile off a major interstate connected to the base., So I keep my good conduct metal handy. Tom Z


They sure will be when our church’s open their doors to this sort of crazy. It’s hard to understand why a church would do that, unless they were blindsided.

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This is a fair question. Fundamentalism is allowed to use scripture to denigrate, abuse, and denounce individuals in the name of the God. This a far worse than swearing in God’s name in my opinion. I wish we would all generally see this.


If the church is used as a “rented hall”, perhaps they see it as a boon to their Church Budget, only.

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This is what I’ve been saying for some time. This Adventist fundamentalism is on the same continuum of all fundamentalism is. It eventually leads to calamity. Some groups, such as you point out, are simply a little further done the same path


That makes sense. Money will help them ignore the message being taught, or even learn to like it.

At the end of the day, WHAT DIFFERENCE do those independent groups actually make to anyone of us? To anyone in Church? To anyone in general?
Absolutely NONE, right?

Yes, we feel this indignation about their delusional statements, and we feel frustrated that sometimes we can’t say here everything we think about them. So what?

So what? Some Mr. Bohr, or some Mrs. Damsteegt are saying that Satan possesses those of us who fight against discrimination of women. So what? Does it make any difference at all?

We need to decrease the importance we (including myself) have been attributing to those mere human beings that have derailed from the tracks of reasoning and common sense - and even civility - and chose the way of religious radicalization and fanaticism.

My neighbor’s parakeet told me that their next scheduled meeting should actually be happening in Waco, TX. (…) But I am sure that parakeet is a fake, he is just pretending to be smart. He must be jealousy because my parakeets are smarter and never failed once in their predictions…