Headlines: Ben Carson's Vetting Continues With Mannatech Revelations

(Peter) #21

A study published this week showed Carson at 18 out of 20 potential Republican candidates. The other 19 people on that list will shred him. There isn’t a ghost of a chance he’ll even win a primary. It is incredible that such an otherwise intelligent man does not see that he doesn’t have a chance.

(Winona Winkler Wendth) #22

The governments are not able to provide for their citizenry on their own but don’t want to be considered a mission project (id est, a colony); however, what they are supporting is an externally funded infrastructure they are not able to build and maintain on their own, which is what being a colony is—the external funders provide “stability and harmony,” and the nationals contribute some and benefit a great deal. Yes: Altogether too cozy.

(Bille) #23

And then what happens?

(Elmer Cupino) #24

And then we return to dust. :cry:

(Bille) #25

How sad. No possibility of repenting from our illusions of being more than we really are? No “second childhood” where one can build a new and more accurate self-image? No Grace? No “second chance”.

Sorry… maybe I’m too much of an idealist, but I’m of the “where there’s life there’s hope” school of thought… and if someone is crying like a baby, surely it means that there is some life left.

Cheer up… there is hope… both before and after the “dust” phase… :smiley:

(Elmer Cupino) #26

I’ve been practicing, “Good morning, how may I help you?” in preparation to be a Walmart greeter after I quit psychiatry.


My poor neighbor came to me one time, and she asked: Tony would you mind starting your car further down the driveway…its too early in the morning and your car is so loud, it wakes us up.

And I walked away, a proud 19 year old; it was like someone had told me my son had kicked 6 goals and won the game :wink:

I really shouldn’t tell this story. Not here anyway. But…

The bell would ring. It was time to go outside to play…I was in 6th grade. Me and my friends, as we would work our way to the door, would make really loud race car sounds. Vrmm! Vrmm! And our poor teacher, she was too soft, would plead with us to stop. But 6th grade boys notice weakness and take advantage of it…Then it happen! One day, she had had enough. She completely lost her mind, and told the whole class to pack up our things and go home. The next day we had a new teacher.Things were never the same again…

(k_Lutz) #28

from Nyasa Times article

Read comments #113 (cannot cut&paste), 91, 77.1, 72, 66, 45, 41, 30.1
I can’t imagine the native-speakers are any gentler.

Come out of her my people that you be not partakers in her sin.

Trust God.

(George Tichy) #29

His religious background is certainly one of the most important pillars on which he constructs his “vision.”

The “Adventist Grandeur” may be very well materialized in his conscience, as well as invincibility may be too.

It will be interesting to watch how he gets out of the mess he puts himself in.

(George Tichy) #30

I hope he makes it into the pre-primary debates with his political “colleagues.” We need some fun, though it will certainly be embarrassing…

(George Tichy) #31

We can get the job at the same WM and cover for one another when we need to call in sick or if we just “forget” how to make it to the store… :slight_smile:


Just like king Nebuchadnezzar hey? God needs to make us eat grass for a while with the Ox’s to humbles us :wink:

(Andreas Bochmann) #34

What do you mean II ? Unfortunately there are far more cases. The figures of victims of sexual and other violence is around 20% for females in the Adventist church (at least in Europe). For comparison: homosexuality is less than 1% in the same anonymous data set. From a personal, subjective perspective: all perpetrators I know of personally (except one) are either pastors or elders. Yes, the issue of sexual violence is linked to an issue of power and control.

The hard question is: how do we actually help and support victims. The harder issue: how do we create an open enough atmosphere that allows to fairly and squarely deal with sexual impulses of any kind, rather than pretending we - especially pastors - are neuters (by “pasteurization” - just a little sideline to the issue of ordination, actually).

(Elmer Cupino) #35

Amazing Andreas, and the church spends so much time and resources in addressing the 1% while ignoring the 20%. Is it because the 1% are “lay
members” while the 20% are victims of “church employees?” Goes to show, it’s easier to tell others how to solve “their” problems instead of “our” problems.

Could this be a reflection of how poorly the church trains her employees? All church employees should undergo rigorous training in “Transference and Counter Transference” before throwing them into the “Lions Den” is my suggestion. Be nice to hear from former church employees how well they were trained to deal with sexual issues and seductions.


(Andreas Bochmann) #36

No, no, no, Elmer… The 20% are victims of violence, not necessarily of clergy violence. But indeed, the proportions are quite ridiculous.

Indeed, excellent suggestion. In some cases this is done, to some extent. We are glad that there is at least some selfawareness training for theology students at Friedensau Adventist University and some appropriate supervision at Newbold College.

(Elmer Cupino) #37

See, there is precedence to the WO issue.

(Elmer Cupino) #38

My bad. I got my percentages wrong. Passed all by “bragging rights” certificates but failed math. :smile:


lol touche

(George Tichy) #40

California just started a massive public campaign to educate the population on domestic violence and to teach victims on what to do. They found out that domestic violence is a growing crime, and affects all levels of the population.

For 12 years my full time job was treating domestic violence perpetrators. Groups of up to 15 people, 2 hours/wk, for 52 weeks - ordered by the Courts. I graduated 1,860 individuals and was a very rewarding job. Actually, I learned a lot in those days, dealing with all kinds of issues related to the DV problem (alcohol, family of origins, other addictions, etc).

That’s when I also became “radicalized” against discrimination of women. I could see the devil in it, and I still see it when I look what happens in our church as it discriminates against women as well.


(George Tichy) #41

With no training at all, some became just “practitioners of sexual abuse and seduction”…

The correlation between domestic violence and discrimination of women is more than obvious, and 100%. I wonder what the correlation would be between those who defend (die for) discrimination of women in churches and the practice of DV in their own relationships.

CONTROL is the cancer that kills relationships more often than people realize.