Headlines: Chicago Residents Flooded with 600K+ Copies of Great Controversy (And More!)

Chicago Residents Flooded with 600,000+ Copies of The Great Controversy. More than 600,000 copies of The Great Controversy have been mailed out *unsolicited* across Chicago. Stacks of them have been spotted near the mailboxes of apartment and condo buildings. According to Dwight Hall, chief executive officer of Michigan-based Remnant Publications Inc., a Christian publisher behind the mailing, individual donors bankrolling the mass mailing have a voice in where to send the book, which aims to help make America a better place and make a difference in the lives of others. One of the reasons Chicago was selected to receive the "gift" is the city's problem with crime, an issue that faces other big cities as well. Mailings to several other large cities occurred earlier. From the Chicago Tribune, "Great controversy: What to do with religious books sent to Chicagoans."

Florida Church Defaced with 666 Graffiti. The Jupiter Seventh-day Adventst Church in Florida has been defaced with "666," upside-down crosses, and other vulgar graffiti. The main church, its entrance sign, and a storage building were spray-painted. No culprits have been identified. In September of 2015, Florida vandals also painted 666 and other inappropriate messages onto a shrine for Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina at the Our Lady Queen of Martyrs church. Locals find such incidents disturbing. From ABC affiliate WPBF, "Jupiter church vandalized with '666,' vulgar graffiti."

Jamaica Churches Will not Hide Criminals. Jamaica Union Conference President Everett Brown says pastors and congregants have been instructed not to cover up crimes, especially against children. "We have told our pastors that, listen, the time for hiding is over; you have a legal responsibility to do this," Brown stated during a Gleaner Editors' Forum. For decades, the Christian community has been accused of shielding members involved in criminal acts, with the Catholic Church in particular being accused of covering up instances where senior members have molested children. From Jamaica Gleaner, "No Cover-Up��� - Seventh-Day Adventists Vow To Report Child Molesters And Other Criminals Who Might Be In Their Ranks."

LLUH to Use State Bonds for Financing. Loma Linda University Health has asked to receive monies from a 950-million dollar revenue bonds issued to help finance its plans to buy, construct, improve, or renovate its health facilities in the Inland Empire.The Murrieta City Council voted its approval for the bonds which will help Loma Linda Medical University Center continue its expansion and improvement of planned medical facilities including its Murrieta facility that opened in April 2011. Most of the bond money will be spent to replace the medical center in Loma Linda but will include future improvements at the Murrieta and Redlands hospitals. From Valley News, "Murrieta City Council gives its approval to Loma Linda University Medical Center���s $950 million bond issue."

Jamaican Adventists Speak Out in Favor of 'Buggery Law'. Seventh-day Adventist clergy in Jamaica have urged policymakers in that country to keep God in the center of deliberations. For the clergy, that means resisting the repealing of a so-called 'buggery law,' adopted from the British constitutions, which criminalizes anal sex, oral sex and bestiality. Adventist leaders have adovacted a Bible-based approach to policy that they say combats sexual immorality, though they deny disciminating against homosexual individuals, a claim opponents of the buggary law have made. From Jamaica Gleaner, "No To Gays! - Adventists Urge Government To Keep God In Deliberations On Buggery Law."

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, California.

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Chicago. I would think that as an introduction to Jesus, Happiness Digest would have been the more acceptable choice. The Great Controversy probably would not interest at least 90% of those receiving it.

  1. It is WAY TOO MUCH information to begin with.
  2. It REALLY does NOT showcase Christ all that much.
  3. It REALLY does NOT address basic human needs quickly.
  4. If a person does NOT read to begin with [maybe Facebook or Tweet] then a BOOK that size is going to be intimidating and a Turn Off. Most Americans are TV or Internet watchers. Most do not even read the newspaper. Something bigger than the Newspaper would be scary. It would have been better to have purchased a newspaper supplement with Happiness Digest. Maybe done 4 issues a month on different days.
  5. If one is a Church-goer like we Seventh day Adventists are, then like we Seventh day Adventists receiving a Mormon book or Jehovah Witness material in the mail, it will go unread, and they will do the same with reading material that is NOT from their church group.
  6. What they did WILL NOT improve human relations in Chicago.

WHY do Seventh day Adventists want to require all Jamaicans to vote an SDA Church Belief for ALL Jamaicans? This takes away freedom of socialization from ALL Jamaicans. GLBTIO’s in Jamaica should NOT be forced to believe any Religious Tenant on pain of being put in Jail, or worse – mistreated, if they do not believe that way. There are many church groups who accept GLBTIO’s. WHY FORCE Seventh day Adventist Church Beliefs on those Religious Groups? This is definitely BAD BEHAVIOR on the part of Seventh day Adventists in ANY country who would promote these types of laws!


I lived in Chicago for six years at the time Graham Maxwell was doing his doctorate and Otto Christainsen was pastor of rhe North Side church. I have also read Great Controversy dozens of times. It is full of bias, fear, and ego. None of which the people of Chicago need. During WWII I carries a King James Bible in my pack. but I had a pocket edition of the Psalms and the Gospel of John. I suggest that is what our Chicago friends need right now. Tom Z


Voilà dans ce genre de News la démonstration de l’ADN adventiste : totalitarisme et absurdité .
Je me demande chaque jour pourquoi je reste là…?:rage:


“We are not here to discriminate against homosexuals. What we are really discriminating against is sexual immorality,” the youth pastor told journalists."

Perhaps it has been misunderstood, but for all of my 91 years the church has taught against involving itself with the state in either condoning or condemning “sin.” The church leaders there are declaring what constitutes sin. In doing so, what is to prevent a government from declaring refusal to acknowledge worshiping on the “wrong” day or refusing to worship on the state-dictated day is also not a sin? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The church should not go there.

In their sermons they can say what they wish but if it against the laws of their country, what then?

Apparently, Remnant Publications and their donors have much more money to throw away on useless endeavors. How much more good had they contributed to Chicago’s rehab homes or the many charities which are so badly needed. What a waste of money and the postal service that carries too much junk mail already.

  1. While private individuals can donate money as they choose, if the purpose is to introduce people to Jesus, I’d question if this is $600K well spent.

  2. Jamaican Churches not hiding criminals. It’s about time and I hope that all of our churches do not hide criminals. Some year’s ago at a church I was a part of there was an issue with a young man but legal adult involved in a sexual relationship with a minor. The reality is this is a crime. The pastor was under intense pressure to have the church handle this internally so as not to ruin the young man’s life or bring shame upon the girl and her family. The pastor to his credit immediately got the proper, legal authorities involved.

  3. LLUH using State Bonds. While I don’t know the details, this makes me nervous. The more our schools and institutions are entangled with the government, the more we are answerable to that government. Taking money from State Bonds is a slippery slope too far in my view.

  4. Jaimacan Adventists and Buggery Law. The previous point was that Jamaican churches ought not hide criminals (a plus), now this (a big minus). (a) The clergy ought not be involved in politics. (b) Yes, they are discriminating against homosexuals.

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i think mass mailings are a great idea…they’re impersonal enough that the recipient is left totally free to decide what to do without feeling any obligation…

but a 377-page version of great controversy is quite condensed…hopefully none of the unique things have been edited out, like the investigative judgement, the origin of evil in heaven, evil angels, the state of the dead, the time of trouble and the second coming…these are parts of the book that aren’t being discussed anywhere else, and those who do read the book would likely find these most riveting…


I would be interested in seeing a large scale SDA survey , by age group, to see who has read it ever, in their lifetime.

Same for Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages.

I am going through Desire of Ages now. I like it the best of all three.

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Why not send a large postcard to every home providing free eBooks and audio books to a select collection of EGW books along with the KJ Bible with other theological works. A link to a web based download with a phone App–could reach the entire city for a fraction of the cost. My guess is the source funding this project are older Adventist members who think in terms of a physical book.


They could have saved a bunch of money picking up the unread copies from the stairwells in NY.


Praise The Lord that ministries are sending out The Great Controversy. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will guide those seeking for the truth to receive the book and read it. What despair and great need of the truth there is in Chicago. Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, is seeking the lost and even if only one precious soul comes to Him through this effort it will be worth the cost. May God bless the saints who give money to ministries working to share The Three Angel’s messages.


I guess since the state is getting involved in what goes on peoples bedrooms, and the SDA Church in Jamaica seems to be in favor of it, it only reasonable the State should clearly get involved in what day we should worship on. It’s only logical. Just to keep it all consistent. By the way, those sexual acts listed ALSO applies to hetero people too. Just sayin.


EGW’'s Great Contorversy is an anthology of atrocities, starting with Christian families being thrown to ravenous wild beasts in Rome’s Coliseum, through guillotined Frenchmen, and ending in a “time of trouble such as never was”.

The presumed purpose of this controversy was supposedly to persuade “the universe” that Satan was evil, and therefore God was “vindicated”.

The problem is that “the universe” remains unfazed by even the most horrific of the atrocities EGW enumerates, and subsequent ones even more gruesome, such as the Holocaust and ISIS seem to leave “the universe” in a state of paralyzed equanimity, totally unable to vote against Satan nor for God.

After six thousand years of atrocities that have not convinced them, the whole argument falls flat as a pancake!

So either the “unfallen beings” on other planets, have the intellectual capacity of those in the movie PLANET OF THE APES, or they have not the least sense of compassion, compunction, nor comprehension of six thousand years of abject human MISERY.

That “the universe” has not responded by now, means they never will.
Or is God waiting for the “time of trouble such as never was” to be the ultimate convincing tool??

That a loving God would go to such extreme lengths of “vindicate himself” does not make sense, particularly when it perpetuates human misery.

What an horrible waste of $600 K which could have been put to charitable use!


^^ 1,000 times, Yes.


It is surprisingly easy to raise funds to distribute surprisingly inexpensive copies of SDA books broadcast fashion.

I first did it in 1971, give or take a year. I arranged to have printed and distributed Steps to Christ on Easter Sunday in both Sunday newspapers in Chattanooga, TN. Most of the money was funded by the McKee family, though local church members were generous participants. We did about half a million copies back then. It was a few pennies a copy. Newsprint is cheap.

We included contact information. We had a dozen but not more than two dozen replies, for an investment of several thousands of dollars. Most replies were thanking us for sharing.

That was the last time in good conscience I could raise funds for such a project. A couple of years later, I was in a PhD program in mass communication and I discovered why mass media does not have mass impact. The summary of the research is that television, for example, does not cause people to alter their behavior for one simple reason. TV’s do not have attached M&M dispensers run by advertisers, is how the professor explained it.

It is abundantly clear that God is still not using the mass distribution of Steps to Christ or the Great Controversy or other such books to make any countable difference in people’s lives. It is simply not happening.

It was the colporteur and never really the book that resulted in accessions to the church, was it not?

Personal testimony has been thoroughly rinsed out of Seventh-day Adventist churches, if inadvertently. Inviting people to join a congregation has become the work of a specialist. Not even the local pastor is qualified, let alone a mere member. Hire one of the recent grads from the Amazing Facts school of evangelism or bring in the conference evangelist.

And between the occasional ‘series of meetings,’ preach at the attendees regarding the need for them to ‘witness’ for the church. As spiritual guilt accumulates, fundraising for Seventh-day Adventist book mailings like the Chicago project becomes a relief valve of a sort.

This is not cynicism.

It is not even a question of stewardship.

It is a request, if you will, to rethink how to engage each attendee in living a Christian experience that sharable in fulfilling Jesus commission that we love one another, or as Sister White beautifully explained, the greatest argument in favor of Christianity is [not a book, but] a loving and lovable Christian.

It is but an estimate, and I’m thinking that a dozen loving and lovable Christians in Chicago will expand the church in the city more than a million copies of any of Sister White’s books. And I believe she has said as much.


GC is one of the most biased religious histories ever written because it’s borrowed from biased sources like Wylie and d’Aubigne. It’s all about the Catlicks persecuting the Promise Ants. Not a word about the Promise Ants persecuting the Catlicks.
And how can incitement to hate the Catlicks reduce the crime in Chicago?


Hmm . . . , not one word in the entire book about hating Catholics, but yet you make the claim. Either you’ve never read the book, or you completely misunderstand its message and purpose.

But maybe it’s more about animosity toward the author (which is a common theme here), than about some affected dismay over alleged Catholic bashing.

Great Controversy presents the facts of history, both past and future. That they are distasteful to the modern PC mind is to be expected.

The Pinball Wizard!

… “sure plays a mean pinball.”

I have grown up with the “Great Controversy”, not very intimate though. In school - public school - I was astonished : What, Middle Age poets jeering at the clergy and the Pope, what - two Popes ? What, a Pope - Pius VI - here in Vienna, years before being arrested, humbly waiting some days for an audience at Emperor Joseph II. doors for asking him kindly not to restrict too much of the RC liturgies ? And the only remark of Josep II : “What is my bbusiness with the Bishop of Rome !” What about the Waldensians right behind my back door ? Whan about dedicated monks copying and copying our sacred writings ? What, every monastery having an Emperors suite .- in case he should comne for a visit, but none for the Pope ? - - - What, did the RC support the Habsburgs for survival or did the Habsburgs support the RC for survival ? - - - -

The GC is not better than nowadays the Da Vincy Code - some enjoy it.

Just on “facts of history”


Reading the article and the comments reminded me of Matthew 26:8.