HEADLINES: Florida Hospital Unveils Wall Honoring Veterans

Florida Hospital Unveils Wall Honoring Veterans. Florida Hospital marked Veterans Day, a federal holiday in the United States, with the unveiling of a Veterans Honor Wall. The project began with an employee comment card, suggesting a way to honor American veterans. The wall includes the seals of the five branches of the U.S. armed forces, as well as a video monitor that displays photos and information of the 150 veterans who are employed at the hospital. From Orlando's News Channel 6, "Florida Hospital unveils Veterans Honor Wall."

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this is pretty impressive action by AHPA…the concept of whole-person health comes directly from egw, and ultimately from the example of christ…

How about an algorithm to test if this a good place to work or one that wants to treat me like a widget.


Hmm. Let’s see. They find people who are a better fit for the organization, which means a better fit for their mission to “demonstrate God’s care.” They reduce turnover, which means the employees actually were a better fit. They reduce the expense, the need for retraining, and the turmoil of turnover, which sounds like good stewardship.

So smart.

In our science based world everything is being reduced to numbers and equations, and though this proves useful the human component cannot be reduced to mathematical symbols. I see this perhaps as a great tool and apparently it has been successful in employee retention, but I wonder how much it is in the numbers or in the human interaction?

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If people lived a healthy life style there would be huge numbers of huge corporations that would go out of business. Think of all the people that would cause to be out of work.
No more “Fast Food” places.
No more “snacky” foods on shelves at convenience stores.
No more places like Steak and Shakes, actually, no more steak restaurants.
No more surgary foods – even ketchup and BBQ sauce.
No more Little Debbies.
We would be eating our 30 grams of fiber a day. There would be huge reduction in obesity in the SE U.S. Diabetes type II would make a huge decline in those over 30.
Could the U.S. cope with all these changes? Cope with doing without all these things we have learned to depend on for the economy? for employment? the joy of talking about our illnesses and surgeries.

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In the middle of all the PR “hoopla” about Florida Hospital honoring local vets and the (150) employees of the hospital who are veterans, wouldn’t it be nice to do something more practical for our Florida Vets? Something more than additional plaques on a wall. How about a direct computer link and station for veterans who show up at this hospital, inquiring about their benefits. Something more needs to be done in our outreach in all of our facilities for our veterans.
FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS (FDVA) Website: FloridaVets.org Phone: (727) 518-3202
• Benefits. Provides information and services related to veterans’ benefits, including compensation, education, health, pension, and other benefits.
• Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. Provides the addresses and contact information for Florida veterans’ nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
• Newsletter. Provides navigation links to veterans’ information and subscription access for the eFloridaVetsNews electronic newsletter.
• Contact FDVA for additional information on life insurance, death benefits, Board of Veterans’ Appeals procedures, and home loans for veterans and their beneficiaries.

A reception area with computer connectivity would go a long way to helping our vets instead of just another photo op. More connectivity is needed for our vets and owed by Florida Hospital to veterans and US citizens, which recently accepted $108 million dollar judgment because of Medicare Fraud, impacting all of us.