Headlines: Gillian Seton Says Ebola Epidemic Exaggerates Risks

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Here is our weekly roundup of headlines featuring Adventists around the world.

Gillian Seton, Loma Linda School of Medicine graduate, finds that news coverage of the ebola epidemic exaggerates the risks of infections but misses the real needs to defeat the outbreak. Full Aritlce: Loma Linda Graduate Working in Liberia Updates Ebola Situation

Faith Bodle from Beaumont, Texas says she was disfellowshipped by the Beaumont Seventh-day Adventist Church for using and for speaking in support of using medicinal marijuana to relieve symptoms of physical ailments. Full Article: Marijuana Advocate Ousted From Church

Capt. Edgardo Rivas, an SDA chaplain, is serving his second deployment to Afghanistan, offering spiritual guidance to service members in his organization and conducting a Seventh-day Adventist service for civilian and military personnel each Sabbath morning at Bagram Air Field. Full Article: Chaplain’s mission continues as combat missions end in Afghanistan

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At first I was for Faith Bodle 110%, and still am as far as her taking the medicinal marijuana. She is not smoking it and getting stoned, its a “cannabis extract, an oil derived from marijuana, to treat illnesses like degenerative spine disease, congestive heart failure and arthritis.” But where I disagreed with her was the wearing of a t-shit (on national TV) with a picture of a marijuana plant on it. That doesn’t make sense to me, why would you do that. When people see that picture they associate it with illegal drug use.

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Here in Georgia several State Senators are attempting to get the legislature to pass
a bill for Medicinal M. For one thing there are a number of children who have
UNCONTROLLED Seizure activity where the Marijuana Oil [without the hallucinogen
effect] has been controlling them.
You REALLY NEED to read the heart breaking stories of BEFORE and the Amazing
response AFTER. Some parents have had to move to Colorado in order to get help
for their child.
Medicinal M assists with a number of other serious medical condition. There is a
Class I-II product called Marinol, comes in a pill form. But if a person vomits it up,
what benefit does it do. If a person can smoke and get the medicinal material into
the blood stream via the lungs, the body gets it and the person obtains the benefit.

I am for medicinal M. As a nurse I have seen its value. I have seen its value even with
some psych issues. Small amounts smoked having a calming effect with Bi-Polar as
an addition to Bi-Polar medication. For persons with HIV or for advanced HIV into AIDS
symptoms medicinal M is of value at times. Medicinal M does not interfere with HIV
meds. If a person cannot tolerate the Oral form, Smoked form is beneficial.
If I was in a group promoting the tremendous VALUE of Medicinal M, I would be wearing
a T-shirt with the M Leaf on it also. I think it AWFUL and SHAMEFUL that a Pastor would
allow a church group to do what was done to her. But, as Ellen says, One has to stand
for the RIGHT even though the heavens fall around one. Ignorant people, Ignorant Pastors
have to be Ignored when it comes to doing the Right Thing.
Faith Bodle ---- May her Tribe increase!!!

Just because stupid people do stupid things does not mean that Faith is NOT a member of
God’s Remnant Church. She has NOT lost her Salvation. Her name is STILL written down.
As Ellen said, Most of the Remnant Church is worshiping on other days other than Saturday.
We have selective forgetful memories when we forget statements like this.
It is reasons like this why persons SHOULD NOT join the SDA church.

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I am all for nebulized medicine. But the days are long gone where we
1 - smoke (known carcinogenic effects)
2 - unknown amounts of (doses should be controlled)
3 - a wide range of chemicals (instead of the ones that are the active ingredient)

I am also for legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. We let adults in our society drink alcohol, smoke almost anything they want to including tobacco, shoot guns, jump off airplanes/cliffs/bridges/buildings, race cars bikes and skateboards, scuba dive, free dive, … What is the rationale behind banning THIS particular dangerous activity?

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Because it will legalize hemp production which would reduce Big Oil profits.

Trust God.

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Maybe you do, but I don’t. I say more power to her.

According to my Stanford MD’s, marijuana is very safe and has very few if any significant side effects, and can be very effective to treat a number of ailments, such as horrible side effects from cancer treatments.

As a drug it is very benign, especially when compared to the variety of prescription drugs out there, which are often quite easy to abuse and have very significant side effects, including (for example) death. Is using a drug prescribed by a Dr which can kill you a sin? If not, then how is using one that can basically only help you a sin?

The fact that it is a controlled substance at the Federal level does not make using it some sort of sin. That’s a simplistic way of thinking, as it assumes the State can discern morality on a consistent basis. Also, if you stick to that concept then they day it becomes legal, which is likely, then it will no longer be a sin. Which does not make any sense.

Here’s a funny and true story: I personally know one of the 100 or so people who have a federally-legal prescription for marijuana. She received it about 25 years ago under a pilot federal program to study the efficacy of marijuana for treating glaucoma and a short list of other medical issues.
To this day she receives, from the federal government, a huge tin of marijuana cigarettes (about 200 of them) about once a month. They are manufactured by the feds using marijuana from a farm they run (I think in Texas), and are rolled on a cigarette-making machine, so they look just like filter-less tobacco cigarettes.

How to you like them apples?

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For a more complete story go to Adventist Today website. She had trigeminal neuralgia, an intractable pain and one of the most debilitating pain known that cannot be cured, only symptomatically and was prescribed by her doctor after having tried many other pain killers that were no effective.

Until someone has experienced such pain they should not judge her. It is far less hazardous than the many prescription medicines that are prescribed for pain, and yet because it is is illegal for recreational use the church has decided to dismember (Elaine, please refrain from using the word “dismember” in the future. This has been brought up before. If you continue I’ll delete posts where you use the word. - website editor) her. This is another reason that religions continue to darken the name. We should be ashamed of the church for taking such action and notoriety. It’s already gotten bad publicity for discrimination against Sandra Roberts, and now this. What’s next–excommunicating for premarital sex?

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re: MJ Advocate Ousted…
Disfellowship sounds harsh to me. Many of us with relatives who has suffered through a painful terminal illness can attest to the fact that legitimate doctors are suggesting and prescribing marijuana to provide some relief with less side effects than traditional pain killers. Perhaps the parents in her congregation were frightened by her marijuana leaf t-shirt and her public advocacy?

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that’s too bad that faith was disfellowshipped…she should be entitled to use whatever helps her…i’d be interested in beaumont sda church’s reasoning…perhaps there were considerations that aren’t being reported…

(Elaine Nelson) #11

Remember, it was Texas, not the west coast!

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so true, but even extremists in texas usually have a rationale…

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[quote=“vandieman, post:12, topic:6850”]
even extremists in texas usually have a rationale
[/quote] or an irrationale…

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Living in Texas for most of my life, with extended periods in Rhode Island, Florida, Michigan, Japan and Korea, I can assure you we by no means have the market corned when it comes to extremist. They seem to flourish quite widely. Sorry for questioning the narrative.


I have a feeling there may be a little more to the story also. But agree, as far as its being used to help her with her suffering, she should not have been disfellowshipped.

(Elaine Nelson) #16

=Have you read the much more extensive story on the Adventist Today website? There is much more to the story than what is briefly written here.


Thanks Elaine. I’m quite interested to know more about this story now.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church is closely aligned with the AMA and the prescription drug industry through the Adventist Health Systems. Legalization of marijuana is a large threat to the prescription drug industry, especially anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs and for the doctors and pharmacists required to dispense these drugs. It does not surprise me that a local church would expel a member for taking a position in support of marijuana. No more surprised than if the same member publicly promoted anything other than a 6 day creation 6 thousand years ago. I long ago have given up hope that rational thinking would take root in the SDA Church. I wonder what they do in California to those church members who consume medical marijuana obtained with a legitimate Dr’s prescription.


National Institute on Drug Abuse: http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana

Associations have also been found between marijuana use and other mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts among adolescents, and personality disturbances, including a lack of motivation to engage in typically rewarding activities. More research is still needed to confirm and better understand these linkages.

If you reread my comment you will see that my only issue was with the way Faith Bodle was promoting it (not with her taking the cannabis extract). There is so much conflicting evidence with this, more than one can shake a stick at. So before we promote the drug (and wear t-shirts with marijuana plants on it), I say we understand it better. And of course I dont agree with the 25 year sentence that girl received.

How Does Marijuana Affect a User’s Life?

Research shows marijuana may cause problems in daily life or make a person’s existing problems worse. Heavy marijuana users generally report lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, more relationship problems, and less academic and career success compared to non-marijuana-using peers. For example, marijuana use is associated with a higher likelihood of dropping out of school. Several studies also associate workers’ marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and job turnover.

Read the whole article, at the website I provided.

And your not talking to someone who has only read about this. I’ve lived the life where experimenting with drugs, with friends, was common, and have experienced first hand what it does, and what it can lead to. So how about you calm down.

Bottom line, its a mind altering drug.

Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, which contains the psychoactive (mind-altering) chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other related compounds.

(Elaine Nelson) #20

Look up trigeminal neuralgia, or tic doulourex to understand this condition that is not amenable to regular medical procedures or medication. Be informed!

(Steve Mga) #21

The way the Federal Gvt has Marijuana classified it makes it difficult to do any broad experimentation
and research on its benefits for a lot of body malfunctions. Some of the benefits have only been able to be
discovered by accident by people using it illegally.
If it is going to be continued to be a controlled substance, I would like to see it moved to a class 4 or class 5
drug. Otherwise make it in the Alcohol classification.