Headlines: Kenyan Adventist Pastor Says "Quit Using Condoms"

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Kenyan Adventist Pastor Says Quit Using Condoms. Kenyan Seventh-day Adventist pastor Isaack Edward Rotich  told the digital newspaper The Nairobian that couples, especially Christians, should not use condoms so as to improve their sexual experiences and reduce promiscuity.  He suggested that condom use causes physical harm to men and less satisfaction for women. From Standard Digital Kenya, "If you want to perform better in bed stop using condoms- SDA Pastor."

London 'Holy Sexuality' Conference Canceled.  A planned five-day "Holy Sexuality Conference" organized by a South London, England church group has been canceled. Speakers were to have included ex-gay individuals who claimed to have been healed of their homosexuality and who are now faithful Seventh-day Adventist Christians.  The British Union Conference was not involved in the event's planning. The group that planned the sexuality conference said they regretted the cancellation, and didn't give a specific reason for canceling. Thousands of people protested the event.  Medical and psychological professionals disagree with conversion therapy, which was a key component of the planned event. The From the Holy Sexuality event page, "Please note that the Holy Sexuality Conference has been cancelled." And previously, "London church holding conference to 'cure' homosexuality."

Adventist Health Professionals Provide Free Health Care in San Antonio, TX. The three-day Mega Clinic, offering free medical, dental and vision care, held in San Antonio, Texas, was staffed by more than 1,500 volunteer doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. Patients were treated  on a first-come, first-served basis. "The long lines were a sobering reminder of the economic segregation that plagues. In a city that’s home to six billionaires—among the top 1,200 richest people in the world—nearly 20 percent of the population lives in poverty."  The clinic was sponsored by Your Best Pathway to Health, a service of Adventist Laymen’s Services & Industries, in partnership with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and other organizations. The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District and the city co-sponsored the event. From the San Antonio Express News, "Mega clinic offers medical care to uninsured."

Tree Preservation Society, Community Members Object to Proposed Adventist Retirement Facility. The Australian Seventh-day Adventist Church’s planned 151-unit retirement development opposite Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is opposed by Blackburn Village Residents Group and District Tree Preservation Society. The Nunawading Estate Retirement Village proposes six apartment buildings, ranging from three to five stories with convenience, food, and drink shops. It may take The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal up to six weeks to decide the dispute. Jeff Green, general manager of city development, indicated that the church has made changes in its plan in response to the opposition. From Melbourne Herald Sun, "Six-week wait for VCAT decision on Seventh Day Adventist Church’s village plan opposite Blackburn Lake Sanctuary."

Adventists Sue Baseball Team Over Alleged Sabbath Discrimination. Three former Washington Nationals ballpark ushers who are Seventh-day Adventists have filed a lawsuit against the team, claiming religious discrimination. Recent changes in scheduling practices conflict with the men's Sabbath observance. From Sports Illustrated, "Three former ushers sue Nationals, allege religious discrimination."

Voice of Prophecy Inaugurates New Loveland HQ. Voice of Prophecy, the international radio voice of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, held a grand-opening ceremony at its new office in Loveland, Colorado. Activities included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, and a public reception.  The headquarters will open to the public the Monday after its ceremonies.  The ministry is leasing 23,800 square feet of office space in a Chase Bank building. From Reporter Herald, "Radio network celebrates new home."

Ben Carson Will Announce May 4. Ben Carson will announce his candidacy for president of the United States on May 4 in Detroit, Michigan, according to numerous reports. The ticketed event will take place at the Detroit Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts. From CNN, "Ben Carson plans May 4 Detroit announcement."

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"people in serious relationships and Christians to stop using condoms since it “is one of the reason men perform poorly in bed. It is also the leading cause of many sexually transmitted diseases,”

And this is the culture the GC wants to tie WO to? Seriously?!

“Houston, we have a problem.”

It can only happen in religious arenas. Nowhere else.

Makes me proud to belong to such a church.

Since we’re at it, “Bring them on!”

Go for it. We need people with vision and courage.

(Elaine Nelson) #3

What was that pastor thinking? He knows women’s response? That condoms promote promiscuity?

What were those ushers thinking? That all games would be on Sundays?

Houston: we have several problems!

It was a wise decision to defer “conversion therapy” lectures to the advice of mental health specialists.

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[quote=“spectrumbot, post:1, topic:8156”]
“If you want to perform better in bed stop using condoms- SDA Pastor.”
[/quote]He added: “Condom prevents male sperm from leaving the organ in the required pressure since it hardly has an outlet, in the long run, accumulation of sperms in veins causes backache or even impotence. Moreover, women do not enjoy anything during intercourse, it’s a raw deal”

Well there you have it; the font of all knowledge, ejaculates his wisdom, without the barrier method to protect his victims! :blush:

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I quit a long time ago. Tom Z (birth date March 23, 1925)

(Elaine Nelson) #6

And there you have the fount of wisdom from the proponent of headship! Men who know all about everything, including women; his statement expressses the true “headship theory.” Perhaps the way such men practice intimacy, their women do not enjoy sex.

(George Tichy) #7

I am impressed by your positive attitude and support to all that wisdom!

(Rheticus) #8

All organizations have people in them who say stupid (there is no other word for it) things.

The test of the organization is what happens next - silence, or public reproof.

http://www.adventist.org/world-church/general-conference/leadership/ Ben Schoen, for example, made ludicrous statements about gay marriage when he was Northern New England Conference president.

Clifford Goldstein has made many such statements about evolution and evolutionists.

The EGW Estate continues to make them about her writing techniques.

And the SdA leadership all the way down to the Local Conferences and Congregations let them get away with it.

It says a lot about the organization.

(George Tichy) #9

Misusing Condoms:

Wearing a condom on one’s head may cause reduction of oxygen intake (difficulty breathing) and the blood going to the brain becomes so poorly oxygenated that the person ends up making very “strange” and “suffocating” statements. The whole experience may actually become very “toxic.”

Stay away from those devices!

(Please everyone, try to resist piling on in the face of such obvious stupidity (this story would be better coming from Barely Adventist). Please resist the jokes that will no doubt easily occur to you all. We’re going to take a hard line & delete them from now on for the sake of decorum. - website editor)

(Thomas J Zwemer) #10

web Editor. I think Spectrum pitched the ball. Didn’t you think people would swing at it? Tom Z

(I agree Spectrum pitched the ball in the sense that we reported on it. Just like we pitch the ball when we report on Ben Carson then the comments slide off into pure partisan politics. You notice I didn’t censure any of the jokes so far. I also indicated a personal opinion (which is probably my own excess). This acknowledges how understandable ridicule in reaction might be. Ok. Now I’m simply saying - please everyone, restrain yourselves. I think that is reasonable. But, if not, oh well. I’m still going to delete jokes going forward. No joke. - website editor)

(Elaine Nelson) #11

WebEd: It is difficult in the face of such stupidity to make any serious comments. If the G.C. leadership chooses to let such remarks stand without rebuttal, it brings shame and ridicule to the Adventist church for a pastor representing the Adventist church we should hope it does not stand without some refutation.

(Your comment seems to me like a serious comment on the topic, does it not? Perhaps there is something beside jokes to be said. If not, silence will do. - website editor)

(Thomas J Zwemer) #12

That is your job and you are good at it, thanks.,Tom Z

(George Tichy) #13


On a fully serious note, I suggest that Spectrum makes an effort to find out whether the Church’s Headquarters are going to react (or if they already did) in any way to such a toxic statement by that pastor, and then post it here later on for our appreciation.

I can only imagine what that pastor’s congregation is learning from him, especially the youth.

(Elmer Cupino) #14


Have you heard them say “Pile it on until the flowers begin to bloom?” There should be a positive outcome out of this “Headlines:…,” a valuable lesson for us all to learn.

(Kim Green) #15

Just want to know- is this same Adventist Pastor going to be responsible if and when these poor couples stop using condoms?? Would be funny if the the various sad consequences weren’t so “a-parent”! Unbelievably ridiculous…

(Carolyn Parsons) #16

It is also the leading cause of many sexually transmitted diseases,” SDA pastor Isaack Edward Rotich told The Nairobian,

To say that condom use causes STD’s is the height of irresponsibility. The church in Kenya and the Pastor himself must correct these ideas.

The church’s Study Document on AIDS puts it like this:

When one person is infected and sexual activities are continued, condoms are recommended.

The Church barely mentions condoms and when it does it does not include the best recommendations. Condoms should be used whenever there is sexual activity, not only when one has AIDS or is infected with HIV. In many areas in Africa, there is not universal HIV testing and the HIV infected population is high. There should be no expectation that someone infected by HIV knows their status.

The SDA Church Study Document on AIDS is found here:

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He looks serious to me.

(le vieux) #18

I have an aversion to protests and protesters, for various reasons. More often than not, they make fools of themselves and accomplish little of substance. (I can picture George already typing a response as he reads this, asking why I always find fault with articles here) However, I sympathize with these people. Botany was my first love. I hate to see picturesque landscapes destroyed. Couldn’t they have found a spot which wouldn’t require the removal of 100 tress? I looked up the sanctuary and the photos are beautiful. According to the sanctuary’s website it is “one of the few significant remaining natural bushland reserves in Melbourne.” Obviously the proposed retirement village won’t be within the sanctuary itself, but if for no other reason than to promote good will, they should find another location. I have hundreds of acres of woods to wander in behind my house, but I wouldn’t want a retirement village (or a supermarket, or a fast food joint, etc.) across the street.

But the picture with the article in the Herald Sun is completely unacceptable: no aboriginal representation, no young adult representation. Where are the PC police? :wink:

(Tihomir Odorcic) #19

Is this a real website editor, or are we acting to be him. I can’t believe that the situation got so serious and dull. I am disappointed with Spectrum at once. Where is the spirit of freedom?
So I’ll try to pretend to be one:
No joke, no laughing, no humor, just read the blog and enjoy the wisdom of some people. website editor.

(Let me email you an employment application. - website editor)

(George Tichy) #20

I actually don’t have any problem with your position on this. There is so much land everywhere, and some people just get stuck with some projects that could be managed differently.

Now, regarding the PC police, don’t count on them for a while. They are busy looking for guys who bought cond… lately… :wink: