Headlines: NatGeo Features SWAU Dino Research Project

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NatGeo features SWAU Dino Research Project. Southwestern Adventist University's Dinosaur Research Project appeared in two National Geographic Channel documentaries: "Dino Death Match" and "Ultimate Dino Survivor." Both programs featured a controversial breed of dinosaur named Nanotyrannus. In 2001, Southwestern's Dinosaur Research Project discovered one of only five Nanotyrannus. A film crew spent two days on the SWAU campus. From Keene Star, "Southwestern's Dino Dig Project featured on National Geographic Channel."

Forgiveness Project Exhibited in British Churches. "The F Word" exhibition, part of The Forgiveness Project, has been on display in the Plymouth and Bodmin, England churches. Both churches served as "exhibition area[s] where the public could engage in the stories of people who have discovered forgiveness in unexpected places." The project "has been displayed in over 300 venues worldwide and draws together voices from South Africa, America, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland and England to examine forgiveness as a healing process, a journey out of victimhood and ultimately, a journey of hope." From Adventist.org.uk, "Forgiveness Project Stretches from Aberdeen to Bodmin."

Andrews University Will Require Meningitis Vaccination. Andrews University is preparing to require its first-year students to be vaccinated against meningitis, according to Stephen Payne, Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Communications for Andrews University. Currently, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not require college students to have the vaccine, but Andrews administration wants "to stay ahead of the curve." From Fox 28, "Michigan college to require meningitis vaccination for incoming freshmen this fall."

PUC Noted as a Great Place to Meet Future Spouse. In a survey created by Niche, a database of school information, Pacific Union College placed seventh in a nation-wide ranking of "Best Colleges to Meet Your Future Spouse." PUC rated above other California Christian institutions Biola University and Pepperdine University. With a focus on religious colleges, Niche combined its lists of the friendliest students, the smartest students, and the most attractive students to create a list of 50 schools for this list. From Business Insider, "50 colleges where you're most likely to meet your future spouse."

Gethsemane Seventh-day Adventist Church Damaged by Fire. Gethsemane Seventh-day Adventist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, being spruced up to celebrate its 100th anniversary, has been damaged by a fire caused by soldering in its fellowship hall. All services have been put services on hold. From WNCN.com, "Crews battle early morning fire at Raleigh church."

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No surprise that BYU was no. 1; early marriages are part of the Mormon beliefs.

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Not quite. The young men aught to have severed a 2-year mission before considering marriage. And premature brides are not recommended for the LDS. Perhaps in some of the fundamental/polygamist sects it may be that way.

Trust God.