Headlines: Southwestern Adventist University Dino Museum Features Over 20 Thousand Bones (And More!)

Southwestern Adventist University Dino Museum Features Over 20 Thousand Bones. For more than twenty years, Southwestern Adventist University Professor Dr. Art Chadwick, along with students, university faculty and scientists has extracted upper Cretaceous dinosaur bones from the Hanson Research Center in eastern Wyoming. A collection of over 20,000 dinosaur bones is now on loan to the newly-opened Dinosaur Science Museum on Southwestern’s campus. The museum also features interactive displays, skeleton replicas, a 3d printer, videos, and opportunities to observe the preservation process. The museum is open to the public and does not charge admission. It welcomes school groups to learn about now-extinct creatures that once lived in North America. From Southwestern Adventist University, “Southwestern Adventist University Opens Dinosaur Science Museum.”

Oklahoma Adventist Pastor Remembers Training at Camp Desmond Doss. Larry Priest, senior pastor of Edmond, Oklahoma, Seventh-day Adventist Church, recalls his 1971 experience at Camp Desmond Doss. He trained to serve his country but remain a conscientious objector. His memories of his 14-day camp experience were heightened when he viewed Hacksaw Ridge which recounts the story of World War II hero Desmond Doss, a U.S. Army combat medic, Seventh-day Adventist, and conscientious objector who refused to carry a gun. Priest, 65, said, "The faith relationship that Desmond Doss had with God was real." The pastor and Laree Reidenbaugh, his church member, said they and other members of their local church are thrilled to see Doss' story told to modern audiences. They said they expect the movie may make the community-at-large more curious about Adventists and their faith tradition as conscientious objectors. From NewsOK, “Seventh-day Adventists discuss legacy of 'Hacksaw Ridge' hero.”

LLUSM Leads in Providing Family Medicine Residencies. Loma Linda University School of Medicine ranked No. 6 in the percentage of graduates who go into family medicine residencies among schools that grant medical degrees in the United States. Loma Linda University is the only private school in the top 20 rankings. With the rise of managed health care, family medicine has become a dominate player in the primary healthcare field, which in turn has become “the driving force in medicine,” Dr. Roger Woodruff, chairman of the Department of Family Medicine, said. “Loma Linda has a deep and long history with family medicine.” Senior Loma Linda medical school faculty members say the reason they rank so highly is that primary care is a large part of the University’s core mission. “We feel strongly that family medicine is a big contributor to health care in general,” said Dr. Wessam Labib, director of medical school education at Loma Linda. From San Bernardino Sun, “Loma Linda university among top in nation for sending grads into family medicine.”

Baltimore Adventist Church Members Pray for President-elect Trump. The Baltimore, Maryland, Liberty Seventh-day Adventist Church held a prayer vigil for President-elect Donald Trump following his divisive campaign. "We want him to be successful," said Rocky Twyman, one of the key organizers for the vigil. "We're hoping through our prayers that God will touch his heart to be more considerate and more concerned about minorities and the less fortunate of this country." Pastor Mark McCleary urged his congregants to get more involved in their communities following President-elect Donald Trump's victory. "The only way unity is going to be effective is people who live in these neighborhoods to rub shoulders with one another," said McCleary. “Talk with one another. Work with one another.” From Fox Baltimore, “Prayer vigil held in wake of Donald Trump’s election victory.”

New Haven Church Partners with other Groups to Provide Thanksgiving Goods. More than 300 New Haven, Connecticut, families were served at the third-annual Day of Joy. Pastor Brenda Adkins of His Divine Fellowship Ministry Church directed the event where people received Thanksgiving food items, coats, and blessing bags. The Knights of Columbus provided $6,000 this year to aid in purchasing food. A hot meal was served by volunteers from Mount Zion Seventh-day Adventist Church and from the Knights of Columbus. From New Haven Register, “‘Day of Joy’ in New Haven brings smiles with Thanksgiving in a bag.”

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, California.

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I wonder WHAT DATE B.C. do they put on the Bones???

There is a great exhibit of this kind in Price, Utah. Some of the exhibit came from the coal mines in Utah.
One such item shows the Roof of a shaft with the 3-D foot print of the creature when it made its impression in the soft substance that layered on top of the “coal” seam.
They seemed to be OK with placing dates on their exhibit.

The preachers/pastors in Europe were communicating with each other in Latin in the 1700s, early 1800s about all their finds in studying glaciers and earth strata in their neighborhoods. It wasnt until late that persons in New England were aware of all their discoveries and questions and conversations.
Being just farmers, trades persons with limited education, our founders, were very late in being aware of all this conversation, and being limited in education, had no way to join in the conversation. All they had was Genesis 1 to 11. “The Origin of Species” 1859 was probably no shock in Europe as others had been discussing this for a Century. But it was in the U.S. as there was very little conversation here among the educated [theologians, university professors]. [back then if one completed grade school THAT was a HUGE event].
“Amalgamation” and the “Origin of Black persons” – are these what GOD told Ellen? or did they end up in her books and writings from another source?? It would take some very sophisticated instruments and knowledge in order to do this. DNA from one animal would have to be inserted into the egg DNA of another and then the Female would have to incubate it, however it would be done, depending on if it was an EGG or a Live Birth.
It is my understanding that indiscriminate sex between species does not work.


Congratulations to Professor Chadwick, and a very small Adventist liberal arts college for having equaled
the exhibits in some major world Natural History Museums, with their dinosaur archeology finds!

I remember going to the London Natural History Museum with my awed London
grandchildren, who were pygmies/dwarves under the giant, forty feet long,
fifteen feet high skeletons of TYRRANOSAURUS REX, ( weight estimated at 12,000 pounds!)
the largest carnivorous and predatory dinosaurs.

Surely these huge osseous remains of enormous vicious predators raise pertinent
theological questions.

The London Natural History Museum curators opined that these predatory dinosaurs
could not have existed contemporaneously with mankind-- they were so huge and vicious,
mankind would have become extinct. One lash of their huge tails could eviscerate a nearby
animal or human. This scientific opinion calls into question the chronological order of creation days.

Every aspect of Tyrannosaurus Rex’s physiognomy screams “predator”, “killing machine”,
from their four foot long jaws, which had the strongest bone crushing intensity of any beast,
to their huge clawed feet, and lashing tails.

Why would a “loving” God create such lethal monsters?
It is beyond credulity that EGW’s “amalgamation” arguments would have resulted in such unique
and bizarre beasts.

EGW maintains that all current living animals on planet earth, were housed in Noah’s ark.
Having just crossed the Atlantic on Celebrity Cruises, 1000 foot long, 230 feet high, 200 feet wide,
CELEBRITY ECLIPSE, I cannot imagine Noah’s mini craft, as being sizable enough to house
such enormous creatures. And did the old man use tranquilizer guns to calm the beasts
and prevent them from consuming the other animals?

What calamitous event, caused the extinction of the dinosaur species and when did it occur?

And how come the dinosaurs migrated from Mount Ararat, the Ark’s landing place, to the WESTERN USA?
(How did the kangaroos, emus, wallabies make it to Australia exclusively, crossing thousands of ocean miles?
And the giant Tortoises to the Galapogus Islands?)

Enquiring minds need to know-- how do the Southwestern Adventist College professors
answer these pertinent and potent questions which the DINO museum must raise?


This SDA exhibit poses severe questions for the “young-earthers”. The great reptiles, it is pretty much agreed by scientists, using their dating protocols, flourished during the Mesozoic era(about 251 mya to say 65.5 mya). Mammals were small and insignificant. Africa and India separated from the Antartic;South America broke away from Africa. The demise of the reptile monsters(Dinos) came due to the impact of a devastating meteor at Chicxulub, Yucatan,Mexico., creating a crater 170 km in extent.(Gulf of Mexico???). 80-90% of marine species and 85% of land species disappeared in this extinction event… Of course the dinosaurs disappeared as a viable predatory life-form. Mammals rose to prominence in the succeeding Cenozoic era. Why dinosaurs? One can look at it this way. Earth was seen as a huge laboratory by our creators , in which they could experiment with various life forms. In creating life forms in heaven some vicious creatures escaped and the rulers demanded that either ALL scientific life creation experiments be terminated OR that they find another venue for their experiments. That way if they were so careless as to create vicious, predatory, vicious life-forms , the scientists would be the ones eaten, and they would NOT be resurrected . .


I know I shouldn’t post this but I simply can’t help myself. The origin of these creatures brings up a simple but glairing problem. It is one that Christianity, let alone Adventism, has really never addressed. Looking at Genesis 1, there is a huge glaring problem that no one seems to ever deal with. It is so basic, I wonder why it isn’t brought up more often.

Genesis 1 talks about the creation of light on the first day, but from where? Secondly, you have four days between the first day of creation and when God created the sun, moon and stars.

Ok, all of you believers in a literal six day creation, I want you to actually use your heads here and explain how you can have days one, two and three without the sun. The very definition of a day is the rotation of the earth with respect to the sun. Even the Sabbath is defined by sunset. Our day begins at “sunrise” which is actually a misnomer. The sun does not rise. The earth rotates and it appears to us that the sun rises. None the less, there is no possible differentiation of days without the sun and since the sun was not created until the fourth day, there was no way of telling when day one two or three began and ended. Not only that, but there is no way of creating light on the first day unless you have the “light source” which is the sun, once again not created until the fourth day.

The creation of the stars is an entirely different problem. We have been able to accurately measure distances to the stars for over 100 years now, even before the discovery of redshift, we have used parallax technologies to measure out to several thousand lightyears. It is estimated recently that they now believe there are over a trillion galaxies in the universe. The average number of these galaxies has between 10 billion to 100 billion suns. Not one of these galaxies, not a single one, is closer than 2 million lightyears from earth. If they were all closer than 6,000 lightyears, which they would have to be in order for their light to arrive here on earth for us to see if they were created on the 4th day of creation 6,000 years ago, we would all be burned up instantly from the massive amount of heat concentrated from all of those suns in that tiny confined space. That means that the light leaving each of these galaxies left at least 2 million years before the 6,000 year old earth was ever created. Or, God defied His rules of nature and caused the light to travel at a tremendously accelerated degree in order to arrive here on earth just to make Genesis 1 work. I have imaged many of these galaxies and I know the photons have arrived but they didn’t exceed the speed of light, it also means that the light leaving all of these galaxies is light that is at least 2 million years old or older.

So you can have Genesis 1 as a testament to the Fact that God did create everything and just accept it as that, OR, you can jump through all kinds of hoops and have God violate many of His own laws of nature so that the whole thing happened 6,000 years ago. It’s up to you.

God is still in charge and He did make everything…it’s just how much you want to put your stock in what a 6,000 year old theory that was derived by a Catholic Monk about 1000 year ago. His math was actually fairly good, he was simply using information in Genesis that was not meant to be used as science.


When Genesis was written, “heaven” simply meant the sky, (which was evidently close enough to reach via the Ziggurats, etc. Angelic beings were therefore able to see human women and came down for some action. (Gen 6:2) God declared that He would tolerate these cross-bred Nephilim–their magnificence notwithstanding–for only 120 years, then drown them with the flood.

EGW evidently heard someone explain this using the then-current in-word for interracial mating and declared that God destroyed the earth to end all “amalgamation”. (Pity any interracial couple who believe that she is inerrant. )


if one lives above the Artic Circle they are without the sun for days on end. Yes the Sun,moon, and stars existed before creation week, but were not visible from earth until the mist was removed. The key to understanding Genesis 1-11 is a counter to the Babylonian myths., The Babylonian take is that the sun, moon and stars are gods. Genesis makes them created Masses. TZ****


ROIGHT !!! Heaven, the planet is somewhere in our local group , we cannot as yet pinpoint exactly where, and can only rely on speculations from the few who have been there and back. I know of only ONE that I believe is genuine. Various eloha used to occupy offices on the top floor of the ziggurats where they instructed literate humans in various matters such as earth history, how man was created to replace striking nephilim workers who mined gold et al which was used to “bend time” prolong life and so on. Their progress is depicted in drawings of gargoyles on ancient temple walls esp DENDERA,where some creatures had two heads; others had both male and female organs; others had head of one animal and body of another like the SPHINXand so on. The elohim became impatientand decided that an infusion of higher genetic material was needed. So Yahweh, ruler of the earth, called a meeting of the council of twelve and issued a command which must be adhered to. Namely GEN. 1:26. This was done and so male sperm and other genetic material such as blood from an eloha was mixed with eggs from the then most intelligent earth creature Homo erectus, producing Homo sapiens(Human beings). Man was indeed “washed in the blood” of a god. Interracial mating so-called is not an intelligent concept. Is one saying that Jews and God are one “race”? Mary was a Jewish teenager perhaps illiterate and God from Bible records , as I understand, inseminated her, as did Joseph later on…

The Bible was not written from beginning to end in one piece. Many of the books have multiple authors and were written over vast periods of time. By looking at the writing styles in Genesis; Gen 2:4 is much older then Gen 1:1. The pre-Babylonian Jews only had this story:

2:4)This is the history of the sky and the earth after they had been created, during the time when YHWH Elohim formed the earth and sky.
2:6)There was also no person ready for the purpose of working the ground…
2:7)YHWH God molded the mortal man from the mud which came from the ground and He blew into his nostrils the breath of life, ……
2:8)Next, YHWH God planted a garden in Eden, namely, in the East. There He put the mortal man whom He had fabricated.
(note: ‘in the East’ some times is used to say ‘a new start or new beginning’)
2:9) YHWH Creator caused to grow out of the ground every kind of tree which was desirable…

Note: No 6000 years, No 7 days

After Babylon; The Jews that stayed and the returning Jews accused each other of worshiping the wrong God(s); of changing the scriptures and changing the way time was calculated. (new creation story)

The Babylonian Enuma Elish story has 7 steps of creation:
Enveloped in darkness. Light created. Firmament created; also perceived as a rigid dome. Dry land created. Sun, moon, stars created. …… Creation of men and women. Gods rest and celebrate.

I don’t care which creation story you like. I can find 100 more if you want.

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