Headlines: Ted Wilson Becomes First Adventist President to Meet With UN Secretary General

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Ted Wilson Meets With Ban Ki-moon. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with General Conference President Ted N. C. Wilson, associate director of the Adventist world church’s public affairs and religious liberty department, Ganoune Diop, and director of the public affairs and religious liberty department, John Graz for 45 minutes at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Ban Ki-moon "expressed concerns about growing religious intolerance worldwide, . . . and he invited the Seventh-day Adventist Church to work with the UN in helping people," according to an Adventist Review article. The article stated, "Wilson, the first Adventist Church president to meet with a UN chief, noted that the church has long supported religious liberty and said it was willing to team up on initiatives that followed Christ’s ministry of helping people physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually." Dean of the UN undersecretaries-general Ambassador Joseph Verner Reed, arranged the meeting. From Adventist Review, "Adventist Church President Hold First Meeting With UN Chief."

Fatal Ghanaian Convoy Crash on Easter Saturday. Traveling in a convoy of three vehicles including a taxi the Saturday before Easter, at least eight congregants of Meduma North Seventh-day Adventist Church were confirmed dead in a collision that occurred at Tano Odumase in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The church members were returning from a conference when accident occurred. Other members were injured and treated at hospitals. From Ghana Web, "Fatal Easter Saturday: Nine SDA members die in accident."

Adventists in Fiji Receive Education Minister's Praise. Fiji Education Minister Mahendra Reddy praised the Seventh-day Adventist Church for its plan to provide educational opportunities to children. He spoke at the opening of a new classroom block at Vatuvonu Seventh-day Adventist College in Cakaudrove. This new classroom block is part of Ministry’s Educational Disadvantage Areas Index which upgrades schools nationwide to the required standard. From Fiji Village, "Reforms taking place within Ministry to provide the best to the children of Fiji - Reddy."

Micronesian Adventist Clinic Recognized for Cleaning Roadway. Micronesia's Department of Public Highways awarded a certificate of appreciation to a Seventh-day Adventist clinic for not only participating in its Adopt-a-Highway road cleaning program but for exceeding expectations. Willy Serrano, who is in charge of the project, cleans the Adventist-sponsored section of road every Friday. From Marianas Variety, "DPW Recognizes Adventist Clinic."

UK Adventist Primary School Turnaround Is Start of Success. The Birmingham UK Harper Bell School, named after American-born Goodloe Harper Bell, co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist school system, received a "good" rating from Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) evaluators after having slipped in its standings. Religious elementary schools are uncommon in the United Kingdom, but the school is valued as part of a revitalization of schools in Birmingham. The school will become an academy later this year. From The Voice, "Best in the business turn school around: Future looking bright for Seventh Day Adventist School."

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, CA.

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If done right, so much good can come out of this. Especially for religious freedom around the world. There is nothing wrong with being on good terms, and having a healthy and respectful relationship with those in high places.

Now I’m sure some may be skeptical about such a partnership. They need not be. It is in our interest to be on good terms with secular institutions. God can use them to do so much good work, through us. But if we do not throw our hat into the ring, then how can He?

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"Ban underscored his belief that people should cultivate a respect for all, including those of other faiths." AR

Let’s hope TW read between those lines which should include “…respect for all, including those of other faiths, gender and sexual orientation.” Very appropriate as we all head to SA2015

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The first step before engaging in any venture to defend religious liberty would be to purge our denominational literature, extracting from it all and any negative references to other religions.

What if the UN Secretary asks the SDAs to work alongside with the RCC and other denominations, uh? Imagine,… the “beast” itself, and it’s “image” as well!

I fully support the Church in working on defending religious freedom. But before they do it, they have to believe in it and behave accordingly. Otherwise it’s mere hypocrisy.

Did they disclose to the UN Secretary that the Church is still divulging some “boox” that attack other religions? Did they give him The Great Controversy as a gift?

(Steve Mga) #5

Since he “lives” in New York, perhaps he already received one in the mailing.
If he received a gift copy from TW on this visit, did he get the “Original” copy?

Seems like years ago we used to have a Paid SDA Ambassador to the UN.

(Randle Patrick) #6

Adventist Religious Liberty is an oxymoron.

(Is there a secret GCPAC for San Antonio?)

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #7

I wonder what this means to the folks who “analyze” government or Vatican news & see confirmation that Sunday Laws are just around the next corner.

(George Tichy) #8


This is a complicated problem. To come up with an abridged edition produced by anybody but the author would be a violation of ethics. Especially if the author was a prophet. How can they change the word of a prophet? How can they hide the word of a prophet? How are they going to explain to the world church that they are cutting off part of the prophet’s message to the world? It just won’t fly.

And there is another point: EGW said that the prayers of those other religions are an abomination to God, right? I don’t have the quote, but it was actually quoted by someone here a few days ago. So, are those Adventists now going to join other denominations in prayer for religious liberty and other issues? Are they going to tell them that only Adventists should pray because all but Adventist prayers are an abomination to God?

I mean, it is written in the “denominational literature!” What if some people on the other side find out about it? Wouldn’t it be a scandal of worldwide proportion? It can indeed have “grave consequences!”

I think it’s time for the Church to make it’s mind, instead of keeping playing a game that lacks transparency. Otherwise it will be big trouble at the end.

(jeremy) #9

this is just how i see it…the time of trouble is coming soon enough, let’s not hasten it through unwise moves…

i saw this story on adventist review yesterday and thought, good for ted wilson for doing all that can be done to give the million people who are being baptized in the inter-american division a chance (something i also saw in the review)…

(Thomas J Zwemer) #10

the explicit Adventist understanding of freedom of religion is the freedom to compete. I think that understanding is widely held by other denominations and sects. Sheep stealing is rampant. As is plagiarism. It is just another branch of insurance sales. one uncle of mine, an agnostic, always gave $100.00. A year to Ingathering and attended the Catholic Church each Easter Sunday. I spent 5 Years on the Board of the Augusta United Way. 20 Agencies competing for two million dollars. All of which went to pay staff, the humanitarian aid came from volunteers.

my star goes to the little old lady who sat on the front row at the Augusta SDA church, singing out of tune at the top of her lungs. she lived in public housing. each month she collected, payment for water, gas, and electric bills from all of her neighbors and took the bus down town to pay each. she would be given bus fare from each neighbor. the the extra she gave first as tithe and the remainder as Ingathering. that was In the days when Davenport was King. Tom Z


I think working with RCC and other denominations does not mean to believe in what they believe. We must maintain our unique identity as much as possible, but our hearts must be opened as well.

(George Tichy) #12

I never implied that.

What I am saying is that keeping a fierce attack on other religions and at the same time pretending to supporting freedom of religion does not sound right to me. It actually can be taken as backstabbing.

How would we feel if some other religious group would volunteer to work with us on a “religious freedom project” and as the same time they would be accusing us of being agents of Satan? What would we do if we read in their official denominational literature that our prayers are an abomination to God?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #13

my nephew while in med school at LLU was asked in class what would he do if he were on an island mission and didN’t know which day it was, how would he find out the true Sabbath? he answered,I would walk across the island to the Catholic mission and then keep one day ahead of them. Tom Z

(Randle Patrick) #14

Who will be in the next meet and greet photo op to appear in the Adventist Review PAC before San Antonio?

Ben Carson?

Ted Cruz and SdA wife?

(Steve Mga) #15

Not sure about “abomination”.
She did say that when Christ [who was sitting on his throne in the Table of Shewbread spot] moved into the Most Holy place, Sunday Keepers did NOT move with him. And somehow, Satan took his place in that spot and gave them everything Christ had been giving except [if I remember correctly] Light.

(Steve Mga) #16

Is there REALLY any difference with President Wilson, representing 18 million people meeting with Ban Ki-moon for 45 minutes, and the Pope, representing his millions of adherents, meeting with Ban Ki-moon for 45 minutes?
Sometimes we do have to be honest.

(George Tichy) #17

I suggest that Ted Wilson and the Pope meet for 45 minutes, and discuss religious freedom. That would be hot, uh? Maybe they can come up with a “bipartisan” plan to promote Religious freedom around the world.

(Randle Patrick) #18

Can you picture this conversation?

If you allow nuns to become priests I’ll allow women to be ordained.

If you allow women to be ordained I’ll allow nuns to become priests.

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #19

Just as we head into a GC session, we have this event spotlighting Wilson II as a church president who can protect our religious liberty at the highest echelons of the world. Interesting reelection timing.

(Steve Mga) #20

Do you recall the last time an SDA met with the Pope and received a Medal? It took a very long time for that to be swept under the rug!
Maybe it is has been long enough that another SDA might receive a Medal?