Healing the Wounds of War

Editor's note: The following was previously written by the author reflecting on Memorial Day. It is published here with permission. 

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does memorial day cover people who lost their lives and livelihood at home, just for being who and what they are…i was shocked to hear, recently, and for the first time, that america had a community in alabama known as Black Wall Street that was brutally wiped out by white southerners…i was also shocked to hear not long ago that a mass grave of over 200 native children from a residential school, run by the catholic church, was unearthed in kamloops, B.C.

what’s the point of honouring the memory of lives lost in overseas battlefields when lives lost at home, at the hands of fellow citizens in times of supposed peace, are so thoroughly forgotten…


We have lots of trauma, abuse, and racism to deal with. The “Black Wall Street” was in Tulsa, OK, though, not the deep south of Alabama. And none of us were taught it in school. Newspapers of the time had headlines that said, “2 whites killed in racial riots,” with white ministers blaming the Black community. Memorial Day is a particular day for a particular purpose. Some have suggested turning Columbus Day into a day for remembering Native American genocide (and some states have done that).


thx for the correction, and i totally agree: none of us were taught anything about it school…what else lies buried in the past…CNN is saying that the Tulsa Massacre was deliberately kept from the american history taught in schools…

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