Here We Go Again

The first chuckle I had at the new Pope’s expense came from my friend Jeff, who quipped on Facebook, “The Jesuits have finally admitted that they’ve infiltrated the Catholic Church!” He added, “I just figured I’d join the ‘Jesuits have infiltrated everything under the sun’ club.”

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I agree with you on many of your points. I do not like these conspiracy theories in our church. I do not see Jesus spending His time focusing on uncovering all those conspiring against Him. However, I do feel there is a balance with our message in light of Daniel 7, Revelation 13 and The Great Controversy. How would you bring balance to lifting up Christ and yet being faithful to our belief in Daniel 7, Revelation 13 and The Great Controversy?

How do you describe that balance?

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This article must be reposted. Very great one!

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I must correct your howler you where state that the Catholic Church used to be an “evil church”. The Church is the spotless Bride of Christ. Individual Catholics may do evil but the Church is all holy.

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I agree with Mary Caine. I found the article good. I did notice that the author said that in the Middle Ages the Church was an evil institution. There were evil people, yes, but that does not mean that the Catholic Church was evil. I am sure that the author would never judge Jesus by the actions of Judas, who betrayed Him. Jesus’ ministry was not perfect. He WAS, IS Perfect, because He is GOD! Yet, His followers sure were not. Judas betrayed Him, Peter denied Hin three times, all the apostles except John, scattered when He was on the cross. No Church should be judged by the SINNERS in it. Every Church is full of sinners. The Catholic Church is no exception To judge a Church only by the sinners really makes no sense. I know that the authr did defend the Church, in a way…yet, he called it an EVIL institution…that it was evil in the Middle ages. There were evil people…that doesn’t make it evil. JESUS makes it holy!! Without HIM no Church is any good. Also, the author used the term VICARIUS FILLII DEI…to refer to the Pope. That term, VFD, has never been a term used by the Catholic Church. That is a made-up name. That term, VFD, has never been used in any records by the Church, ever. Someone came up with that title because it was close to the real title…the only reason they came up with it was because it just happens to add up to 666. So many people still believe that VFD is a proper term for the Pope. It never was, yet, a lot of people still believe it. I know that a few years ago, I read up on the fact that the Jesuit Oath was a forgery, written by Robert Ware, a known forger…Glad to hear that the author doesn’t believe every lie that he hears…And the story of Mariaor Monk is exactly that…a story. Since you know enough not to believe every lie out there…Try to do research and realize that the title VCD has never, ever been a title for the Pope. Some liar, or liars started it, and like every lie, it took on a life of its own. That is the trouble with lies.

Please forgive my typos. Ii thought that I checked before I sent it. The nun’s name was MARIA Monk.

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