High Horses and Higher Ground

High Horses and Higher Ground by Don Williams

I’ve had it with prodigals Slamming doors in God’s face; Plotting their escape; Risking self and others.

Then I find myself Discounting my birthright; Drifting away under the cover of my own darkness; Retreating to the far country of my rationality.

As I attempt to put distance Between my emptiness and His fullness, I’m amazed to find Him so close, and More gracious than before.

Now I surprise myself With the willful; Not by caring less, But by loving more.

“Where sin abounds… …grace abounds all the more.” Romans 5:20

Don Williams is Director of the Office of Mission for Adventist University of Health Sciences.

Image Credit: Pexels.com

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What a wonderful way of saying what needs to be said: In the realm of rationality God’s grace also works wonders. Thank you very much for this powerful statement.

Thank you for bringing me back to earth, with grace!


With such poem composers, the gospel reaches a certain people. Thanks so much

Excellant, that’s a keeper. Thank you, Don