History has Its Claws into You

Well, the curse has come true. We live in interesting times.

It friggin’ sucks and I personally had hoped to avoid this. I hoped to live out my allotted span on this earth in an era without any new world wars, great depressions, or global pandemics. Basically, nothing that would be a required essay question on a 21st century history exam.

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Thank you for this thoughtful and insightful reflection—and the reminder that much truth is to be found from the margins. This is such a valuable reframing of both our history and our present. It is also an important perspective from which to think theologically, both about these issues and more broadly. I was reminded of a quote from an Australian Christian leader: “I suspect that it is from the edges of the Church that true gospel hope is explored.” Thank you for your prompt towards both empathy and better thinking.


In the meantime, in spite of all the conflict, we are in the midst of probably the largest epidemiological study in history. People are sorting themselves, many involuntarily, into groups, which scientists from medical personnel to statisticians are and will continue to mine for information about who survived, who had long-term effects, and who made choices affecting their health and that of others. As now, many people, from professionals to the less educated won’t believe the findings and others will extrapolate meaning not justified by the findings. In either case, the findings will fuel a great deal of research into explanations, causes, cures, and effects, informing social, political, medical, biochemical, and psychological sciences well into the future.


This is bull’s eye stuff. Again and again, the oppressed, or in any case the most vulnerable, know best how to tell self-serving malarkey from other-serving truth.



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