Homosexuality: Are We Cloaking Bigotry with Scripture?


Wow the staggering level of ignorance he and others have is nothing short of astonishing isn’t it…

That so many professed Christians think of others in the abstract and have never loved others more than themselves is the root of many evils in the world today.

(reliquum) #312

We cloak ignorance with twisted scripture just as readily.
How we read writ reflects what our beliefs of God consist.

Funny how said beliefs always align with how we read it, almost as if God allows us to change his ways, truth, character. Talk about “engraving a false mage”…and then arrogating it as “truth”, with litany of prooftexts as “evidence”.

If that hubris is what your contact with god inevitably leads to then am not cerrtain i would want to know her/him.

Thankfully, there are other, loving and contrite hearts and open arms reflecting a better image.

(Steve Mga) #313

David –
Jeremy –
Our clergy, even those with Doctoral degrees probably only took
General Psychology as Freshmen in college.
They believe that since they have “Doctoral degrees” that they are
able to make declarations on Brain Function as it develops in the
And so they come up with declarations of Doctrine without understanding
what they are talking about.
You WILL notice that they always REFUSE to ask input from professionals
in other fields before making their pontifical announcements.

(Tim Teichman) #314

They’re also really good at all other aspects of science.

They know, for example that we are all either male or female. Obviously, since the bible says so (does it?), and there is nothing at all in-between. Obviously.

Also, they know how that:
The earth is the center of the universe, because the bible says so. This is very important to our faith.
No, wait…
The sun is the center of the universe, because the bible says so. This is very important to our faith.
No, wait…
The milky way is the center of the universe, because the bible says so. This is very important to our faith.
No, wait…
Oh bother. Never mind. It doesn’t matter.

But the earth is definitely only 6 - 10,000 years old. That’s for sure!

(Steve Mga) #315

Tim –
What we do not take into account is that the Trinity has been having fun
creating [making their thoughts into something that can be touched, felt,
smelled, tasted,delight the nerves of the ears and the nerves of the eyes,
the nose, the tongue, the skin] for at least close to 5 BILLION years.
This number is beyond the ability of humans to comprehend. So even if
those 4000 years ago could write down 5Billion, all they could do is like they
did – “In the beginning God created…”

Another question – How many “beginnings” did the Trinity have in the universe?

Edit of typo – 15 Billion years.

(David) #316


The nerves of the skin are becoming more tender by the minute!

Don’t ever change Steve. You are my hero! I will be honored to sit down at the table with you in “heaven on earth” where we can both enjoy a sip of wine and the nitelife.

(George Tichy) #317

Yes, it was. I am not totally sure why, but I had an attraction to that country. And when I visited it (Sydney & Brisbane) I really liked it. But, I think that things end up better coming to the US anyway. I only miss the kangaroos here… lol

(Tim Teichman) #318

For planet earth. For the universe, about 13.77 billion years:


(Steve Mga) #319

G –
Koala bears would be easier to play with if you could smuggle one in
from New Zealand.
Kangaroo tails would keep them from being “house pets”.

(David) #320

Olivia Newton John would have been good enough reason for me. Had a teenage attraction to her at one time.

(Kevin Seidel) #321

I believe current cosmology would hold that every place is the center of the universe. Sort of like every point on the surface of a sphere is the center of the surface area of the sphere.

(George Tichy) #322

Do you think it’s the same in each of the Universes? :thinking:

(Kevin Seidel) #323

No way to know at this point. The idea that space itself exploded at the big bang is strange enough.

(Robert Lindbeck) #324

Thanks @GeorgeTichy. We are a likeable lot.

(Robert Lindbeck) #325

Correction @niteguy2. There are no koalas in NZ except in the zoo. Koalas are native to AUS. And strictly they are not “bears” as they are marsupials.

(Jeremy S.) #326

And we all know Lot is the arbiter of what is and is not wicked.

What astounding and frankly immoral mental gymnastic you’ve engaged in to make sure your view point is “right”. What you and Lot neither one seem to understand is this isn’t about sex, that the men of the city were not after sex. Rape is not about sex. But this isn’t really about rape. Lot offered his daughters up foolishly thinking the gang wanted sex. The reason the rape of the angels was worse, a “wicked” crime was not because raping men is somehow worse then raping women. Its because of the motivation. The men of sodom didnt want sexy gay fun times with those men. They wanted to engage in horror and power over complete strangers. They wanted to punish random strangers who’d had the audacity to enter their city with sexual violation. To betray any sense of welcome or hospitality with sexual violence. The story would not be any different if the angels had come in the form of women. These texts are not about if rape is more wicked if committed against women or men. Its about motivation. The motivation of the men of Sodom were worse because of why they desired to rape the angels not that the angels looked like men.

The story in Judges bears this out. They didn’t want sex with either of them really. Although there is more of a possibility here that they were gay rapist. Though again it seems absurd that all the men of the city were gay. More likely as with Sodom they wanted power over others then sex. Which is proven by the fact that they literally rape the priest wife to death. Neither of these circumstances is about orientation. Its about the motivation. What the men do is called wicked because of why the men do it. Not who they do it to.

(Steve Mga) #327

Or, 3-inch Koala bears with “NewZealand” on the back of their
vest jacket.
Have one friends brought back for me when on a trip this winter.

(Steve Mga) #328

Jay [Jeremy]–
Yes, RAPE is never about “sex”.
It is to demean, to cause harm to the one being assaulted.

(Peter) #329

Manuel, if a gay or lesbian person read what you are saying, they would probably respond that in NO way did they choose their orientation. Then they would tell you that your strong assertions and criticism have made them less likely to attend an Adventist church. Condemning people, as it seems you do, does not draw them to Jesus Christ!

Jesus did not draw people to Himself this way! “Come unto me ALL you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

You seem very sincere and concerned, but I find your approach to be mistaken.

(Traci Richards) #330

One thing that I never read in these types of articles, or the supporting comments after, is anything about the carnal nature…its as if those who have perverted sexual appetites/orientation do not have a carnal nature! No thought or consideration is ever given that maybe, just MAYBE this LGBTQ is an expression of the carnal nature, the sinful nature we all have. Wisdom would warrant careful consideration of this, as calling evil good…puts ones soul on a path that leads to destruction.