Homosexuality: Are We Cloaking Bigotry with Scripture?



Gluttons marry? Sell them a cake!
Liars marry? Sell them flowers!
Cheaters marry? Deliver the cake!
Gossipers marry? Deliver the flowers!

(Steve Mga) #352

Will you answer an Honest Question??
Are you friends with any Gay or Lesbian couples??
Are you friends with any Gay or Lesbian adult singles??
The ones I know, the primary thought for friendship was NOT SEX.
It was friendship, comradery that drew them together.
And the married couples I know decided that their feelings and
appreciation for each other had grown over time to the point where
they wanted to be truly “Friends Forever”.
One male couple I know met when 19 and 21. They are still together
in their late 70’s and celebrate their anniversary every year.
Another couple I know in their mid-50s celebrated 27 years recently.
Those are longer than many Heterosexual marriage partners.

(David) #353

If I didn’t know any better I’d say you have a strong dislike for God’s word!

Say it ain’t so Tim! :cry:


(reliquum) #354

Perhaps simply an understandble aversion to a bad hermeneutic being used to misrepresent the hidden truth. But he’s surprisingly capable of speaking for himself, so don’t hold me to it.

The “plainer” the reader believes it is written in the specific the more convoluted the calisthenics needed to resolve the incongruence of the whole.

(Steve Mga) #355

Tim is just saying how WE SHOULD look at the role of women if we take
what is written in O.T [no shout-out from God from that behavior] as the
NORM for the New Testament era – A.D 0 to 2019.
Judges times – concubines.
Jacob – 4 “wives”
Abraham – concubine, surrogate mother
David – 4 wives during his reign in Hebron, and then took Uriah’s wife.
Solomon – his massive collection of women.
The N.T. – only one who needs “One Wife” is an Elder, Church overseer.
Women submissive to men. Don’t speak in meetings or ask questions. Keep
head covered when out.

(Tom Loop) #356

George, I’m taking your advice and just ignoring the %#@*?@@ who post illiterate nonsense here about homosexuality. It’s too emotional draining to respond to this latest one. Traci has her warped opinions, she won’t be swayed by any sensible facts.

(Tom Loop) #357

Tim doesn’t have strong dislike for God’s word, but he does for ignoramic interpretations of it.

(Tom Loop) #358

Just what what we need, one more obsessed carnal minded poster here :frowning:

(Maria V. Blair) #359

Brutal when you get to be labeled “ignorant” and “carnal minded” for making the statement:

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you have a strong dislike for God’s word!”

It sounds like Traci does not feel that she can and has the right to dislike God’s word when the narrative leaves no other choice but a bad taste in our mouths. So I don’t think it is “ignorance” or “carnal minded” but rather years of systematic brain washing.

“Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.”

So if Jesus was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to his executioners, then who are we to react otherwise?

(George Tichy) #360

Hmmm, we all should have had the option to choose in what era we wanted to be born… :wink:

(George Tichy) #361

Yes Tom, don’t waste your time explaining things to others. Direct them to getting education of the issues, to replace their “illuminated beliefs” with facts and results of research. Save your energy to write good posts on Spectrum… lol!

(Elmer Cupino) #362

Just like how the GC considers them today, only appropriate for cafeteria and nursery help, but never destined to be appropriate for ordination. Right George? @GeorgeTichy

(reliquum) #363

and perhaps cake decorating, flower arrangements…<ducks>
( :wink: )

(Tim Teichman) #364

That seems a very strange reaction. Still, then it’s a good thing you know better.

(Kevin Seidel) #365

I think the problem is that a bunch of different things have at times been lumped together even though they don’t have anything to do with each other. There is orientation which is separate from identity which is separate from biology which is separate from action. I suspect the men of Sodom were not homosexual in orientation, but rather used sexual assault to try and exert power over the visiting angels. Consent was not on their minds. That means that no lesson about orientation can be drawn from that story, but it gets abused that way anyways.

(David) #366

Yes, I know he is very capable.
The choice of one’s words betray an attitude or a point of view. Sometimes the word spawned is used as a pejorative (and sometimes not). The context of the post seemed to indicate It was being used as a pejorative. I was simply asking Tim to clarify.

Feel free to post your interpretation of Genesis 19. I’m all ears.

(David) #367

Thanks Tim. I was hoping that was the case!:slightly_smiling_face:


(David) #368

That really takes the cake Timo!

(Steve Mga) #369

Something we have NOT discussed on here is –

Any Spectrumites familiar with this??
Do ANY persons here Have That Ability???
Have ANY used GAYDAR to pick out Gays BEFORE you were introduced
to them??? And later discovered that what your eyes and brain told you
was true???
There have been times when, even though Not watching as such that I
have noticed guys with my GAYDAR, and later discovered that what my
brain told me was true.

(George Tichy) #370

I just finished reading Milton Hook’s biography of Desmond Ford. I highly recommend the book. If you read it, maybe you end up like me, you will never ever want to hear about those people again. Learning the extremely well documented facts about how they behaved before, during, and after Glacier View, will make you nauseated and done with them forever. Knowing who they are and how they operate, don’t expect much progress on WO at that level. Discrimination will not end among them. Besides, get ready for a Denomination that will be increasingly more immersed in the perfectionism heresy. The SDA Denomination is becoming gradually more Catholic, gradually distancing itself from the Protestant model.

Our Nutcracker Clinic needs to be removed from the GC building immediately. :wink: