Homosexuality: Are We Cloaking Bigotry with Scripture?

(George Tichy) #371

Steve, I was rather equipped with a FEMALEDAR. Married for 46 years now… :wink: … LOL

(Tim Teichman) #372

I have it. It only works sometimes, though.

(Tim Teichman) #373

So do you think we’ll eventually return to the one true church then? Recant our heresy?

(Tom Loop) #374

George , strange you would suggest that it would be nice to choose the era we could be born in. My choice certainly would have been earlier enough so I would be dead by 21st century. A lot of advances have been on many fronts like equal rights, medical, psychology, things to make us comfortable, for sure. But I am having a miserable time lately navigating today’s techno@#%$^&> that answers business phone with machines instead of people. It’s getting to be too much. Soon I expect a call to 911, and be answered by a computer giving me the following choices: press 1 if your house is on fire, 2 if it’s another structure, 3 if your being robbed, 4 if someone is breaking in but not sure what they are doing. If a firearm is being pointed at you by burglur scream “HELP” as loud as you can if you can’t get to phone.

Press 5 for medical emergency, but Press6 if you are already dead.

(Tom Loop) #375

Why waste my time on folks who say they are all ears when really they are deaf to reason, but have no trouble being all mouth.

(Tom Loop) #376

Most definately George!!!

Oh dear, you mentioned the late Dr. Ford. Don’t drive a Ford for your getaway car. You might just get rammed by some Fulcrum 7ers. I have inside info you are on their hit list.

(David) #377

God has a strange way of getting a point across sometimes. The scripture says that David’s son would sit on his throne and build the temple of God. That prophecy was fulfilled by Solomon but the ultimate and intended fulfillment was that Jesus would build the true Temple of God and sit on God’s throne. It’s true that Solomon had many wives but maybe there’s some truth to be found in that too. God said it isn’t good for man to be alone so He took Eve from Adam’s body and she became his wife.

It wouldn’t be totally wrong to say that Christ was a polygamist. I can make a good case that you’re His wife; I’m His wife; we’re all His wives. We were/are all taken out of His body.

Luke 22:19 And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This Is My body which is given for you"

It looks like Christ might be a very powerful King!

(Tim Teichman) #378

I think he only had one wife: Mary Magdalene

(Kevin Seidel) #379

Well the church is called His bride, but that is probably metaphorical.

(David) #380

Let me fix this for you Tim.

I think he only had one wife: Mary Magdalene :laughing:.

Ya know, any one who chases after the wary trout is A-Okay.

The nice thing about trout fishing is, whether you catch a heterosexual, homosexual, or transvestite trout they all taste good!

(Tom Loop) #381

Maria I meant to say " just what we need here, another poster obsessed with carnal mindedness". I made a mistake by saying “obsessed carnal minded poster.” I’m sorry.

I have told my story. for years here on Spectrum. The longtime regulars here will vouch for me @GeorgeTichy @elmer_cupino and dozens more. I was a avid SDA, holding many church offices for years,and desparately trying to pray the gay away. I was told by a SDA a psychiatrist at an SDA hospital could cure me. That was in 1982. I spent lota money flying 500 miles to Glendale SDA hosptial twice a month for sexual orientation change therapy. I took his advice and married a woman. Before we married I told her I had been gay, but was now cured. I really thought I was, but I was only fooling myself. Long story…25 years later, she knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t break her heart and tell her. Chocking back tears, and sobbing I finally told her. We both cried, but thank God she stayed by me. Still uneducated a lot about homosexuality and feeling defeated, I was given some ex-gay literature, and I foolishly tried sexual orientation change therapy AGAIN. After 4 months I had a nervous breakdown. I love my wife, but finally a few years later she left and said she wanted a divorce. That was 4 years ago. The negative self emotions had damned up for so many decades, I finally came out of the closet later that year in 2015. I felt compelled to leave the SDA in 2016. No one told me to leave. I had, and still have many SDA friends, but I attend a different church and joined it last year, a gay affirming church. I felt shame for 50 years but no more.

I have tried to dialog with people who fly in here for a short time on Spectrum proclaiming the evils of homosexuality.
Almost without exception, it has been a waste of time for me to answer.

So if my biting push backs seem out there, now you know why? @floyd, @niteguy2, @cincerity

(Kim Green) #382

Just for the record…we don’t know if “Traci” is male or female…or both. I don’t see that he/she is responding to any of our pertinent questions. Maybe he/she cannot, Tom.

For the discerning reader, an article penned by “Traci Richards” is available on the same topic (The Power of Lust) on F7. :wink:

(Kim Green) #383

Thank-you, Tom, for sharing part of your journey and struggles with us here through the years. I am so glad that you have found a spiritual home and are rid of that soul-searing shame.

(Floyd Poenitz) #384

It has been a difficult and painful journey. I hope you have learned to see God as the kind and loving god that it is and not the jealous egotistical god that so many Christians worship and try to appease. Humanity has a long way to go before it even catches a glimpse of understanding of God. Hang in there, Tom. You are a good man.


Thanks one more time for telling your story, Tom. I so appreciate your honesty. So many people have pat answers, blanket accusations, and no interest in hearing a real person’s story with compassion, open-mindedness, or individual caring. They pull out the pat answers and throw arrows of carnality. We’ve seen it many times here.

But I believe there are people listening to your story here at this site who are hearing the truth for the first time. Thank you, my brother.

(Tom Loop) #386

Many thanks to you folks here for your support. My reason for telling my story, yet again, was for anyone who has recently come to spectrum would here straight from a horse’s mouth the truth., if they never heard from someone who has “been there, done that”.
I’m not seeking accolades or vain self glory. My wish is some doubters will pause to listen and see how the anti-gay bible thumpers misuse, or at the very least, misunderstand the Holy Bible. More important is that I pray that some gay youth will somehow hear my experience and be encouraged that God loves them.


When one actually reads The Bible…one can find some amazing things. If one believes The Bible, that is. The Creation Myth

(Maria V. Blair) #388

Tom thank you so much for your reply and for your testimony. You are a brave and amazingly sensitive soul. Your journey most certainly reflects the many others who were and continue to be side swiped by the extreme and pervasive ignorance about human sexuality. I admire your courage, vulnerability and willingness to share with everyone in this forum your walk with Christ. I have no doubt it was not your intention to offend anyone but rather speak with your heart and share your story. God bless you and be with you and whomever you choose to spend the rest of your life. Continue to be a beacon of light to those who walk in darkness of mind and spirit. As for Traci’s comment I understood as an attempt to “defend” God’s word. Again thank you Tom.

(Manuel Fernandez) #389

“All the passions come and die, except the passion for Jesus Christ.”
-Manuel Fernandez

(George Tichy) #390

Heretics usually like heretics… :wink: