Homosexuality: Are We Cloaking Bigotry with Scripture?

For the win, thanks for the laugh!!!

I think the heavenward look is infinitely more appealing,
than the unchanging view from within said hole said head is in…


Are we cloaking sexual deviancy with political correctness?
Are we cloaking sexual deviancy with a white blanket of false security?

Creator is God of man, Paul is man, Creator trumps Paul. Ezbord wins.


Just to understand your comment better,

  1. Are you referring to the CONDITION of homosexuality as sexual deviancy? ____ YES ____ NO
  2. Do you think that BEING homosexual is a person’s choice? ____ YES ____ NO

Just Y/N will do it, no need for any explanation.

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Well, now you transferred the interaction of Mayor Pete to a human level. Paul is merely human. but, even if his message is all from God, he still has no part in it other than just be the deliverer of the message.

So, is Pence’s quarrel with Paul, or with God?
____ Paul
____ God

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Jesus, “COME TO ME and I will give you life abundant.”
Jesus DID NOT SAY, Come to church and the church will dictate
what abundant life is by following Church Rules.
The church is only there to facilitate a relationship with Jesus.
Jesus always accepted persons into his community as they were.
The story of the banquet assures us of the Mind and Acceptance of
Jesus – calling the good and the bad.
Welcoming ALL as ALL are is where Jesus began with everyone.
The Gospel Lectionary for Sunday is John 13:31-35 – By this everyone
will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."
1 Cor 12, Paul says I show you a BETTER WAY, and then begins the
verses of 1 Cor 13 [Back in Paul’s day chapter 12 and 13 were together.]
Jesus never commissioned “Church Police” “Church Inspectors” to stand
at the door.


Cool your jets a bit Robin. Paul wrote 13 of the 66 books of the Bible. Reject his writings and you might as well shred the Bible. One has to delve into the cultural setting of when the Bible writers wrote what they did. Do we not do the same with the founding fathers of our nation. The mantra of “the only good Indian is a dead one” of their time certainly wouldn’t be taken seriously today. Neither should fundamentalist bible thumpers of today get away with using the writings of Paul, that have cultural significance back then, as ecclesiastical clubs today.

It’s hard at times to follower the command of Jesus tp love you enemies, especially when they piously use the Holy Writ to persecute people they deem as an abominations. They will get their comeuppins on judgement day. Let’s just make sure we are NOT numbered among them because we spent more time cursing the darkness than embracing the light.


Thirteen of the 27 books of the NT are attributed to Paul. Only seven are confirmed. Attributed or confirmed, the issue Ezbord raises is that some of Paul’s purported statements have been used uncritically to champion unjust and un-Christlike actions and polices. The incongruent statements of Paul, relative to what Jesus embodied, are continually reassessed by succeeding generations resulting in some being overturned— slavery, women’s role in church affairs, if not by the church, certainly by the state. If Paul was a contemporary, would he see things differently or still insist on the meanings and applications of some statements of “his” that have caused so much misery to so many? Paul, who never met Jesus in his lifetime, would probably clarify some of his stances to align with Jesus’ ethic, I suspect.


This reality must be looked at both ways-
that the church is too often blind to the leading of writ,
but this in no wise limits the purposes of God.

Oh that we, “the church” learn to eat our humble pie, with a side of crow.
Its our just deserts, after all the hubris

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Hey, now that’s a good analogy Elmer. I’ll use that excuse the next tine a cop pulls me over for running a red light. I don’t think I would get very far in trying to avoid a ticket on that one. Instead the officer may just order me out of the car for a sobriety check to see if I am drunk.

The sparks always fly when the subject of homosexuality is discussed. It took me a long time to come around to understanding acceptance, and I’m gay. I am loathe, even now, to call someone a bigot if they don’t embrace same-sex marriage or full inclusion of LGBT’s. Oh the Pat Robinson’s of this world, who make dire predictions there will be nuclear war and God with spew out America if equality and acceptance of gays makes the day, are indeed bigots. But I refuse, and even stand against those LGBT who scream "bigot at every turn. Just witness what they are doing to chic-fil-a. The social justice warriors sicken me just as much as the bigots.


Be careful what you hope for, George. I remember reading about church entities calling upon emergency department physicians to defend creationism/age of the earth positions.


I bet the conclusion was, “The Earth is indeed flat!”


Timo, don’t hold your breath that the church will come around. One of the problem I see is that many gays have gone from being the persecuted to now being the persecutor. Having gained a majority status of acceptance, some want to banish anyone who can’t be brow beaten into accepting them. I believe this has caused churches to harden their opposition, and gives truth nto their claim that if you yield an inch the gays will demand a mile,

I know there is a lot of built up anxiety on the part of gays for withstanding so much shame for so long. Been there, done that. But I refuse to join ranks with these social justice warriors who now loudly scream if the church doesn’t yield “Burn it the f— down.” Yes those were the words that came straight out of women speaker I listened to at the Gay Christian Networks conference I attended two years ago Denver. She was, of all things a pastor of a church. When the crowd erupted with applause, I walked out… for good.

Yes we have freedom of speech in this country, and we also have freedom of religion. Membership, and even attendance is voluntary. Let the SDA church cling to it’s blindsighted theology. I voted with my feet and left.

One final thought, I remember learning that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. “Come let us reason together” seems to now been replaced with “man your battle stations.”


One benefit of getting dreadfully sea sick, I will never take a cruise across the ocean, therefor I will never risk falling off the edge of earth into the abyss down under, just in case the earth is flat. A lot of craziness appears to come from the “down under” so how does that happen on a world that is a sphere. Maybe, just maybe, the world is flat, George. whatdayathink?

So tell me how does that work with a vegetarian, eating crow that is?

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We’ve learned to fake-nibble vege-crow.

Perhaps, like tofu or stripples, it will go down better basted with a half tub of fatback…

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Tom, just think of being upside down 24/7. Who would not be crazy after a while?.. LOL


The possibilities for Worthington Food exists here. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do love Linketts. They make a delicious sandwich. I buy them at Winco. They also carry Fry chic. Would you believe they are on a shelf right next to the pickled pigs feet. There must be a former SDA with a sense of humor stocking the shelves.


George you have just put your finger on what happened to a couple former spectrum posters (who are now banned). They went too far to the edge (of the world and spectrum rules) and are gone under and can’t get back.

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I don’t believe that it is “easy” for the average SDA church to even welcome LGBT+…when I see this “welcoming” happening I will know that the church is at least at the starting gate. :slight_smile: