Homosexuality: Are We Cloaking Bigotry with Scripture?

(George Tichy) #391

Well, first there is this one, Press 1 for English, Presas 2 for Spanish…
This one is mind boggling for me. Isn’t this the USA, where we speak English already? Number 1 should be for “other languages.”

(George Tichy) #392

I know. I am guilty of asking them some obvious questions once in a while. Asking questions is anathema there. They hate people who “dare” to ask questions. But I am not a frequent visitor; maybe once/year?

Your story is always a powerful testimony. And a call on those people who act as judges but have no clue of what the case is about; they just reveal who they are.

(Tom Loop) #393

God bless you Maria. Your kindness leaves tears in my eyes as I read it. I live alone, and if the Lord wills he may send me someone, someday to be a companion. My little dog and cat comfort me. And I know my Savior lives.


Deep, I found the article overboard on the defence and thereafter acceptance of homosexuality.

We have documented evidence of gay being straight after meeting Jesus. Sanitizing outlawed acts by making clear text sound obscure is being a captive of pressure groups

(George Tichy) #395

This is great. It is a very meaningful finding, full of implications.
I wonder if you would be willing to share with us the “evidence” so that we can also appreciate it.

(reliquum) #396

How do we explain our obscurations/ignoring of clear texts such as stoning adulterers? Or, for that matter, divorce? Or mixing fibers in our clothing?

(Tim Teichman) #397

I, personally, planted two crops in my backyard.

(George Tichy) #398

How could you dare, Tim? Why would you commit such a sin so deliberately?
I don’t get it!

By the way, I have Swiss Chard and Lettuce planted at the same time right now… Plus Kale and Beets. It must be a “high risk” backyard I guess… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(reliquum) #399

oops, i boiled my veal shoulder in milk

(David) #400

That’s okay Timo, as long as it was the udder mother’s milk


(Maria V. Blair) #402

Somehow I get the impression from all this discussion on homosexuality and the Bible that “loving your neighbor as yourself” has a much deeper meaning than most people understand.

(Steve Mga) #403

Maria –
Or WANT to Understand and ACCEPT.
If we accepted GL’s as our Real Neighbors, as Children of God,
and Redeemed by Christ’s gift on the Cross, we would happily
invite them to the SDA church to learn more about God’s love
for them.
At this present time, the behavior of the SDA church has ALREADY
consigned them to Hell, and BEYOND Salvation.

(George Tichy) #404

Quoting from that article:

“… they proclaimed the freedom they’ve found in abandoning homosexual and transgender practices.”
“It wasn’t a ‘gay to straight’ thing; It was a ‘lost to saved’ thing.”
“Even though I might be tempted every day, I choose Jesus.”

One thing is obvious: They are talking about changes in “practice” not in nature. There is a clear admission that it’s not about “gay to straight,” it is about a choice; choosing Jesus. There was not one reference that I saw of someone being thankful for Jesus changing his/her nature.

The only point I have stressed here for many years now it that there is a difference between “being” and “doing.” Nature & Nurture. Being homosexual and practicing homosexual acts. The article and the manifestation are in no way an evidence of a transition from “gay to straight.”

Again, those people are not saying that they are now straight. They are saying that they are free from the pressure to commit homosexual practices. And I commend them for that - though I would love to interview a few of them a year down the road…

(Elmer Cupino) #405

Post withdrawn. Post withdrawn.

(Steve Mga) #406

I remember in a blog by Wayne, he reported at that time he still
“had temptations” for his “old” lifestyle. [this was several years ago.]
If one was “changed” Brain Wise, it would seem one would NOT
still have those thoughts run through ones desires.
That statement is what helped me to see the hypocrisy of the
“cured” statements. That they were miraculously “CURED”.

The Church putting out those 4-5 “Poster Persons” on speaking tours,
thinking that put “hope” into member’s minds, just really shuts down the
ability of Parents, friends and church members, and even GL’s in the
church from having honest conversations. “Outed” GLs end up being
“shunned”, told they are not “saved” or “savedable”, and are not really
members of God’s Kingdom. The horror of all that must be indescribable
if one continues to want to connect with God. It is beyond imagination to
know what that is like. Especially for maturing Teens and early Adults.

Whenever I see him “giving his testimony of being Cured” I
remember his comments. He has also stated he is OK with
“being single”. He doesn’t seem to have women friends he
runs around with. It must be a lonely life having some inner
“fears”. And he has been aging like all of us every time the
earth completes its circle around the sun.

A good recent movie on the circuit is “Boy Erased”. It is based
on an actual “change program”. It is NOT a “popcorn eating” type
dramatization. It is worth the 90 minutes of watching it.
[based on real persons in real life – teen son, preacher father who
put his son in that particular “change program”. Give an update on
a number of the portrayed persons at the end of the film. This also
needs to be read.]

(Kim Green) #407

Manuel, I apologize for taking so long to get back to your booklet. I am ready now to abstract it. Could you please send it again to me? Cincerity@sbcglobal.net Thanks.

(Tim Teichman) #408

Well, the command is to not plant two crops in one field. So, you could build little fences between your crops to create tiny little fields and then I think it would be OK.

(Kim Green) #409

I have not seen this movie yet…it was highly recommended by my gay friend. Will watch it soon.


Tom, your story like so many others is a tragedy and when you arrive in the kingdom know that Jesus will welcome you with open arms not with followers with pitchforks.