Homosexuality: Are We Cloaking Bigotry with Scripture?

(Manuel Fernandez) #411

Booklet on your email.

(Kim Green) #412

Will work on it this weekend. Will have it up by tomorrow…if not sooner.

(George Tichy) #413

Hey, I am glad you are still here and can do that. Lucky us that you were not raptured with that guy who predicted the event for…, was it May 25th or 21st? I missed that boat*… LOL

*Or was it a space ship?

(David) #414

I think we got left behind George :laughing:.


(George Tichy) #415

QWell, at least he went and since we didn’t hear anything bad, he should be OK.
Remember his name?

(David) #416

Was it Richter?

(George Tichy) #417

Another OFF TOPIC for the @webEd:

Gill Ford @gford1 posted this on a facebook site,
“in this issue of Spectrum [the print magazine] out now, Trevor Lloyd has written an article on Genesis and the creation stories. It is about whether it is literal or symbolic language; shows some similarities with the Egyptian creation story. Very important article for people who are convinced it is ordinary history.”

I wonder if Spectrum could post it here?


@Ruhling7 ?? The one who made a prediction for May?

(Elmer Cupino) #419

Hey George, are we in heaven yet? Did we survive the end of the world? Did Kim @cincerity make it too?

Just wondering…

As always, when you need explanations from those prophets the likes of @Ruhling7 they are nowhere to be found.


Why not post such in the Lounge and thereby avoid Off Topic chastisement? Just a suggestion.

(Elmer Cupino) #421

Here is a video clip of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who served as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth from 1991 to 2013, on his opinion about the story of the Genesis creation.

(Kim Green) #422

Still present on this planet Earth…:laughing: Thanks for enquiring.

(Kim Green) #423

VERY interesting! Thanks for posting.

(Kim Green) #424

space ship”…I would prefer that it was…SO much more dramatic! :wink:

(George Tichy) #425

This is why I am very careful when prophesying… Maintaining one’s credibility is a must… :sunglasses:

I am glad that those fake prophets, but apparently true lunatics, are easily identified by several Spectrumites and once unmasked, they run away fast. I wonder if he will ever come back to show what the miscalculation was, and what is the updated calculation now…

(Kim Green) #426

Have you trained the “Keets” to be as circumspect?? :wink:

(George Tichy) #427

Now training them for the 2020 GC elections. They are really helpful during the prior months. They are experts in detecting scandals, maneuvering, and politicking… :wink:
Actually, they will catch those guys even if they try to hide behind beards and mustaches… :slight_smile:

(Kim Green) #428

You have raised and trained a lot of “Keets”…we will need all of them during the GC 2020 elections. lol Are they capable of communicating messages/votes should the electronic voting apparatuses fail once again?? :wink:

(Elmer Cupino) #429

I ask God “Why do these things happen to me?” I remember another physician colleague who called me at midnight for consultations years ago. A church member had been convinced by “some ministers” to rid himself of his diabetes medications and “others” which he did for a health ministry in a local camp meeting. He left for camp meeting meaning to give glory to God and returned home deluded that he was God expecting all to give him glory. He got rid of all his medications including his antipsychotics and in 2 weeks began to have breakthroughs of psychotic episodes. Those ministers who asked him to rid himself of his medications? They all left town, nowhere to be found.

(Kim Green) #430

Moral of the story…God expects us to use common sense. Common sense ain’t common (apparently even among the religious). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: