Hooey and Credulity


Maybe Karl Barth…who took on German liberal theologians.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #22

Yes, That is myunderstanding.

(jeremy) #23

i think you could be right, robert…i think it is very possible that DJ will be fired for this speech, and i think it is possible that this will be the moment when NAD breaks with the GC…

if this happens, and assuming the GC let’s us go with our assets without a court fight, NAD conservatives will likely align with the GC, while EUD, TED, and possibly SPD, align with us…the michigan conference will have a very difficult choice to make…obviously they feel a lot of pull towards the GC, but andrews, which is their biggest asset, will probably align with NAD, as oakwood has done…loma linda will also align with NAD…

another factor to watch is the LGBT question…i’m quite certain that kinship will be formally accepted into an independent NAD…this will justify the san antonio vote in the minds of GC adventists…it will also cause the first epic battle within NAD, with at least some WO supporters leaving for the GC…

(Robert Ambler) #24

NAD President Dan Jackson would make a GREAT General Conference president. Sad to say he never will based upon his and the NAD’s reaction to the recent events at the GC Executive meeting. So, is there someone who is being ‘groomed’ for the next GC President position as Ted Wilson was? Someone who will be elected by a few handpicked members of a committee and not elected by the general membership?

(Pierre-Paul Legault) #25

I haven’t a dog in this fight and I don’t really care for the expenditure of time, energy and resources fighting a battle that’s largely of the clergy, for the clergy and by the clergy, but I like Mr Jackson’s style, obviously delivered from the heart and not a compendium of carefully vetted prepared statements.


Will Maverick Dan Jackson lose out like John McCain because he picked out running mate W.O. as his Sarah Palin?

(Joselito Coo) #27

Wish he had stuck to the subject of finding fresh approaches in bringing together the diverse NAD constituency.
Listening and watching Elder Jackson, how many people in the room really approved of his message (if an anonymous electronic vote were to be done) ? Is there any difference from messages we’ve heard in the past days in connection with the midterm elections in the US? Past tweets to NATO alies? North Korea? trade with China?

(George Tichy) #28

Or maybe there is a disaster supposed to happen down the road in 2020, TW 3.0???


On the contrary, Elder Jackson will go down as a leader who was ethical, scriptural, and who excelled at leadership, especially in times of crisis.

(George Tichy) #30

This is a major crisis in the Church, and most members don’t have a clue about what is happening.
I am glad that we have a leader like DJ at the NAD. A strong voice in the midst of a huge crisis being triggered by the GC.

GO Pastor Jackson, GO!!!

(Randle Patrick) #31

Hell hath no fury compared to a Canadian exposing “Hooey”, eh?

(jeremy) #32

i just saw something pass on NAD’s website 176 to 48 (78.6%)…i believe it’s the document DJ commissioned the writing committee to put together…

(Eugene Borg) #33

President Dan Jackson, this just so made me laugh! Thanks for bringing some healing humor into the midst of all the hot feelings on both sides of the contested issue regarding Compliance Committees. By the way, I bought myself a tee-shirt from Amazon that reads “Straight Outta Compliance.”

(Cfowler) #34

LOL…LOL…LOL :rofl:

(Steve Mga) #35

“President Dan Jackson FIRED”–
The GC DOES NOT want to see the FIRE STORM erupt that that action would erupt!!!

(jeremy) #36

no kidding…but with TW, one never knows…he seems ferociously committed to enforcing a GC vote that he himself appears to have manipulated, at least in part, no matter what…it would be the prudent thing for TW to make no moves on DJ while DJ is serving out his second 5-yr term…for one thing, the document that NAD just passed doesn’t reach the GC until AC2019…but TW, unlike the folksy DJ, has a choleric edge to him…i wouldn’t put it past TW to fire DJ, just on the basis of what’s been posted on NAD’s website about its YEM’s…

but that’s assuming TW can fire DJ…maybe he can’t…maybe a 2/3 vote by GC EXCOM would be needed…

(Sigve Tonstad) #37

Beautiful, moving, I sit here with a smile on my face, feeling blessed.

(Clive Ferguson) #38

There is only one power that I can think of in scripture that uses money to try and force others to accept what is against their conscience and the Word of God! (Rev 13:16,17). This speaks volumes as to the real power behind what the NAD administration and the majority of its conference leaders are aiming to do.

I listened yesterday as speaker after speaker came to the microphone claiming to be at breaking point and pleading for their Division to reduce the tithe return to the GC in order to pull their conferences back from the brink of financial ruin. Yet I read that the NAD had enough reserves to purchase new headquartes at a cost of over $33 million dollars during this quinquenium. If their conferences are in such dire straits surely this money could have been better used in supporting them and the mission of the church?

I submit that it is not more money that these conferences really need to succeed in their mission but it is the leading of the Holy Spirit and their obedience to His will.

The Bible declares:-

1Sa 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

(George Tichy) #39
  1. Is there any valid reason why the NAD should send a higher percentage of $ to the GC than other Divisions?
  2. What evidence can be produced to support the idea that the Conferences are not led by the Holy Spirit, or that they are not obeying His will?
  3. Why did you post that verse from 1Sa? What was your real intent, message?

(Clive Ferguson) #40

My point is not whether the NAD should give more or less than other divisions but the spirit that leads one to use their financial strength in a coercive manner. This seems to be what you are implying in the concluding statement of your post to which I rsponded:-

“Maybe, just maybe, the GC will start understanding the “money language”…”

The leading of God’s Spirit leads to untiy in the body of Christ not divison. It leads to Christ-likeness in our deportment. (Rom 8:14; Eph 4:13).

Further the Spirit leads us to obedience of His will (Acts 5:32).

As for the verse I quoted from 1 Sam that should be self evident. I’m not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet but my Bible clearly tells me that God will ultimately and decisively deal with those that rebel against his will.