Hooey and Credulity

(Kim Green) #61

I didn’t take this as an inference that the “other” side were being referred to as “scumbags”- but I suppose that it could be as you have interpreted it.

(jeremy) #62

true, and trump is in a real pickle now…i’m thinking nancy pelosi is going to tighten the screws more and more until she forces him to squeal into submission on DACA, an infrastructure overhaul, and above all else, some form of universal healthcare, if not an actual repeal of last year’s tax cut…i’m also seeing endless investigations, with adam schiff leading the charge, who i think has had it with the GOP, and won’t be listening to anything they have to say, however legitimate…but we’ll see…if mueller drops another bombshell set of indictments, and especially if a final report is submitted before xmas, 2019 will likely be an impeachment year that will be drawn out or accelerated to benefit the dems for 2020…

(jeremy) #63

well, i’m not so sure it’s such a clean cut situation…recall that the issue that led to the rehoboam split was respect for the throne - respect for GC policy…rehoboam did have a point that his kingdom couldn’t be expected to stand if his authority was questioned in any way, and the ten tribes who left did have a point that their lives had become unbearable…when the split did occur, not only did god continue to work with both parts of the split, but he sent the prophet shemaiah to warn rehoboam not to war with the tribes who left - he sent shemaiah to warn TW not to take NAD to court if we decide to leave…

conservatives have reduced our current situation to the story of the rebellion of korah…but as is so often the case with conservatives, this is the wrong biblical model to consider…the correct model is the rehoboam split, in which ten of twelve tribes rebelled while retaining the blessing of god…i think we need to look at opposition to san antonio and battle creek in a different light than the type of rebellion that is condemned in the bible…the GC does have a point that a GC vote needs to be respected…but there are considerations that overcome this black and white, all or nothing, approach in this instance…

(Steve Mga) #64

You have to recognize “sense makes no sense” under certain conditions.
These conditions are – If a THEOLOGIAN says something is TRUE then
most of the Laity take it as TRUTH.
If anyone brings up OTHER reasons, those reasons are NOT listened to.
Our Head Theologians at the GC say “Women have NO Business being
or standing in the pulpit” and the Laity take this the TRUTH without thinking,
or questioning.
They would ALSO be OK with the GC saying, “NO Women Elders”.

(Robert King) #65

Fascinating how two people can look at an issue and derive such different interpretations, That’s why we must have a “thus saith the Lord” because our minds are easily deceived when severed from biblical truth.

That is interesting how you tailored the Rheboam story to the current divide in the church.

(jeremy) #66

i actually don’t believe we’re going to see a split…NAD’s recent response document is going to be studied around the world, and i believe most church entities will line up behind it…i think the GC is going to be constrained to follow through with its requests for action, or risk being seen to be completely out of compliance with the bible, egw and historic GC policy…

(George Tichy) #67

All you are saying is a disaster.
But, at least, today the House of Representatives has been freed from the tentacles of the enemies of the American people. What a relief! :+1: :+1: :+1:

(George Tichy) #68

Hey Jeremy, you have it all figured out! I hope you are a true prophet, because it would be sweet to have it the way you described.
Do you think that we can Make America Decent Again? (MADA)


11/07/18 - #2/2

Best speech you will ever regret…

‘Tis I, ‘tis I must go and you must bide…

(jeremy) #70

lol…nancy pelosi is preeminently decent, no question…she’s elegant…i like the colours she chooses…she’s also in incredible shape for her age…the sight of her wielding the gavel will instantly improve things…

but realistically, MADA can’t happen until trump is ousted…

(Frank Karth) #71

It would be nice if NAD would understand “God language”. God language, i.e. the word of God…the bible is 100% on the side of no WO.


Frank, Thank you for the comment.

In general it is helpful in a public forum to be clear as to whether you are simply making a declaration of an opinion or if you wish to engage in a constructive dialog regarding a topic.

This will make it easier for you to have the most desirable experience.

(George Tichy) #73

It’s past due to eliminate discrimination of women from the SDAC. The only ones opposing WO are those who have no clue about the history of ordination in the Christian Church. And, of course, those who preach the heresy called “headship.”

(Steve Mga) #74

George –
Disaster waiting to happen.
Yes. “All we like sheep”
SDAs in the pews have been “conditioned” to believe the men in black suits.
If someone in a different colored one says something different it is not believed.

(Robert Lindbeck) #75

@vandieman it could also be the story of the 12 spies. Joshua and Caleb, when voted down did not rebel. They received a blessing from God that was denied not just the other spies but a whole generation.

(jeremy) #76

robert, i’m not sure you have this story right…joshua and caleb’s reward of entering canaan wasn’t given them because they accepted the vote of the ten spies to rebel against the clear word of god…their reward was given them because they resisted that vote to rebel, and were willing to obey god, even though it would have involved engagement with the giants of anak…

(Robert Lindbeck) #77

@vandieman, I didn’t get the story wrong. I summarised too much. The point of the story is that they didn’t rebel (I don’t think NAD is rebelling either). They spoke out against the opinion of the 10 other spies, but to rebel would have meant that they attack Canaan on their own. They were willing but didn’t. Typically, rebellion involves words as well as actions.

(jeremy) #78

ok, but i don’t see that this story fits our situation…the world church doesn’t think it’s rebelling, like the 10 spies…they think their votes are the voice of god…

(Robert Lindbeck) #79

I am sure the Israelites didn’t think they were rebelling either - they were afraid, much the same as the world church. They are afraid of the “giants”, mostly of their own making (perceived consequences of WO, the flow on). The minority have said push forward, trust God, but still the rest only see their “giants”.

The course the NAD has taken is not rebellion. They have not broken away to “attack Canaan” on their own. They have asked the majority to reconsider, and join them in attacking Canaan.

(jeremy) #80

i think i see the point you’re making now…maybe there is a fit, after-all…