Hooey and Credulity


What a great application of this old story.

(Steve Mga) #82

For an interesting reading on Canaan that was given at Sinai [50 days after
crossing the Red Sea] I would suggest –
Exodus 23:27-30. God’s plan on the conquest of Canaan by Israel.
He really had not planned on having to wait 40 years before beginning this program.
But God is patient. Unfortunately God sometimes has to WAIT for a whole new
generation who will be willing to be PARTNERS with His program.


Below is a link that is a sample of the level of thinking brethren are applying to our situation. What is really sad is that the GC leadership is encouraging misapplication of scripture and male headship as Gods will for believers. I found this on Facebook amongst many others that pretty much repeat the same message.


(George Tichy) #84

David, that site is really a good example of misogyny and discrimination. I saw it yesterday, but didn’t care to post anything. But today I posted this:

"Both your post and your following comments reveal several things about you:

  1. You have poor or no education about gender issues.
  2. You mention the Bible but you have no proper texts to support your poor thinking about gender issues.
  3. You are a discriminator, and would say any absurdity to defend your bias.
  4. You appear to have pride in accusing as being from Satan those who believe different than you.
  5. You don’t understand that being a discriminator disqualifies anyone to be called a “Christian.” A true Christian does not discriminate against anybody, including women. A discriminator can’t be a true Christian.

I will not be visiting this site again. It’s just cheap propaganda to defend/spread absurd non-biblical and deranged discriminatory ideas. This is sick, needs treatment. Get a good therapist!"

(Steve Mga) #85

This, according to God’s Last Call to His People Facebook is Jelena Ostojic Jovic,
a pastor in Slovenia and Director of Dpt Community Services in Slovenia.
Actually, the Facebook discussion is against women like Jelena. It calls for
the next to enslavement of women, especially in the marriage relationship.
Women in marriage are to be subservient and ruled by their husbands. The
same for Women in the SDA religious community.


It was incredible the amount of people saying this was satanic, an abomination, and was anti-Christian and that these women should be punished. All by SDA’s on various public forums in Facebook.

(George Tichy) #87

This reveals something very disturbing, i.e., the fact that Adventism produces this kind of thinking. This must be an object of deep concern, because it is certainly a cultic kind of thinking.

I am not sure that it is only ignorance. Could it also be an indication of a distortion in the mental ability to process spiritual content properly? Or is it just a black hole in the person’s character? @elmer_cupino

One thing I know: that kind of thinking reveals a flaw of some kind. It is not normal to be a discriminator. Also, nobody is born a discriminator; this is surely a product of a poisoned environment. Which takes me to the Adventist Educational System at large (schools, Sabbath schools, preaching from pulpits) : what are we teaching to the youth?

Parents can’t be exonerated of guilt either. They are the most influential people in the life of their children. But, again, how could they teach their children something more decent than discrimination if they have been themselves contaminated with the poison when they were younger?

As I learn more about the issue, and follow the development of the conflict in our Church, I am becoming gradually more convinced that the pervasive mentality of discrimination is nothing but a serious character flaw.

(Sul Ross Thorward, MD) #88

Straightforward and strong. God has called and empowered women. Who are we men to get in the way? I much appreciate the ministerial leadership of Elder Jackson and Elder Freeman. And I look welcome ‘bristers’ at all levels of leadership and service. I will stand for the NPUC to fully support our stance as stated through the NAD and Elder Jackson.


The problem is solved easily…ask TW to resign…or…impeachment will be started in 30 days

(Tim Teichman) #90

Just what is says (??) It seems clear. What is your question?


11/09/18 - #3

Gentlemen: please no more fighting words.

This is a no-win, zero-sum game you are playing with millions of innocent lives.

Please don’t split this church.

God has a better Way.


(Steve Mga) #92

As long as the Unions continue to have their power to decide as to HOW to
promote the giving of the Gospel in their territories, there will be no church
There may be changes in the Financial Structure, but no splitting.

(Kim Green) #93

NAD needs more like you…as well as the whole of Adventism!

(Dan Springer) #94

fThank you, Brother Jackson, for your concise, thoughtful and prayerful words!

(Patti Cottrell Grant) #95

Thank you, Spectrum, for making Elder Jackson’s thoughts available in both text and video. I read the text first and was so encouraged by Elder Jackson’s appropriate and well-measured words, and when I watched the video I was thrilled and amazed to see that he had spoken extemporaneously. It is difficult to describe the sense of peace I felt. It is SO time for each entity of the church to speak out on this divisive issue. Elder Jackson’s conciliatory tone was like soothing oil poured on troubled waters, and again, I was truly blessed. Thank you Elder Jackson for your healing words on the subject. May God richly bless you and your family and all the families of your spiritual family. May we all meet face to face in Heaven beside the Tree of Life on that glorious day.

(b l d) #96

What you are all forgetting is that DJ may be president of the NAD but the NAD as a majority DOES NOT support him. Only a few do with the PUC being in the forefront…
Instead of continuing on going round and round about this issue…STOP and simply pray about it and let our Heavenly Father guide and direct, He will take care of what needs to be taken care of.
Blessings to my brothers and sisters


Were you listening to the live-streamed speeches? Have you taken a poll? What is your source?

We have been praying about this issue for some time.

Thank God for the ordained women pastors in China converting multiple thousands. Churches with 6,000 + members.

When you were praying for “the missionaries and colpourters around the world,” you were praying for them.

Thank God for these courageous and Godly women following the scriptures and commands of God.

I hope you, too, are praying that their numbers increase. There are huge fields of harvest in China–millions and India and the Middle East, Russia and remote parts of the earth. We need harvesters in NAD for the cities, refugees, those down-and-outers and outsiders–millions. Why would we intentionally cut harvesters over their gender when they have been empowered by God?

(George Tichy) #98

Thanks for your blessings, indeed.

But just as a reminder, it’s not Dan Jackson who needs to (as you say) STOP. He has started nothing, he has nothing to stop. The NAD has started nothing. Fact is that since Ted Wilson was inaugurated in 2010 there has been an immense amount of workers’ time and tithe money being wasted as result of Ted Wilson’s unending and obsessive pursue of the same goals: 1) Centralize authority at the GC and, 2) Perpetuate discrimination of women by supporting the headship heresy, and, 3) Establish unity by imposing uniformity of belief.

All three propositions have been extremely detrimental to the Church’s health. And the health keeps declining…


Unfortunately, the GC has not tried to find fresh approaches to bring together diverse global constituencies. They buried TOSC. NAD had a majority report.

The horse is out of the barn. We’ve been there, done that, and made a recommendation with 12 other divisions to the GC.

(Jane Austen) #100

Thank you for articulating your thoughts so well. Bro Jackson’s spirit left much to be desired. I wonder if he will keep his word and walk.