Hope and a Post-Truth World—April 1 Zoom Meeting

You’ve heard of wars and rumors of wars. Nation is rising against nation. There have been famines, pandemics, and natural disasters. We feel persecuted. Many have turned away from faith. Crime is increasing. The love of most has grown cold. The signs of the end are here and I’m guessing you, like me, could use a little hope to help keep us all standing.

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So, I decided to check out "Spiral Dynamics" online. This, after my initial confusion after reading the introduction here. My first question was automatic - WHAT IS “POST-TRUTH”… But my bigger question is, since this is posted here, on a somewhat SDA discussion site, I have to assume that before we tackle the rainbow colored filing system, we are still “Adventists” - meaning, looking forward to some sort of end to the humanistic mess we have created here on this earth. You don’t have to be an Adventist to know that the world is in a bad place, and when someone pulls the plug and the power grid goes out, we’ll be back in color “BEIGE” (refer to "Spiral Dynamics" initial stage.)

What struck me, even before referring to “Spiral Dynamics” online, I wondered how we can refer to a humanistic, and politically inspired explanations to “keep us all standing”. I had thought that the SDA answer to the calamities described in Matt. 24, would be somewhat biblical, culminating in the long-awaited return of Jesus. I know that’s a stage “BLUE” expectation, but any religion, still left to function by this system, is a stage “BLUE” phenomenon.

Just so we are aware, this isn’t new. There are all sorts of sorting systems that attempt to explain the evolution of human development. My favourite (being a teacher at heart), is shoving people into the common education filing system - kindergarten - primary - junior-high - high school - post secondary, followed ultimately by the creators of these systems in their high towers - with most of the general population stuck in the - junior high stage.

There are numerous explanations of this system of tracing “human development”. The Spiral Dynamic explanation I stumbled on, has interesting examples of stages by, once again, referring to the current political parties that are duelling on our TV sets. The names associated with the development of this system are interesting to trace. Let me just say, they’re not out of your Bible.

I know, I know, by saying all this, my personal development has been pegged, and filed into one color or another but, I’m not playing this game.


Thanks for the comment Sirje.

Sorry I missed it until now.

There have been many times when Adventists looked at current events and saw the fulfillment of Matthew 24. Just to mention the most obvious example, that is exactly how we started out. And the dashed expectations resulted in a great disappointment that caused many to lose hope.

At each moment in the past we as a community have had to work together to figure out how to keep hope alive. Spiral Dynamics has helped me to do that. I helped organize the discussion this past Friday because I thought it might help others in similar situations to find hope as well. If you don’t find the concept necessary or helpful, that is all good.

Seeking ways to keep our faith relevant and hope alive in the present is not necessarily mutually exclusive with our Advent hope in the coming of the Lord.

I intended to join the podcast, if only to listen in, but the timing didn’t work out. I did pull up the website the Johns brothers produce and got the gist of what this is about.

Yes, hope is always to be sought, especially when obvious forces are, once again, set to cause chaos; but I thought that is what Christianity itself offers. As it turns out, the many faces of Christianity brings confusion that distracts from nuts and bolts of it, and we are led to focus on issues that bring confusion instead.

Many years ago I read an article by H.W. Armstrong that has stuck. His assessment of the “end times” made sense. Basically, it said that mankind has always tried to fix things on our own; and not until we have exhausted all avenues of fixing things, will God put His own end to this experiment. That seems fair, and even biblical as “every knee will bow” and acknowledge God in the end. This applies to all corners of human endeavour - climate - finances - clashes of ideologies - politics - education - medicine - and all the rest. We have to come to the realization that we can’t “fix things” on our own. Searching for hope from various man-made programs as a coping exercise isn’t going to do it. But that’s a personal observation.


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