How Ellen White Coped with a Pandemic

Glad that there is at least one lead scientist that is “leaning” towards EGW principles.

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Mere jesuit conspiracy theories, and those vaxx’s, too.

In posted in other article

I think ellen g white mentions poison 640 times in her writings references to drugs and modern medicine

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Very impressive. I am sure if we keep on going we might find a few more things… :roll_eyes:


Have no idea who or what he is…and don’t really care.

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Oh, come on Kim…, you must be kidding, right? Seriously, you don’t know him?
Well, in this case you won’t be able to tell me who he is. Darn!!!..


George the expert - he loves his psychiatry sciences

False science is one of the agencies that Satan used in the heavenly courts, and it is used by him today. The false assertions that he made to the angels, his subtle scientific theories, seduced many of them from their loyalty _ EGW

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What’s his full name? Where does he live/work?

And what is so special about him loving his psychiatry sciences? Just curious… :thinking:


I just don’t know why when someone comes on these forums presenting EGW is causes so much drama

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And I just don’t know why when I asked a couple of simple questions about that Doctor you wrote the above. What could possibly be the connection, or the “drama?” :thinking:

It seems that you deleted that post mentioning “DR GREGOR the virus.” :roll_eyes: :innocent: … Why? Kim’s @cincerity reply is there (post #26), but your post just disappeared after I asked more info abou the “psychiatrist who loves what he does.”

Can you please clarify what is going on?


Simon…George really is an “expert” in psychology. He is able to testify in court and to render opinions upon the topic. I don’t see the relevance of your EGW quote at all to either him nor psychology.

It is the way that you are “presenting” EGW that is the problem. You need to do a better job with this or you end up making her look foolish- or even irrelevant.

I truly appreciate that EGW promoted a healthier diet and lifestyle at a time when these were new concepts to most of the population. However, she was not the only person that promoted a more “natural” way of living and certainly isn’t infallible in everything she said or understood about it. However, let’s circle back to the point of the article itself…

"Ellen White’s writings and actions revealed a rational and wise approach to a pandemic. She would not have given her blessing to a course of action that disregards the most up-to-date and scientific evidence. Nor would she approve disdain for directives from the most rational evaluations of the day."

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This report is missing a fundamental difference between one kind of
“pandemic” and another; to begin with, Ellen White’s family lived through a cholera epidemic that rushed through the Ohio River Valley and other regions, whose spread had already been identified by John Snow (The Broad Street pump insight in London) as a water-borne problem; avoiding water is different from avoiding human beings. We cannot boil away these germs and get on with bathing and drinking (herb) tea. White was dead three years before the Influenza of 1918 (not from either an epidemic of bacteria or virus), so didn’t have to contend what it meant for a society to fear itself (aside from swarthy people and union operatives). She was right about introspection and self-awareness and changing one’s habits, but not so much about which ones. We are living through a profoundly different environment of illness and its causes. Ellen White’s advice about personal improvement is useful, but it’s not timely.


We may have a tautology, here: “False science is what Satan implements, and if Satan implements whatever, it’s false.” We can’t get out of this loop of reciprocal meaning: We need to define “true science” and how we recognize it before we can fault whatever the other is . . .


This was an article that has calmness in its tone. I can appreciate that much more so than today’s fearful alarm presented by so much of the media regarding the virus from another country. EGW had a correct line of thinking that is opposite of many during this virus. We are told to hide to stay healthy rather than allow God’s design of immunity building out in the natural things provided by God. So backwards! Herd immunity is far more healthy for a nation overall. Only the sick, weak, elderly, and high populations are the ones who should have been sheltering all this time. But today’s “experts” think just because they are scientists that they know what is best to do with a virus they have never experienced before (LOL), even after the models they “scientifically” produced were so far out of whack that a grade-schooler could have been more accurate with a guess, and they still talk as if we need to hide until a vaccine is developed, maybe multiple vaccine’s.

Did you just jump from “he loves sciences” to EGW quote that you seem to use in a way that science is generally one of the “Agencies of Satan”. :slight_smile:

Please understand that in context of all of the videos of various scientists speaking out that you linked here… it’s like a baking a cake, and then decorating it with dirt mixed with dog turds.

Whatever disagreements I would have with George on his tactics… psychology and psychiatry is one of the most valuable sciences we have today as it relates to coping with problems associated with modern societies that we can’t simply wish away, or dismiss through quotes of EGW, especially when it comes to reading into these something that’s not there to begin with.

You can’t read “false science” and assume that the subject matter is science. The subject matter is false science. And the way you discredit false science is with true science.


I wonder why the Adventist Health System has little regard for EGW position on poison drugs?

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hahaha-good one!
Perhaps we should rename it " Adventist Disease Management"

I’d have to disagree, where your mind goes your heart will follow and it then is the thoughts of a man’s heart that defiles him.
We need to put away the things that beset us and place all at the foot of the cross. There is no time to waste with the entertainment of the world. We need characters fit for heaven.

  • Have you seen one of those around yet?
  • Do you know anyone whose character is already “fit for heaven?”
  • What does reading a novel or watching a movie on TV has to do with a "character that “fits for heaven?”
  • Can you please describe a “character that fits for heaven?”