How GC Leaders Reacted to Spectrum's Establishment

An excerpt from Ostriches and Canaries: Coping with Change in Adventism, 1966-1979 by Gilbert M. Valentine, courtesy of Oak and Acorn Publishing.

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The neverending manifestation and utilization of FEAR in the Church’s affairs only reveals insecurity and incompetence on the part of the Church’s leadership. They were used to easily control the crowds (members) that were intellectually and educationally more restricted . They also knew that it would be very difficult to use maneuvering ans manipulation in dealing with people who had reached a higher level of intellectual formation.

Not much of this changed during the Wilson administration. The same fear is still around, manifesting itself as the Church was led backwards to 1844 - now at least until 2025. Hopefully, after that the current nightmare will cease and the Church will start catching up by reversing its course to the direction of “back to the future.”

Hopefully in a not-much-remote future, Spectrum will again be granted not a “boot” but rather a booth at a GC session… :wink:


I didn’t read the story–I didn’t have to. GC leaders hated Spectrum and did whatever they could to suppress access to it. Namely, in the early 80’s they withdrew funding from the SDA Periodical Index because it “indexed” Spectrum articles. The Association of SDA Librarians proceeded anyway without them. The plan was to continue indexing articles and later insert them into the Index when funding was the sole responsibility of the SDA academic libraries. Neal Wilson made it clear through his “representatives” that Spectrum and the views expressed there were unwelcome and certainly wouldn’t be subsidized. The SDA Periodical Index lives on and provides access to all available SDA literature and stories in the popular press as these are identified.


If we compare the tactics used by the former Soviet Union (and Putin nowadays) and the tactics used by the GC in terms of controlling information, silencing free speech, discouraging free thinking, and utilizing coercion, we will identify many similarities.

The Kremlin had the KGB. We have the KGC - still active and now flexing muscles via the SOP police that is supposed to act in every local church, identifying those who are “infidels” and keeping them under the radar in order to protect the “fidels” … :wink:

No wonder the GC is unsupportive of groups like Spectrum and Adventist Today, since they are agencies that operate independently doing great satellite journalism and refusing to filter (hide) information. The GC is also very “uncomfortable” with the writings and publications from independent thinkers, researchers, and publishers with the caliber of Gil Valentine, Steve Daily, et al., whereas it appears that there is a lot of good vibes toward the heretic publications by the LGTarians. Go figure!!!


There is an African Proverb which goes “ WHEN THE ROOTS ARE DEEP, THERE IS NO REASON TO FEAR THE WIND."

When our church leaders tremble when confronted with church beliefs they know are baseless, well that is so revealing.


See, once I had a subscription to “Adventist Review” - cancelled because of poor postal service. But I have an Internet. And our national SDA periodical contains two thirds ( ! ) of the printed from “Adventist World” - strange, broadly told bedtime stories - -

Guess, how I get some glance of the real happenings within the household of our faith !


Elmer, you got lots of likes, because it’s so true.
OTOH, “When there are no roots, even a gentle whistling is to be feared and fought against.”
(Call it, “one of the Tichy Proverbs” … :wink: :scream: :joy::joy::joy: )


Even a gentle whistling to the tune of “Don’t Forget the Sabbath” would send the house of cards crumbling down


The theme of “GC Leaders’ Reactions” is a very interesting subject, and, most often than not, indeed mind boggling. Those who are interested in expanding their view on this issue would greatly benefit from two recent interviews of John Rosier, by Peter Dixon. Here are the links to YouTube:

Part 1: S4 E12 - Ted Wilson's Adventism. Is it yours? With John Rosier (1 of 3) - YouTube

Part 2: S4:E14 - Ted Wilson's Adventism. Is it yours? With John Rosier (2 of 3) - YouTube

And many more interesting interviews on Adventism, here:

George, have you listened to the series Peter Dixon did on Glacier View. I would highly recommend it. Over 80 interviews covering all aspects of the topic - insiders, outsiders, participants, bystanders.

The whole series can only be seen via the SDAQ&A FB page.


i wonder why President Pierson found these topics troubling…i think the more they are examined and discussed, the more our traditional positions on them become clarified, refined, and in fact, credible…i don’t think there’s anything to lose by stacking up church beliefs against alternatives…i think we should be looking for more opportunities to do just that, not fewer…

Hi Robert,
I am catching up with those interviews. Tonight (Wednesday 31st) at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time) Peter will interview Gillian Ford @gford1 . This should be a great event!!! The title announced is “On the Way to Glacier View.”

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This is true, depending on what one means by “clarified, refined.” A big progress has been made in this sense in the past few years, despite the deniers’ insistence. The more we learn about the Universe, the more “clarified” the issue becomes… :wink:

lol…this is always the question, isn’t it…supporters of the church believe clarified and refined mean vindicated, whereas detractors believe they mean refuted…it’s all in the eye of the beholder…

Oh, those pesky (pesty?..) infidels!!!
When are they going to understand truth and become “fidels?” … :wink:


Perhaps the Castro variety?

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Have you ever wondered that President Pierson might have had enough access to credible information he found “troubling” that you did not know?

It is certainly difficult to discern what is magical thinking in contrast to having faith.

elmer, the only information that matters is what’s in the bible and egw…all of us have equal access, and all of us can read…there’s no inside information that can change any of this…

i suspect President Pearson was wary of evolution only because he didn’t understand how vacuous it truly is, given that he likely only had a light science background…and he may have been wary of challenges to egw’s inspiration because he didn’t understand it…

i don’t think administration knows anything the rest of us don’t…in fact i think it’s likely that they know and understand far less…

I agree with you but have you read what Bertrand Russell wrote in A History of Western Philosophy that is so precise and accurate? “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.” This is one of the major causes of divorces.

What is important about information is not the information itself but how it is processed and understood. One does not have to be stupid to change the essence of information. It is how our brain cells have been connected, how our brain circuits have been laid down and the meanings we developed based on our life our life experience that will modify how we process and interpret information.

And how can anyone equate EGW with the Bible without proclaiming EGW is God?


no, i hadn’t read this, but i don’t disagree that there’s truth in this assertion…it seems intuitively true…but in the specific case of our review of a GC president’s reaction to challenges to questions we’re all familiar with - assuming we’re still discussing this - i don’t think the differentiation between being clever and stupid necessarily exists…

what does exist, of course, is the advantage of hind-sight we have that President Pearson didn’t have…not only do we have a sense of the sweep of history that unfolded around him that he couldn’t have had, but at the time of his reaction, challenges to a YEC fiat creation and the inspiration of egw weren’t as conclusively refuted as they have been now…

this advantage of hind-sight explains why knowledge and understanding are necessarily progressive: successive generations are always going to know more than previous generations…

in what sense is equating egw with the bible proclaiming that she’s god…does anyone proclaim that the bible is god…i think the only consideration that matters is whether egw is inspired like the bible is…if so, then we can make the equation…