How Healthy is Adventist Hermeneutics? An Historical Imbalance (2)


It is an overused, warped, corrupted scripture interpretation command from Matt 7:1 used to put duct tape over any critical assessment /analysis. You make JESUS appear to be a hypocrite when he tells the disciples to beware of the doctrine of the Pharisees…because He judged them… I remember clearly when some 20 yr old person in Sabbath school used the “Don’t judge” when I was making a point about the Catholic church errors. Are you going to use it as a exhaustive blanket statement? Then you shouldn’t even use it at all because you are judging those who you assume are judging.


What? Paul was referring to hidden texts? Is that what you are asserting? Examples?

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Your article was informative but long and full of theological jargon, not sure I understood all of it. maybe it’s meant for the clergy, howbeit, you make a bold statement that the bible doesn’t answer all life issues or questions. I agree. However in saying that you state that there are claims by the bible or some that the bible answers all. This being the premise of your argument is fundamentally wrong. in two respects, 1-the bible doesn’t claim to answer all questions. says the saviour -you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Note the future tense. also -when the spirit of truth shall come he shall lead you into all truths.
Second -life is way too complex to be contained in one book.
Summarily your deposition is flawed in that it seeks to answer the wrong question .

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…I saw that the Apocrypha was the hidden book, and that the wise of these last days should understand it … ( The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1, p. 195.2

At another time at a meeting held at Brother Curtis’ in Topsham, Maine, she was taken off in vision, and arose to her feet, took the large family Bible from the table, and held it on her hand some time at an angle of forty-five degrees, and said the hidden book was not there. When some one asked if the Apocrypha was not in the Bible, Brother Curtis remarked it was not. She talked sometime about the hidden book. No one knew but Bro. Curtis family that the Apocrapha [Apocrypha] was not there. (Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], p. 66.3 )

What EGW referred to as “The Bible, pure and unadulterated” was the expurgated American version of the KJV.

What EGW did not know–what most SDAs do not know–is that the original KJV contained the Apocrypha! What we call “the Bible”, some Brits call “the butchered Bible”. (I think the KJOs don’t want to know any of this). :wink:


Another clarification why she should not be considered a biblical authoritarian.



When I read things like that it makes me think about the situation in Eden:

  1. Pre-modern Hermeneutics: a "God’s Word/text-centered Hermeneutics
    Here, the word of God was: “Don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”
  2. Modern Hermeneutics: a “reader/hearer-centered” Hermeneutics
    Here, the reader/hearer wonders: “Did God really say…?”

We know that everything was fine in Eden… until Eve (and Adam) switched hermeneutics.

The major difference between the two hermeneutics presented in this article is that, in the first one, God and His word are central whereas in the second one, the creature (and a flawed creature, no less) is central.

If we choose the second hermeneutics, that is, the “Modern Hermeneutics”, can we expect a different result from what befell Adam and Eve?

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