How Healthy is Adventist Hermeneutics? Misconceiving the Text (3)

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True, Romey. They absolutely believe that all their distinctive doctrines and EGW’s directives, are based on the bible. It’s very hard for the staunch (and even the not so staunch) to see the problems with many of these beliefs, because they’ve already been forewarned that anyone who tries to dispute these “truths” are deceived, or led by Satan.


Let’s write your statement as a syllogism and see if it works logically:

Wilson believes the SDA church is the remnant
The President of the church is the highest authority on earth
As President of the GC Wilson responsibility is to protect the church at all costs

Thus The President by being President of the GC is saying by his actions and beliefs that the GC is God’s highest authority on earth.

Nope by that reasoning everyone who believes the SDA church is God’s remnant would believe that the GC is God’s highest authority on earth. That does not take into account what remnant means or the the President of the GC would ever choose to protect the church at all costs. So pretty much your system is a lot of assumptions which are then attributed to someone as if he was saying things that he has not said.

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romey –
It is a little complicated.
SDA at the pew belief – the Bible and the Bible only.
SDA at the pew belief – what is said by Ellen IS IN the Bible.
THIS is WHY in the S. S. Quarterly quotations are on about every page.
Quite a few years ago, when I was teaching the Adult class, if I would
bring in something pertaining to the Quarterly topic, but was a non-SDA
writer, it was unpopular. Actually, I was quietly replaced, but about a
year later, the S.S. superintendant ask me if I knew WHY I wasn’t
re-elected to teach the Adult class. It was complaints that I was bringing
in material “from other Churches” and “promoting” those churches.

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@RonCorson you have miss quoted, and that changes the thrust of the argument.

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It would seen the attitude is that to do so is not in the best interest of certain characters involved.


Really I misquoted your misquoted logic. Right!
“I have been shown that no man’s judgment should be surrendered to the judgment of any one man. But when the judgment of the General Conference, which is the highest authority that God has upon the earth, is exercised, private independence and private judgment must not be maintained, but be surrendered.” 3T p. 492.


And of course we must surrender to her claim that she was shown, just like we must surrender to her claim that she was shown how Dr Kellogg had misused the Lord’s money, and all the other similar things she was shown.

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Where is it found that James White discredited her authority? Curious

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“General Conference” business in the 20th, 21st Centuries are slightly
different than back then.
There are the every 5 years when the World Church gets together.
But now there are the interim meetings several times a year when the
World LEADERS get together and Vote on issues which have the similar
enforcement as those when the World Church gets together.
Are these the same as 3T:492?
In the years before she died, she discussed “Kingly Power” of some of the
leaders back then. Is that sticking its ugly head up periodically in the 20th,
21st Centuries?? Did we see it happen at SA2015 with the way issues
were worded for the Delegates to vote on? And the “block votes” as ordered
by certain World Group Leaders?? I believe we heard of that happening even
before SA2015 Gen, Conf.

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I cannot give you the reference. but the story remains in my mind. While still in Battle Creek the story is told that one morning Ellen came down from her bedroom and handed a paper to James saying this is a testimony from the Lord to me about you. James took the paper crushed it into a ball and threw it in the fireplace.

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It is interesting that Des Ford rejected the Investigative Judgment but kept the Sabbath and rightly so.those who reject the Sabbath reference Colossians 2:16. Without cross referencing Ephesians 6:1,2. Thus it would appear that Paul was endorsing the Ten and discounting the .

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He would be half-less his academic credentials because about half of his thesis bibliography came from EGW writings. He cannot admit to EGW being wrong. That would be self-destructive of him.

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He would be rejecting the White Estate because they wrote it. Dad outlines his career path to include the essential foreign service. Thus he brought a third world view of women into play.

Let us face it Elder Ted Wilson is politically based not even a vestige of theology. He uses his power to advance a preconvieved headship of which he is first. He doesn’t take questions and he ignores questioners.he stage plays with the Bible,but in his heart is waving the policy handbook.


Wow, so many should be soo enthusiastic to invite their friends to any SDA church which is plagued by anti-GC, anti-White, anti-veggie notions and pro WO, LGBTQ, evolution so they can become remnant lukewarm Laodiceans that are fixated on 3 angels messages of mark of beast, SUNday law, death decree, time of trouble, 7 last plagues, anti-Christ, Armageddon and weekly…“Happy Sabbath” greetings.


Not according to Ellen White and the SOP. No witch hunt in WO. It is unbiblical from the very start!

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Tom –
I’m sure you know this. Ellen in the end of the 1800’s PROMOTED the
full fledged acceptance of Women as Pastors. It was reported in the
church papers that WOMEN were More Successful than the Men at
beginning new companies of believers.
When this issue was brought up for consideration around 1901, several
men who were in power over the GC tabled it, put it in File 13 – the Trash
Bin – and never allowed it to come up.
That Ellen WAS A PROMOTER has been Hush! Hush! ever since.

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