How Long, Oh Lord? Remembering Charlottesville

We have to be careful with those mental health professionals out there… :wink:

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Therefore Sam, Obama was wrong to use the “what about” financial crisis of the Bush administration as his justification of continuing wrong financial actions in his administration?

So happy all is well again! It was kinda refreshing to see the circular firing squad by minds usually marching shoulder to shoulder and hands grasped to hands! :slight_smile:

With apologies to our resident “Psych” experts and not meant personally:

Few have better:


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But Randall, on what basis do you make this assertion? Are you looking at life experiences that may have led up to this present assertion to lighten up?
Are those in the mental counseling area simply foolish to look back in a persons life to determine present situations? But lo and behold in politics no cause and effect. No whatabouts. A clean slate exists for one to deal with. Life is not static and linear. It is more spiral kinda like a slinky.
It is a continual looking back, at the present and forwards.

It seems this whole exercise of @phil is just another round of illiberalism amok, as well the ultimate whaddaboutism (just another non sequitor thought terminating cliche along the lines of “conspiracy theory”). But its more than that-much more.

If you cannot see the mote in your brothers eye, CREATE one. That is precisely what this nebulous blob of jello, naming christian conservatives all white supremacist and nationalist.

Wars have been fought, blood shed, much legislative work has been done, education has been supercharged, sensitivities have been heightened. To negate that and claim white supremacy lurks under every non-democrat is hilarious-as well a real crazy theory. Calling someone, actually a whole GROUP, white supremacists simply on the basis of color IS blatantly racist. Calling an entire group nationalist, as if that were their highest value, is likewise utterly and categorically ludicrous.

But my point is something further. The esteemed counselor apparently has so purged his own sinfulness that he can now afford inflating, conflating, and fomenting everyone elses.

Making an assumption here, I believe that Phil is an Adventist. As such, he attends, supports, and abides by the church policies and practices. Now, we know this denomination is quite proud of its vocal gender-discriminatory “purity”. The self-acclaimed “president of the worldwide SDA church” himself has proudly declared his belief that women are intended to be considered unworthy to perform highest church administration function, and has apparently displayed his reticence that a woman should even share a podium with him. Some report he believes women should not pastor at all, nor be ordained as elders-and even if he does not personally share that belief, he has left uncorrected many garrulous Adventist luminaries who do agitate to remove all women from ordained positions of any kind, or being “lead pastors”.

Now, the charge has been ratcheted up by Phil, and some other liberal acolytes vociferously, that by virtue of a person agreeing with the ideological and policy distinctions of conservatism, they espouse, personally belief, behave, and support all other failings, real or not, personality traits, and all of the other things on that laundry list intended to keep fanning hate, SIMPLY BECAUSE THE PRESIDENT PRESENTLY DULY ELECTED TO THE OFFICE IS CONSERVATIVE. As such, Phil goes further, and says because of our SDA’ism, we MUST BE RACIST, WHITE SUPREMACIST and NATIONALIST. Well, aside from the minor question, what of the black or brown adventists who vote conservative, i will take Esquire Phils logic and apply it to HIM.

He is an Adventist. He is male, he is white. His church president is a misogymist, ergo, so it Mr Brantley. Now, don’t be too hard on him, (or me, note i am NOT charging my brother with misogyny-or any other whaddaboutism- i am merely applying his logic to suggest it could be possible)-apparently WE CANNOT HELP IT!!! It is just a FACT and beyond question!

Oh hallelujah, thank you God you didn’t make me a conservative, a race-supremacist, a nationalist. But especially thank you for not making me a democrat, or a misogynist. After all, THEY are the ones that made me a white supremacist nationalist.

Thank you for making me a citizen of YOUR kingdom, and for asking me to help the other asylum seekers citizens, too. I’ll try not make any supremacists, racists, nationalists.

Phil, just keep focusing on the issues, as you have been doing so far. Do not be tempted to fight those who are attacking you as a person. We know what they are doing and there’s no point in getting personal with them. We don’t even know who they are.

Post your points freely, don’t be intimidated by people screaming loudly at you. Just ignore those who are unable to talk about issues without attacking you personally. You have good support here.



Did you see the posted video of Trump visiting the hospital in El Paso, where the victims had said they didn’t want to see him? I did. He took the time during this visit to chat with medical staff about how he had given a speech in El Paso a few months ago, how big the crowd size was, and how Beto only had 400 people in a parking lot…IOW, his crowd size was dwarfed by Trump’s.

This man, the supposed leader of this country and the free world, took the time that should have been spent focusing on comforting victims in their pain, and once again, made it all about himself! Not one single moment should have been spent on calling attention to himself or partisan comparisons. But what can we expect from a pathological narcissist, who has a long established pattern of this type of behavior, well before he was ever in office? It’s one thing for him to act this way as a reality show host. As POTUS, it’s simply sickening.

How is it that everyone doesn’t see this? How does it not matter in evaluating him as a true leader?




Something is wrong with America, and I am puzzled seeing nominal Christians supporting immorality, lack of decency, and corruption. Trump is indeed changing America. Unbelievable.


George, we are dealing with abject ignorance of the first order. I just watched a twenty-five minute and forty-nine second video produced by Jerrod Boling of Amazing Facts, which sets forth his response to the recent mass shootings. We are told that the cause of the mass shootings is……… video games. We see one Fox News clip after another that blames the mass shootings on video games. Jerrod stresses over and over again that gun laws will not work. And then we see Doug Batchelor blame the mass shootings on the removal of the Ten Commandments from the public school classroom, the teaching of evolution, and abortion.

Not one mention is made of white nationalism, which is the cause of many mass shootings in the United States and throughout the world, including the El Paso mass shooting as per the political manifesto written by the shooter. Instead we are told that guns are not the cause, apparently white nationalism is not the cause, but the blames lies with video games, the removal of the Ten Commandments from the public school classroom, the teaching of evolution, and abortion.

[In fairness, I just saw a nine minute and forty-five second video produced by Amazing Facts entitled Mass Shootings and Racism, in which Batchelor briefly talks about racism as a cause while also talking about other alleged causes. I think the Boling video does not represent Batchelor’s views in the best light. Therefore, I think the charitable thing to do is to attribute Boling’s video to Boling and not to Batchelor or to Amazing Facts, notwithstanding that Boling works for Amazing Facts.].


Phil, from your post I selected three “amazing facts” that called my attention.

  1. Ignorance is certainly a major factor acting in this issue. But still, there must be other factor(s) acting making so many people in the country to deny the facts they see. I don’t believe they are blind, they just react to the facts in a strange, sometimes deranged way. For example, when they SEE Trump lying during his rallies and they are in the crowd applauding him for that… their minds must be possessed.
    According to Merrian-Webster, " Possessed definition is: influenced or controlled by something (such as an evil spirit, a passion, or an idea).

  2. Gun laws will not work. Of course not…, the same way the ‘don’t work’ in many other countries like Australia for example, and England, and… you name it. America must indeed be a very different country… where the laws don’t work. Of course, there is the NRA here, that bribes corrupt politicians!!! I bet even blind people can see this clearly! :wink:

  3. Batchelor, like many other fanatics, instead of helping to defuse the use of firearms to commit mass shootings, blames the crime not on the real criminals (the perpetrators and their enablers) but on people and facts that are completely unrelated to the events. What’s next on their fanatic and deplorable agenda, the gays are to be blamed for the shootings?

This kind of “fanatic culture” keeps people in a bubble that I call “fantasyland.” This while people are being killed, lies are being spread out, the rich now collecting tax benefits - but not those who really need it- , farmers being GIVEN taxpayers’ money due to the DT’s theory collapse, children being treated worse than animals, our worst enemy (Putin) being treated as a special friend in a very secretive way, the nobility of the WH being desecrated, etc. All with the loud applause of people who should know better… :thinking:

Ignorance is indeed powerful!!! :astonished: :open_mouth:


Don be fooled:


VOTE, please VOTE!
Help to decrease the chances for another Charlottesville, El Paso, Dayton, and so (too) many other mass killings. Do your part as a citizen, as a parent, as a responsible person, as a patriot, as human being, as a Christian. VOTE!

And now, for those who applaud and fiercely defend Trump’s economy…

I always said it just a matter of time, and the Trump’s tactics will disgrace the popular economy. Well, it seems that the time is coming, or had it already come? :thinking:

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Unfortunately @GeorgeTichy history shows us that the “bomb” doesn’t go off until six months to two years after the signs in the yield curve. This is a poisoned chalice for whoever gets elected in 2020.

Well Robert you know how it works. If Trump is re-elected he will blame Obama when the bomb explodes. If someone else is elected, then Trump will say, “See? I was doing great and now, look at what you got?” Every bandit always poses as being the good guy.

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