How Millennials Perceive the General Conference

This is great that Millennials are being asked to give their perspectives, rather than older persons just speaking for them, often without even consulting with them first. This is a model that was employed by the Beyond Beliefs study. If you want to read what over 700 millennial young adults really think of the 28 Beliefs of Adventism and over 90 other religious, behavioral, and social topics, see and find out about this enormous study that is about to go global.


UNLESS this General Conference can TRICK the Voting Delegates to withdraw the ability of Unions to be Autonomous, then no matter WHAT the Vote, Unions can still do what is BEST for them.
It is only if a pastor would desire to move to another Union location that would be a problem for hiring. On the other hand, IF a Pastor had Skills for Self-Support, then that Pastor could start up their OWN church in this next Union. They just would not be paid by the Union or Conference.
MANY Sunday Keeping churches were and are being begun this way. WHY NOT SDA?

The bottom line is – Unless the Delegates are TRICKED into voting different, the Unions that desire so, can still have any Gender they want for Pastors.

Perhaps we need to Assist MIllennials to enlarge their Vision of Church Planting. NOT be tied to the money trough of the Church in order to Church Plant. They Would Not be tied to a lot of Rules and Regulations that now tie the hands, feet, minds, hearts IF they were employed by the Denomination.

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Very interesting and evidence that the next generation is not worried about some fundamental orthodoxy, but about doing the right thing. “We cannot stay. Unless we are given a hope that the Church we are part
of locally will allow us to truly enact God’s call for ourselves both as young men and women.”


Thank you for joining in dialogue, @djmush1000. You directed me to 1 John, so I read it. 1 John 2:19 refers to those who “went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us”. Interesting to me was that in 1 John 2:18, the author states, “Children, it is the last hour, and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour.” It seems the “antichrists” were the ones leaving.
I would direct you again to my statement, where you will find me absolutely not saying that I want to leave the church, and I will say it again: I am not leaving the Adventist church—I appreciate its dedication to “sola scriptura” deeply, have been empowered to join its worldwide mission, and have seen Christ magnified by it. In that vein, I think 1 John 2:19 does not describe me, not only because I am not leaving, but because I don’t think I’m “antichrist,” based on the evaluation posed by 1 John 4:15-17, which I aspire to every day, whatever my faults.


Not so. These opinions prevail on campuses across the world. Of course there is dissent- GYC has a mission for dissent- but this in no way invalidates these opinions. There is not virtual in joining or leaving so there is no selfishness or self-entitlement. These voices are saying they will not support no participate with a community that is misrepresenting God. You claim of causation is the classic statistical trap. Please so back and read stats 101.

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Then why did you join in the first place? SDA represents the peculiar people of God, and not the culture we live in. The Bible gives not one example of a female priest or apostle…so we do not do what the Bible does not do and that is Biblical!!

Which is why you are NOT on the internet, probably NOT driving an automobile, and beating your slaves. Good luck with that. BTW, the earth is still flat.

Trust God.


What?!? You can’t self-proclaim to be God’s chosen people. This is hubris in the highest degree.
The Bible is extremely elevating to women compared to other writing from that age. God blesses equally with leadership roles in and out of the BIble. We’ve covered this at length here Traci - no need to rehash. No one can make a theology of what the Bible doesn’t say. The is logic suicide.


Rather conservative for a lefty educated at a lefty SDA university…


Is that a “yes” answer to my question: "Would you not leave the church if you find out that this church insists on discriminatory behavior in the face of biblical evidence to the contrary?"
So you would stay in a church that engages in discrimination? Do you think THAT is biblical or rather Christian?


there is no such thing as salvation through denomination…the People of God is composed of all kinds of christians, not only adventists, as also EGW stated.


And BTW…discriminatory for them means stuff they dont agree with.

Thanks for the link…shall look :slight_smile:

Just like you and me? lol…

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Though I have been surprised how many here on the “Far Right of Adventism” continue to do so…and “peculiar” is a most unfortunate word to use. :slight_smile:


The voting delegates from the Union Conference do not have the authority to yield their Union’s powers to the GC or to commit their Union to follow directives from the GC.

So legally it can not be done.

However more than one dictator or pope has swayed a huge collection of organizations over which they have no control to follow them anyway. That is what the GC is trying to do.

The Millennials may be ignorant enough of history to be seduced. But I doubt it.

Nope - instead their Unions will simply go ahead and use their autonomy to do it anywhere. Then at the next GC the question will be “Are we going to split into several service organisations for different subsets of the Union Conferences or are we going to keep with one?”

I thoroughly agree with this assessment of the situation - my wife and I both left the SdA denomination when we realized that we were sad for the people joining it, glad for our children leaving it, and in no way could recommend it to our friends or defend most of its public behavior.

This is what the delegates will not likely understand. The determination of candidates for ordination are in the purview of the Union Conference. The constituents of the UC govern the bylaws of such. The only way they can take control of the union is to disfellowship all members so only the GC votes matter in approving new UC bylaws. I’ve reviewed this with a governance expert of the church and confirmed my understanding. The anti-WO crowd have no answer for this.

North America and Europe is where our church is struggling. Where the membership is aging. But it’s these areas that criticize the working of the other areas where are church is a lot stronger and ironically where the majority of young people of our church are from.