How Not to Argue Against Evolution

(George Tichy) #21

This is a major problem currently, because it creates a culture of intolerance and frequently of mocking. It goes even farther, to a point that some people have even the nerve to tell others not to talk about this and that. As if anyone had such a right.

But, again, it’s all part of the culture inspired and developed by this right/left criticism. The media being called “enemy of the people” or “bad people,” etc., is certainly a poisonous fuel that sparks all kinds of fires. And, if the President can say it, just imagine how many people feel entitled to tell others what they can/cannot say, and, if they espouse a certain ideology they can be called “enemies of the people.” It’s nothing but freedom under fire!

Transposing such venomous arrogance to a religious/church environment may cause tremendously negative consequences. After all, wasn’t this spirit the that killed all the reformation martyrs and thousands of believers throughout the ages? As you said, “the spirit of intolerance.” It needs to be called by its name.

(Patrick Travis) #22

Ok George, if you want to play that way then since Chinese and Russian communist are agnostic or atheist and naturalist evolutionist then they are the cause we are having this “ungodly, naturalistic” debate! Likewise that makes evolutionist communist!
Some people need to learn correlation does not equal causation!
And, this should be stated for what it is!

(George Tichy) #23

There is no" play" here. The issue is much more serious than the way you want to characterize it.

One of the fastest way to lose respect from readers is to make statements that aim to banish total freedom of speech. Telling others that they should not talk about certain issues, or express their ideas/thoughts freely is nothing but an attempt to coerce, to silence, and to control.

I hope you won’t come back parroting what someone said not long ago here, and I am paraphrasing: “Telling me that I can’t speak against freedom of speech is violating your own rule because I have the freedom of speech too.” This is the equivalent to, “I have freedom of speech, but you don’t.” Just an insane defense of … insanity!

Anyone can preach against freedom of speech, or telling others what they can/cannot, should/shouldn’t say. But this will never deter those who do not compromise with coercion, intolerance, persecution, or arrogance. “Believe me, believe me…” *

*- As our honorable POTUS says, even when he is lying blatantly!..

(Patrick Travis) #24

I am not sure what you are talking about George. I merely said earlier to KENT that present politics has nothing to do with this debate…the debate long proceeded it!
I should know by now that to some on this sight all evil and problems segue back to an obsession with Trump and are caused by our present wonderful POTUS.

(George Tichy) #25

Classic way out. Not surprised!

(Patrick Travis) #26

Are you suggesting I was trying to stop free speech George?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #27

Semantics is the quick sand of free speech.

(Patrick Travis) #28

Or in other words you have it unless you have another opinion than mine. How could one have another opinion. It is immoral.:grin:

(George Tichy) #29

Me??? I am not sure what you are talking about Patrick… :wink: :wink:

(Patrick Travis) #30

Well George, why don’t you read your comment to me…I’m offended by your mean spirit. :grin:
But, after all it is appropriate to hijack all articles by different subject matter if it is caused by POTUS. BECAUSE, some wish to Silence his “Freedom of Speech” !

(George Tichy) #31

He can say whatever he wants, though what he says reveals a lot about his character. I wonder if his character is a model approved by many Christians, or his behavior as in “the grabber” video… Many evangelicals appear to support it all…

(Thomas J Zwemer) #32

I guess I am out of my depth. None the less I find great comfort in the opening verses of the Gospel according to John. I will leave Moses and Darwin alone.

(Patrick Travis) #33

We’ve wrestled over this POTUS before. When Kent first made his comment, what did present politics have to do with the topic," how not to debate evolution?"

Tell me, did the controversy over evolution of the last 150 yrs. Only start now that we have that " worthless, immoral" POTUS.
Seriously? :smile::notes:

(George Tichy) #34

Of course not.
I only pointed out that what Jeff was referring to, in my opinion, is that the increased divisive culture supported/promoted by the honorable/highly moral POTUS creates an environment in which sides become more prone to conflict than to tolerance and understanding. It certainly will fuell into the religious arena as well. I think…

(Tim Teichman) #35

?? Actually, it has.

It’s not speculation as far as I can tell from study. We’ve seen speciation in real time since we started looking for it, even among larger creatures like birds and mammals, and very much so with smaller forms of life like bacteria - since they reproduce so often and mutate so rapidly.

The “entirely different” part happens gradually - but still that is a rather subjective term: Is the bird-like dinosaur “entirely different” than a modern bird? They both have wings, so I guess not (?)

This is a good read:

(Patrick Travis) #36

Why is “tolerance and understanding” always the correct way? Actually, it ends up when others accept “my premise” then, “we have tolerance and understanding.”
Actually some like this POTUS because he doesn’t sit back and accept the many specious arguments in politics, press, and the world. I happen to be one of them. Most accidents happen in the middle of the road where cars are trying to compromise. :).

(Tim Teichman) #37

I’ve read that the issue with this argument is that it leaves out major sources of of energy including the sun and the heat produced by gravity and the resulting pressure at the core of the earth.

In the very long run it is perhaps valid: The sun will eventually run out of power and either implode or explode. But before that happens, there is more than enough time and enough energy absorbed from the sun by the earth to keep things going (the same energy that keeps it from being a frozen ice ball).

(Thomas J Zwemer) #38

Rather than debate where did we come from why not consider Why am I here?

(Tim Teichman) #39

I can do two things at once.

(Tim Teichman) #40

Great Article! Thanks Rich!