How Student “Confession Pages" Affect Campus Life

Boredom led to the inception of the controversial Instagram page “AU Confessions” in September 2019. Christopher Mata, then a freshman at Andrews University, had come up with the idea of starting an anonymous “confessions” outlet after hearing his friends criticize another campus social media page that “trash talked the chapels and complained.”

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In my day it was called gossip, my-my, how times have changed!

This sounds like the old “slam books” only now in digital form and public social media format.

Gossip, for sure. With the complications of public leverage for social justice issues. Complex, indeed.

Back in the day when I was a grad student at a British University, these publications were call “rag sheets”. Anybody could post anything, though most were about sexual adventures, thinly disguised. They thought it was fun! but I thought they might be embarrassed later when they finally grew up… Anonymity is such a cowardly place to be; why not use full real names, addresses and phone numbers with every post so people can confront and discuss face to face?

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