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It’s been found that healthy online communities are communities that talk about themselves. If you haven’t seen our recent announcement about the future of Spectrum commenting, please read this first. When you sign up for Spectrum Conversation, what you’ll find at first will be a collection of questions under the category ‘Meta’.

The purpose of these prompts are to encourage discussion about ourselves, and what we would like this community to be. We ask things like ‘should comments on articles be closed after a period of time?’, ‘should commenters be able to create their own topics?’, ‘how can we encourage each other to be civil?’, ‘what are your thoughts on the Spectrum commenting community guidelines?’. The Spectrum team will be listening and participating in these discussions, but we really want to hear what you have to say.

One significant change we’re introducing is the requirement to use your full name, with a few caveats. We understand that some of our readers are in a position where anonymity is necessary to protect them from losing employment. We’ll make exceptions in these and other sensitive cases. To be considered for exemption please email:

Second, some have been asking how to contribute to moderation. Discourse gives us a tiered membership system that increases your abilities as you read topics and contribute to the conversation. For example, someone who has created a brand new account can’t post more than two links in one post, as this might be spam, they also can’t flag other posts as being against are posted commenting policy, or send a private message. But once a user has participated in the conversation some, they get these abilities. This is so that ‘fly-by’ users don’t disturb the conversation too much.

In this way, we’re hoping you can take part in creating the kind of online space that everyone can enjoy. The work of creating community is not done in isolation, and it’s not done overnight. The Spectrum blog is one of the only spaces in the Adventist diaspora that has consistently tried to bring together all voices. This work provides its own challenges, but is invaluable and, in the end, deeply rewarding. We’re asking you to help us continue this work.

We plan to launch Spectrum Conversation for all articles Monday, September 15th.

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(k_Lutz) #2

So our Meta conversation is all wiped out? Bill Garber’s post should have been pasted into the discussion box which would require having read and understood before posting. So sad :frowning:

Trust God.

(Kevin Seidel) #4

It isn’t wiped out exactly. It still exists on disqus. It just isn’t connected to the article anymore. You can find it here:

I’m hoping they at least add a link in the articles to the Discourse discussion about the article.

(k_Lutz) #5

The link to existing Disqus conversations should be applied to all articles posted pre 9/15/2014, especially since they ported all the articles to Discourse. For why, Webd? For why? Please enlighten us on all this.

Trust God.

(We hoped to move them here. But I was told yesterday that Discus had a bug in its export. I don’t know if there is a way to back-link to the Disqus threads. At the moment our webmaster is swamped trying to finish the convert. - webEd)

(Brenton Reading) #6

I kind of like the clean slate.

(jeremy) #7

it’s kind of like pre-flood going to post-flood…everything is starting all over…

(jeremy) #8

actually, for anyone who has received comments on spectrum’s disqus, these received comments are all retrievable through the adventist review’s disqus…

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #9

Esteemed WebEd,
So far, I’m unable to zoom in order to read easily. I use an iPad mini & frequently zoom in for reading. I’m hoping that this is only a glitch in the transition process. If it’s a chosen limit, please pass on my concern. Thanks!

(Marianne Faust) #10

I don’t konw…will we always have to open a new page in order to comment or reply…? This is so sterile…I think I liked the old way more…

(jeremy) #11

actually, i seeing now that ALL previous comments on spectrum’s disqus are retrievable on the adventist review’s disqus…

(Kevin Seidel) #12

Any site that uses disqus should give you access to your disqus profile, not just the Adventist Review. Or even directly at the disqus website: Disqus profile inbox


Honestly I’m not sure moving the comments on another section will help to stay focused. One of the main issues with Spectrum conversations was that they considerably deviate from the topic, and now the fact of writing on a different page and in an independent section will not really help the purpose. Will see, but don’t really like the dynamic and the idea of separating conversation and article.

(George Tichy) #14

When I use my iPad I can’t zoom it either.

(George Tichy) #15

Hang in there Marianne, you will get used to it. What “new page” are you talking about? This is much better, you will see. It’s just that it takes some practice to learn it all. But it’s a much more intelligent site.

(George Tichy) #16

But the article is on the top anyway, so what’s the difference?


It’s on top only if you open it, otherwise it stays hidden. Rather than making things easier, it makes them more complicated. Glad if you like it but we’ll see if participation will stay at the same level. Already talked to other people and they also think the same. Plus the disadvantage of having cancelled all previous conversation history for all articles. There isn’t even a link from the conversation page to come back to the magazine and browse other articles! What I heard is that people are just going to leave and not write anymore. Probably same for me. Good luck anyway.