How to Make Your Church Greener

Is it possible for your church to operate sustainably and save money? Absolutely! In this article you will learn simple steps your local church can take that will benefit the environment, save money that can be redirected into ministry, and bring your church family closer. Why does this matter?

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Recycling is very different for non-residential buildings.

When in middle school my kids suggested we spend some of our offering money to buy recycle bins for the church. We bought 4 small blue kitchen size bins, one for each door. A few weeks later I asked why they were not being used and they said because they did not have a recycle bin to put them in. So the next month we spent two hundred on a 32 gallon blue wheelie recycle bin that can be taken to the curb. Next I find it used for another purpose. Then they asked if I have a truck and can haul it to the recycle center each week because non-residential buildings can’t use the wheelie bins, only dumpsters. (Not sure if the pastor miscommunicated this or didn’t know when he asked for the wheelie bin.) At least four more years passed without recycling.

Same story at my Mom’s church (because kids put pressure on grandma, too) but they left out the bins to make it look like they recycled, but just tossed the contents in the trash dumpster. Sigh!

Nice try. Many “green” churches and synagogues, shrines, and monasteriums, will be set on fire when the Lord appears because “whited sepulchers” went about greenifyng man made buildings and would not have the Lord’s temple’s, our bodies, set apart, sanctified by fire, and purged from the world and its agendas. Many blue recycling bins and piles of leaves will be torched on the day of the Lord’s vengeance along with those leaders who set these principles over the Lord’s Sabbath, His communion, and His Holy Word.

Thank you for this reminder about creation stewardship. It is more functional than anything in the current SS lesson on stewardship!

The simplest method for making churches greener would be for everyone to admit that religion has failed in its attempts to refute something even as basic as organic chemistry, much less the underlying tenets of scientific investigation, thus allowing church buildings to be abandoned and reclaimed by Nature.

After which, their crumbling heaps would be preserved as constant reminders of the depravity and futility of outmoded Iron Age Theology while their properties could be converted to playgrounds where kids are allowed to come to Jesus on their own, rather than suffering under Christianity’s “carrot or a stick” (sic) inversion of his “good news” which, some 2,000 years on, has yet to deliver on its promise of peace on earth, to say nothing of proving the existence of eternal bliss.

Or…we can join @adventistgrump in faithfully waiting for god to solve all our problems by baptizing the planet in fire and cleansing it with his love….

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Every blade of grass is known by the Lord, and every hair on our head. God cares about this planet in that He made all things good. Since Adam chose another voice to heed, this planet which belongs to God and God alone has been in decay. Yet, the planet will not die. This great powerful mass in God’s creation was made for His good pleasure not for ours and it was not created to die. It will be the new home of His son. We have not been asked to save anything because we need saving. We have been asked to obey and that we will not do. Instead we want to “partner” with the Lord and give Him instructions from time to time.

God cares about the animals even the tons and tons of dead wasted foul that cities around the world leave in their restaurant dumpsters after closing each night. He cares about all the cows and pigs that are dismembered all to be left in properly labeled waste bins. Does the Lord smell the stench of hypocrisy and fraud when he smells our green prayers in His Holy nostrils? He has had a plan for hypocrites before the the planet was even created. This planet will surely outlive hypocrites. We are content to “save” this planet and continue in our excesses. When the Lord scorches the paved dog toilets of New York and Philadelphia and London with fire to cleanse the earth not just from excess carbon but from ALL excess, greed, and oppression of animals.

But yet mankind has set his affection on many things that belong to God such as His Sabbath, His matrimony, His planet, even His Holy Son we have tied up in chains for gifts and carols on our annual celebration on December 25th. Mankind is a thief and a deluded god in his own eyes. We set our hearts as god’s to save a planet that we absolutely do not care for. We have not set the bounds of the sea or of the land. We are fools powerful only in our imaginations. Yes, let our behavior and our use of God’s green earth be curbed by the Lord not by the United Nations. But first let the Lord curb our hearts, not to save a planet that will surely live on but to share the eternal fruit of self control.

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