How to Resist a Vaccine Mandate

There was one simple way to avoid a COVID-19 vaccine mandate—most of us were vaccinated in the past year and thus the recently instituted mandates simply do not apply. If we get vaccinated first, “they” can’t make us do it.

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Merry Christmas everyone. Here is one Santa Claus who is not going to be giving presents to anyone during this holiday season. Mike ‘Santa Claus’ Anderson, 68, North Pole, Staunch conservative and anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID. (


Mankind is not going to vaccinate it’s way out of the Second Coming. Thankyou Jesus Hallelujah, Praise his Holy Name. Back To Normal is coming in the clouds with angels.


i’m afraid it’s much too late for this rational, and christian, type of thinking…the anti-vax mvt in our church, and society, is in resolute denial of basic facts…everything from vaccine efficacy to vaccine safety is in determined dispute…any fact that contradicts the accepted anti-vax mantra, or any of its predictable talking points, is hotly denounced, whether it’s understood or not…any medical authority that advocates vaccines is looked at with strong and even vicious hostility…

the sad part of all of this is that we aren’t talking about just a few individuals, here and there, who are in the iron grip of this unfortunate mind-set…it’s literally millions of people, many of whom had seemed relatively reasonable up to this point (certainly at least hundreds, if not thousands, of adventists)…this covid pandemic, along with the vaccines and mandates, has certainly revealed character in a way that nothing else up to this point has…i’m almost thinking to myself that it’s a layer of the end-time shaking that precedes, coincides with and culminates in the latter rain…


For those of you ready to die on the mandate mountain, go for it. That topic is dead. If you haven’t noticed, omicron variant is not killing anyone, barely any hospitalizations, the primary symptoms cannot be distinguished from the common cold. For the most part, no symptoms hence the pandemic of asymptotic 10 day quarantines. Or put it another way. The emperor is not wearing any clothes. This is the equivalent of asymptomatic illness. We are all pretending there is a pandemic, because everyone is afraid to tell the king he is not wearing any clothes. At best the asymptomatic pandemic is degenerating into a childhood game of cooties. You can’t come to the family Christmas dinner, you are not vaccinated against the cooties. Please.


Which lobe of an Adventist brain is trustworthy in this pandemic? The one that urges God will take care of us without the need to help ourselves? The fatalistic one?
The one tuned to the rumor mill to pick and choose what appeals to our otherworldly instincts? The foolish one?
Or the one tuned to modern medicine’s benefits. Did we not have a health message? And has not that message expressed itself in a commitment to modern medical hospitals and clinics throughout the world of which we can be proud? The realistic one.


Come on now church people. So, because I choose not to take the jab I am against vaccines? If you don’t realize that something is off, you are lying to yourself. Not good! Maybe I could try and wrap my mind around what’s happen it there wasn’t any other medication available. Acting like sheep is disrespecting the Creator.


“Post can’t be empty.” . . . of what ?

This is so well and succinctly put. What I fear is it is too late to implement with any meaningful effect. The utter spirit of resistance among the anti-vaccine society is mostly complete. As one who actively assists those who seek religious exemptions I have not once heard a sentiment along the lines of love of neighbor and esteeming others better than ourselves. It is all about “their” freedom, with no thought of others freedoms and needs. It is a wholesale sellout of a mature Christian spirit in a time of communal crises. Imagine if this had been the polio vaccination. A third of us would either be dead or crippled for life. Too much pollical shaping our of faith has resulted in this vaccination resistance among Christians.


Too bad I can’t tell the three friends I will never be able to speak too because they are dirt-napping from covid. I am so sorry for you. You have been scarred with the worst affliction of all, distrust in anything and everything we, as humans, used to hold as true. Covid has been devastating, killing more people in the USA alone than all of the wars our country has engaged in from its conception. But the real tragedy is that no one trusts any institution, anyone with expertise in anything, any agency established to protect us…and on and on. I am 100% sure that whatever I type in this response will not change any minds either. This has been a growing problem for years, but there was one person in particular who fed it, cultivated it, nurtured it, to its extreme and my mentioning that name will only stir more resentment…but everyone knows who is responsible.


the spirit evident in the anti-vax mvt in our church gives it away…it clearly isn’t of god…


most authorities i’ve seen have pointed out this apparent decoupling of cases and hospitalizations with omicron that was already there due to the vaccines (in fact the decoupling of cases and hospitalizations we may be seeing with omicron may be due to vaccine or natural immunity, or both)…although some do caution that hospitalizations have historically followed cases by 2-3 weeks, and that it’s therefore too soon to let our guard down, there’s a feeling of optimism with outcomes that wasn’t there with delta, alpha, beta or gamma…

the other cause for optimism with experts is that we’re in a different position now than last year…in addition to effective vaccines, even for children, we now have treatment options, including the Merck and Pfizer polymerase inhibitor and protease inhibitors, respectively…Moderna may have an omicron-specific vaccine ready within the next few months…Canada’s Medicago’s new plant-based covid vaccine is seeing relatively positive phase 3 results:


Now that was a joyfully humorous writing! Yours is the common sense that is needed on this topic. I have presented much too but when I list details and sources some get put out by it and report it enough to have it removed. Rolling eyes!
I am still looking for that vaccine that is touted so often. I see a few Gene Transfer Technologies, but no vaccines. But, maybe I am expecting too much for a vaccine to actually function as one :rofl: :rofl: and on its own, rather than having others injected to make mine work. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The covid is definitely a serious virus, but unfortunately the best treatments were too cheap for Fauci. Now, if I start stating the truths I will get reported. Many died uselessly, by the virus and by other protocols.


I am constantly amazed how attractive the Dark Side is…just continuing to shake my head!! Great article, love your neighbor as yourself, worked for Christ!!


I am truly sorry about your friends. The question is about mandates. If the vaccines were as effective as touted, there would have been a significant reduction in deaths in 2021 than in 2020. If there was any evidence that I could protect other people from dying by getting vaccinated I would be at the front of the line. The distrust you refer to is well deserved. Meanwhile in Japan ……. Look it up. The horse dewormer has ended Covid.


It’s sad to see that the disgraced Ben Carson has joined the anti-vax movement. During the primaries, Carson was disgraced by having his life story attacked and debunked by Donald Trump. Carson suffered further disgrace by having his faith community, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, publicly reviled by Trump. And then as a Cabinet official, Carson suffered the ultimate disgrace of watching Trump appease and strengthen hardcore racists of the alt right. For the last five years or so, Carson has been willing and eager to personify what the literature on white/black relations refers to as a __________________. Now that his master has been voted out of office, Carson has chosen to devote all of his energies to promoting loony conspiracy theories in support of the anti-vax movement. He is like a quarterback who throws three interceptions and does not recover but throws another one. How the mighty have fallen.


Interesting read! Yet as I go throught the details I could not help but wonder how you would rationalize accepting the “MARK” as described in Rev 13:16. I am not suggesting that the JAB is the so called “Mark”. What I am suggesting is that many thinking people are observing the details of the reaction of the world as it faces a life threatening fear. Many have concluded that the “rush to the market cure” is much worse than the threat. We have observed a Political ploy to grab power and world press that is bought off by wealthy investors and pharmaceutical entities intent on sales and wealth. Perhaps when the decision to be with those that look reality in the face and check out the details and and the truth agains mandates that do not agree with concsience, how will these be rationalized to meet popular demand?

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Sad to say, lies are being repeated here and not by those on the pro vax side!!!


there’s quite a lot of published evidence showing the efficacy of the vaccines…here’s a tiny sampling of easy-to-read articles:

here’s a more technical, and even more convincing, article:


i agree that Ben Carson is one of the saddest casualties of the trump presidency…like so many others, he appears to be permanently morally maimed as a result of his connection with trump…i do hope he has no involvement in the Jan 6 insurrection…