How to Vote as a Christian: Ten Suggestions for the Present Landscape


with previous administrations, we may have seen things we strongly disagree with, but this doesn’t amount to fascism…this is because there was always a functionally independent judiciary, along with a general respect for law and what amount to norms that everyone with sensitivity to lawful behaviour naturally acceded to…criminality in a president was never countenanced by either party, and there was always a healthy respect for a free press, unlike what we’re seeing now…

as for trump’s ties to russia, starting with his 2016 campaign, which is still reeling from criminal fallout, i think it’s quite obvious that trump’s extraordinary efforts to hide his taxes is because he knows they contain smoking gun evidence of hopeless subservience to putin, not to mention serious crime…people with extensive military and intelligence backgrounds all suspect he’s compromised, which hasn’t ever been the case with previous presidents…


After all, after only nearly 4 years of investigations by rabid democrats, the most investigated President in the last 100 years we almost have him. This criminal mastermind that has gotten away with everything (or nothing really) will all be uncovered if we can just see his tax returns. That is where all the crimnal masterminds screw up, Tax returns. Ok, not really, when they can’t prove the criminal offences the government uses tax evasion. but that is not really found by releasing the persons tax returns to the public…but this time!


A common error with the Declaration of Independence but very understandable as the two are closely related.

“Furthermore, Sandefur says, this explains the Constitution’s use of the word “liberty,” which “does not refer to some definitive list of rights, but refers to an indefinite range of freely chosen action.” Which means that the Constitution should be construed in the bright light cast by the Declaration’s statement of the Founding generation’s general intention to privilege liberty.”

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Delightful essay. Much appreciated, Chris.


The way words are used should have their correct meaning. The word ‘Marxism’ is often thrown about without any meaning given to it, usually associated with Communism. Communism is a combination of Marx and Lenin.


For the political ideology commonly associated with states governed by communist parties, see [Marxism–Leninism]


Not to be confused with [Classical Marxism], [Leninism], or [Orthodox Marxism]

Marxism is a method of socioeconomic analysis that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, better known as historical materialism, to understand class relations and social conflict as well as a dialectical perspective to view social transformation. It originates from the works of 19th-century German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. As Marxism has developed over time into various branches and schools of thought, there is currently no single definitive Marxist theory.[1]

Reading up on this subject becomes quite difficult and requires much concentration, if one has the time! I did not do a comprehensive review, but it becomes quite obvious most persons simple do not know what Marxism is or have an interest in learning. I only supply the above to show how often we use words without thought of actual meaning. Words are often used as ‘button pushers’ to distract or shift away.


I’m surprised there’s so much disagreement in this thread as I thought one of the main points of the article was to keep things in perspective and be balanced. I like politics but I always keep in mind that Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world, if it were, my followers would fight for it”. Does this mean we don’t get involved? No, we should be involved and informed. But we should remember that this entire system has no ultimate solution but for Jesus to return and destroy it and build His kingdom. Again, this doesn’t mean we are not involved, or try and improve things, just keep focused that the only real hope we have is not in Trump, Biden, or whoever succeeds them, it’s the hope through Jesus in eternity. We’re all brothers and sisters and our main focus must be preaching the gospel…ultimately republicans and democrats are equally flawed parties, I’m different ways but good Christians support Biden and good Christians support Biden…let’s just remember that.

It is obvious that Trump is referring to the democrats statement that Trump didn’t respond quickly to address the virus as the hoax. To clarify, dems say, “Trump did not act quick enough”. That is the hoax! Trump did act quickly in the travel ban. Trump never said the virus was a hoax. Listen to the video, you posted, very carefully, and often if needed, so you can comprehend the message.

Ron, you are correct. Even though the Russian collusion subject has been found to be a hoax and no facts have surfaced to change it from a hoax to a truth, because of the fake media coverage, many have been duped and still today believe there was Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.
Fresh news is now showing that Mueller’s team of lawyers have all deleted their phones of any information, and what does that say? There was info that they would have been shown to be corrupt rather than Trump’s campaign. Sadly, in the meantime others have fallen victim to “process” crimes because of this hunt. Amazing how all this began with a fake dossier! Dishonesty and corruption have caused so much chaos!
Now we wait to see the results of testifying by Comey (without a subpoena) and maybe McAbe and Mueller, if they all comply without a subpoena.


Marx simply analyzed his time. Mostly together with Engels. Philosophical-social-economical treatises. And many of his economical and social analyses are astonishing. Not all of them, of course, no one is without error. He laid the theoretical foundation for socialism. And in his view, communism as a classless society (free development of all individuals and therefore of all, without class restrictions) was a kind of nebulous goal in the far future. Marx can not be held accountable for developments in the next century after his death. He never saw so called socialist or communist countries. Until today, there never was a single state that can be called socialism or even communism according to his analyses.

Today as was in all decades after his death, people took parts of his ideas, extended them to a kind of ideology or religion or system. This is probably a common fate of foundational researchers.

Using the label Marxism today is quite unclear. The individual Marx of the 19th century? The Marx of modern academic interpretations? The Marx of so called socialist or communist state interpretations? Which Marx? And therefore, which Marxism?


The true issues of the day is Bible Prophecy.

Apostate Republicanism and Apostate Protestantism are the perversions of the founding principles of our nation.The people who have overlooked the evil done in the name of Christianity and have voted to strengthen these powers will soon see what they have voted for in the past and the consequences will be rapid ones. The avalanche will not be stopped when it is in motion. There is no vote that can now be cast that will undo the forces that have been established by the decree of God Almighty.

What we have failed to do for Christ in our time of ease, we will be obliged to do in the time of difficulty that is ahead.

I am focusing on warning people about what is coming rather than to give them false hope that they can change anything that has been decreed by God Almighty. In the 666 Mark of the Beast Tell-All show on youtube I make it clear that it is time for the Antichrist to come and who I believe him to be. And None of the Ten Suggestions of the Present Landscape will prevent the Mark of the Beast from coming at its appointed Time.

Most excellent questions!
It’s sad the only examples we’ve had in the 20th century were really just dictatorships. I wonder (again) if we’re taking a zero-sum approach to this - that even looking in that direction constitutes the unpardonable sin.

So maybe more questions:
What causes people to consider these ideas in the first place?
Looking thru the lens of history, what factors may have contributed to this phenomena from the Russian revolution forward? (We can even look at the French Revolution.)
What lessons can we learn from Cuba under Batista, or Vietnam under the French?
Do we see signs of those contributing factors today?
Do we see any patterns developing?

It seems so easy to toss out scary labels. Reminds me of the Catawompus.


Sad but true…

Pretty much straight away the comments are full of “this is blindingly obvious and if you don’t think so you are an idiot” contributions thereby, I fear, proving the authors point…

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The straw men are out in force.

Do you really conclude this from Caroll’s post?

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after nearly 4 yrs of investigations, and without his tax returns, rabid democrats have established that trump isn’t in jail only because he’s a sitting president, due to a DOJ convention which trump himself has shown again and again he has no respect for:

of course things will change if trump is defeated in november…the statute of limitations on his crimes expire at the end of 2021, and biden will be under enormous pressure to withhold a presidential pardon…but if trump wins reelection, and if the dems win the senate and retain the house, we will likely see a second impeachment…

keep in mind that trump’s financial ties to russia wasn’t investigated by mueller - trump’s millions of deluded followers have no idea what their man is steeped in, or what their donations have been paying for…deutche bank is hoping that hiring kimmitt, a barr friend, will mitigate exposure while the trump administration lasts…they, at least, know there’s reason for prudence and caution…

the bottom line is that trump is hiding his taxes for a reason…he has literally spent millions of his fan’s dollars in court fees to keep them out of the hand of congress and prosecutors because he knows what they reveal…


Those are campaign law violations if they occurred you would be hard pressed not to find a candidate today that could not be implicated in those. Including Obama.

" * Federal prosecutors implicated President Donald Trump in felonies for the first time in December, stating Trump directed illegal payments to two women who said they had affairs with him in an effort to protect his presidential campaign."

Really, so they looked for collusion and ignored if there were any finacial ties to Russia. You do know that finacial ties are the main form of evidence that investigators use.

Yes, knowing how the media distorts and lies I would hide them also. Most people don’t understand the finacial dealing of someone with a Billion dollars. But you know they could easily be distorted by a media that has from day one tried to remove a president.

Just in case you don’t believe it about Obama.

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I would say this is generally what happened to christianity, the religion. Christ showed us the father and his character. As did many verses and passages from the OT. Individuals took the simple, complicated it with authoritarian and exclusive cultural stuff and made it into a religion.


Thank you, Bob.

I think this self-limitation of thinking is a special US mentality. Interestingly, it’s not like that in Europe. And this is the continent with many of the former so called socialist or so called communist countries. Maybe it has to do with the over importance of individualism in America. And it has to do with the history of USA and the European persecution and narrowness back then. Maybe Europe is still seen as one step close to suppression. Throwing the baby out with the water.

The questions you have raised are super great. Very interesting. I will think about them more. A just society that considers history.

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Yes, it seems we humans just screw it up. We have to make systems out of everything. How do you take care of yourself that it doesn’t happen to yourself? Just curious.

Thank you, Kate.
One difference I see between Vietnam and Cuba and what happened in Europe is those countries in Eastern Europe were Soviet satellites - they had no choice - whereas Cuba and Vietnam went thru civil war to become “socialist”. Is that correct?
Of course human nature and corruption seem to get in the way…

Well we do have an explaintion the next day from Trump. So if you have difficulty with the interpretation this one might help.