Human rights good for spirituality?

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By Alexander Carpenter

In light of our recent discussions of Adventist spirituality, I thought that this quote in a recent Adventist News Network article adds a judicious point. During a visit to Manila, Philippines, GC Communications Director Ray Dabrowski writes a profile about so-to-retire Philippines Judge Crispin B. Bravo. It concludes with two quotes: For Bravo. . .his departure from the trial court will not mark a break with the legal profession. He plans to "offer legal services to human rights victims suspected as enemy of the state without strong evidence." Judge Bravo also plans to be more involved with the plight of the poor. "The church is not [fully] spiritual if it is not helping poor people," he said.This gives me hope. Even blessed hope. Sure, lots of Adventists help the poor and care about human rights. It's just good to see people talking about these forms of loving one another as essential to Adventist spirituality. And Judge Bravo has only been an Adventist for eight years. Bravo indeed. . .and in word.

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