"Humans of Adventism" Page Launched to Encourage Candid Conversation

Kaleb Eisele in Orangeburg, South Carolina, hopes that his short profiles featuring a wide variety of Adventists will initiate conversation and encourage empathy, connecting people through stories.

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Congratulations, Kaleb, on your project to enhance understanding and create community. Looking forward to reading your profiles.

This interview gives me hope. As we Adventists focus on listening to stories, making connections, building on Jesus’ words and acts, and investing in innovative communication, we grow in gratitude and grace.

Frankly, Adventism has done a pathetic job of discipleship. We focus on worship and churchy activities, but discipleship is different than worship. Jesus didn’t commission us to merely make decisions for Him.

The gospel can be reduced to two words: Come. Go. Thanks, Kaleb and Orangeburg and Alita and other adventurous Adventist humans, for going.

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This is what our church needs, at least the North American part I am familiar with.

David Patterson, near Collegedale