I Accepted Timothy Keller’s Invitation to the Skeptical

aage –
The SDA church does not talk about the Early church fathers. Neither does the SDA church talk about
ANY of the spiritual mystics of the Church that roamed [actually many of them were chased about] Europe keeping Light alive.
I had to learn what I have learned about these two groups from my Christian Education on sundays
at my Episcopal church.

QUESTION – IS God Good? This is the basic question posed by a group of men in a concentration camp barracks while waiting for tomorrow to come so they can be burned in the Ovens.
It is well worth the effort to obtain the DVD “God On Trial”. And well worth the time spent watching it at least once, perhaps twice.
Yes, IS God “good”?
It is interesting that when God created in Genesis 1 that NOTHING was perfect. It was only “Good”. It was only "Very Good."
Does God expect PERFECTION? Or, does God just like “Good”, “Very Good”?
when one reads the Gospels, the book of James, it appears that PERFECTION seems to mirror “Good”, “Very Good”.
but NOT “perfect”. A gnarly tree is “very good”, but who could say it is “perfect”?

I believe you are confusing me with Dr. Robert M. Johnston at the seminary.

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