I Am Blessed; I Am America


I am blessed; I am America

I am December 1773;

I am the Boston Tea Party

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I can’t wait to see my America being blessed after this election.

MABA - Make America Blessed Again!


I really like this. We need more of this. Perhaps we can move beyond political divisions after the election next week. I am hoping and praying.


Wonderful and patriotic writing! I wonder why the video was taken down.

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We as Americans have been blessed beyond understanding, especially the past four years, with a president that has been a true patriot breaking the mold that has evolved within the “lifer” politicians who suck the tax payers wage for their own selfish gain. As truth unfolds with documentation, witnesses, and factual evidence about the China/Biden corruption we are witnessing before our very eyes how the financial gain is achieved under the table. The son gets paid millions and gives half to his father as a gift because the son gets the paid position for his last name. It does appear that God has placed the current president in his position for such a time as this and because of so many other reasons. God has blessed America in so many ways!
I am absolutely excited about how Trump has shown his love and support for all American citizens regardless of skin color. He has shown the greatest support for helping the African American community to achieve success as they pursue life, liberty, and happiness. With the previous administrations gradually ruining our nation Trump has turned the direction upwards with his logical and common sense understanding of the economy and foreign relations. Even a virus that is very harmful to the very old and sick won’t deter him. Praise the Lord!!

Only in America. You are another great example of the great blessing of freedom we have here. God bless America!

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