“I Have Coronavirus” President of Northeastern Conference Shares in Statement

True, pro-life doesn’t apply to seniors. We’re disposable. Just ask the millennials and younger. We baby boomers cost too much and are considered a drain on the economy, even though we still spend as much or more as any other age group.

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Jeremy, the GOP remain consistent with what they always did. We the people were never their concern. They are used to selling our lives for any money from any lobbyist. So, what’s new?

The vulture capitalists are panicking now, especially as they see Trump practicing socialism ($2.0 Tri+). But this world will never be the same again. It is impossible to go back after this crisis. The extremely luxurious lifestyle will soon be over.

I don’t see how vulture capitalism can survive after this. I won’t be surprised if after a while we see a significant increase in suicides among the vulture capitalists. Because they don’t know how to live without exploiting labor among the poor and middle class.

I have many other things to point out but it’s probably better if I write a book sell it! :innocent::rofl:

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You see? This is vulture capitalism in action, undisguised and straightforward. Only a crazy, deranged person would say things like Glenn Beck. But there are many of them among the Republicans as we have seen for many years. They just don’t care about people, they only care about becoming richer every day. I believe that there are many of them among the Democrats as well. But, as a party, Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the people. No sane person would question this fact.


…or one trolling for a job in this administration. It worked for William Barr.

Are you kidding? Pro-life? Wars, poverty, calling a pandemic a hoax, and now the elderly! They are actually “pro_death.” But, as we can see, hypocrisy is their “forte”…

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You are so right! Actually, Henry @Hischild does much better posting on politics than on on religion.


A fact is a fact.
This fact about the Little Time of Trouble in particular is not a fact because I said so. Nor is it not a fact because you have not seen the evidence presented in peer review. It is a fact because the evidence is overwhelming.

Not true from my point of view.
Complacent people don’t bother to verify the facts. They disbelieve, doubt, deny, and call into question the facts that they never bothered to verify. That is the Laodicean condition that Jesus warns us against. Complacent people don’t need anything because they have the Bible, the Sabbath, the Spirit of Prophecy writings, a Christian education, sound Bible teachers and everything else that they can imagine to keep them in their comfort-zones.

I do not judge people. That is God’s department.

I know those who are helping me spread the Third Angels Message and I have encountered SDA’s and some other Christians who are not helping spread the Third Angel’s Message. At times some are even getting in the way as much as they can while making a big deal about how much they love the Lord.

The Third Angel’s Message is the final message of God’s love to this dying world. Love Jesus so much that you, me, and we will not take the Mark of the Beast. Know where we are in prophetic history. Warn folks that President Michael Pence will be the one that implements the 666 MOB so that we will not be deceived when he does this abominable work. Let folks know that it is time to be sure that our sins are forsaken, repented of, forgiven, and settled in heaven’s Investigative Judgment.

That and so much more is involved in the Third Angel’s Message. Anyone who does not know the facts so that they can join forces to give the right message at the right time is in danger of being deceived. it is a wake up call to get right with God today so we will be right with Him tomorrow. If we do not get it together today, it won’t be any easier to get it together tomorrow.

Today is the day of our salvation. Those who wait and see if I got everything right as if I am a prophet may wait too long. As a Bible student, my test may have some things right and some things needing improvement. But as a student, I can learn when the exam is graded. Those who expect perfection from a student must never have made any errors on any of the tests that they took when they were in school. Folks should study to see how I came up with this stuff and then make up their minds and when it comes to pass, they can say “I don’t believe it because you said so or because it has come about, but I believe because the word of God said it and it has come to pass as the word said.”

Five days. Get ready for the inauguration services!

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When Daniel told King Nebuchadnezzar, “you are that head of gold” was that a political statement or a religious statement? Daniel was talking to the king the political leader of the kingdom. And it was a religious statement in that in its context in its entirety, it told the politician that God was in charge and what He was going to do with Nebuchadnezzar’s dynasty, kingdom, and political position.

You would do well to study the Scriptures to see how I came up with this and you would not be so agnostical.

p.s. This topic will still be open on day 6.

And for almost everyone in this administration. Everyone who did not go with the craziness was kicked out. This President is the most dangerous person in our country. His mental condition is alarming to most mental health professionals.

Unless President Pence closes the Internet on day 5. :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


I did clarify that in another post. So this is what I know. 2 April 2020 may not be the day that the 666 MOB is set up, but it is the end of the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11.

This is a prophecy that has been repeated in the endtime.

The first application was from 20 September 2001 and the day it ended Pope John-Paul (the one that Revelation 13 said continued") died 2 April 2005.

This is the final repetition of the 1290 days from 20 September 2016 that is to end on 2 April 2020. I initially thought that it would correlate with the setting up of the MOB, but after studying Daniel 11 more fully, it looks like it is the day that the one who sets up the MOB will be set up. President Trump is to be broken and President Pence is to be inaugurated. So I tentatively see this coming together on this date.

With President Michael Pence being identified as the one who sets up the 666 MOB and the COVID-19 pandemic causing the democratic primaries to be rescheduled it is looking more likely that when President Pence gets into office, he may “reschedule” the election because of COVID-19. That is yet to be seen. BUT American presidents have traditionally been in augurated on 29 March prior to moving it to January 20. So if President Michael Pence made the argument that elections are unsafe, he could try to postpone it.

Bottom line. I expect President Trump to be broken (whatever that means) 2 April 2020. And if something else happens, I’ll learn from the fulfillment of prophetic history and know more after the fact than I do before the fact.

Is that your prayer? your hope? or your fear?


Jeremy check this out:


Maybe Henry @Hischild is right…

Henry, you said:

This fact about the Little Time of Trouble in particular is not a fact because I said so. Nor is it not a fact because you have not seen the evidence presented in peer review. It is a fact because the evidence is overwhelming"

No, the evidence is not overwhelming, you have arrived at an opinion by gathering together assorted texts and events and arrived at a conclusion you believe to be correct. That is Not fact. That is your belief.

And then “Those who wait and see if I got everything right as if I am a prophet may wait too long.”

Too long for what? I am not waiting for tomorrow, Im resting in Gods grace now.

Once before I asked if you believed you were a prophet, a modern day Noah but don’t think there was a real answer?

From my perspective, there seems very little humility and much condescension in the way you engage with others here.

Kind regards

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well, many of us believe trump isn’t suited for the presidency…but this doesn’t stop people from voting for him…i think there’s a strong chance that trump could be re-elected in november…

this will be very interesting to watch…it’s only 5 days away…

Whatever happens I respect your dogged pursuit of truth, your cheerfulness, and your forebearance in the face of ribbing and some pretty harsh criticism. That speaks volumes about your character. Thank you.


What a price we are paying to make America great again; mismanagement of the coronavirus on the national level. The opposition’s slogan for this upcoming election should be " Vote for Trump if you want to make America sick again."

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well, in fairness to trump, not that he would extend fairness to anyone else, he didn’t invent coronavirus, nor could he have been expected to anticipate it…at the same time, it’s probably unforgivable that he dismantled the u.s. pandemic response team in 2018, and has been relatively slow out of the gate with a national response, given the heads up he received as early as january…

but sadly, i think trump is going to be re-elected in november again, just because americans seem to prefer continuity, even if it’s the kind trump is offering, and biden has been relegated to the sidelines, becoming out of sight, out of mind…of course one can always hope…some people are saying that andrew cuomo may end up being the dems nominee through some sleight of hand among superdelegates in milwaukee, assuming it’s still on…

We have a more sure word of prophecy. Sound Bible study will prevail when the dust settles.
Before the event, we can have an inkling of what is about to happen, but when it happens we will know so much more. From sept 2011, I tweeted 8 times that Pope Benedict XVI would not be pope in 2013. finally- Sept 2012 I said “he might last till spring 2013” He resigned in Feb 2013. It was in Bible prophecy, but people would not believe until it happened.

God forewarns us of events so that we can take appropriate actions at the correct time. Remember how the Christians knew when to flee Jerusalem when the Romans withdrew? When they came back, all the Christians had left town. Not one perished.

And what if I got the wrong person…Maybe it is talking about Pope Francis as in the earlier instant when it was about Pope John-Paul II? I will know more 3 April 2020.

The cities that are being impacted by COVID-19 look like America’s list of who’s who as far as sin cities are concerned

Even if I am ,ay be wrong about the timing of President Pence’s inauguration, I do not imagine that the 2020 US election will be held on schedule. See how many primaries are being postponed…