“I’ll See You Tomorrow” Reminds Us that Hope is within Reach

There is reassurance in I’ll See You Tomorrow’s titular phrase. It contains the promise that there is more beyond today, that there is even a "tomorrow" to look forward to. From the beginning, co-authors Heather Thompson Day and Seth Day work not to merely instill hope in their readers but to remind them that hope exists as an option. Heather states "that life has pages, and pages don't determine endings" (13). That said, I'll See You Tomorrow is not a self-help book. I know what you're thinking: not a self-help book? Yeah right. The word "resilience" is in the subtitle, for crying out loud! And granted, at the end of each chapter are questions for readers to engage with the text, which are common attributes of self-help workbooks. But both writers are clear: self-reliance is a myth (19). If anything, I'll See You Tomorrow is a book of petitions. The Days are far from superficial writers–they dig deep, pairing research and biblical counsel with personal anecdotes and gentle, loving reminders. If Heather says, "you must," it is not written as a command; it is a coaxing, a pleading, towards a better life.

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