I Want Justice

“I want justice!” She said and she slammed her closed fist on my desk.  This is what I heard from one of the first clients I had as a lawyer. Older attorneys in my office heard her outburst and pulled me aside.  They warned me to think carefully before taking her case, to examine what she meant by “justice.0”  They knew I was inexperienced and wanted to fix the world’s problems and right every wrong.

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True justice is blind, impartial, and without any self gratification. I find myself, often, gratified when I think I have put some offender of true justice in their place. I know that makes me just as guilty as the person whom I have silenced for their insensitivity, inhumanity or biases.

When Jesus separates the sheep and the goats, there won’t be any gloating from the saved, but there will be a lot of screaming slurs coming from the lost.

We can keep all 27 or 28 rules to the letter, just like the Pharisees did during the time of Christ, but nothing we can do as human beings will secure our place in heaven more than an unselfish concern for the marginalized, the downtrodden, the dejected who cry for justice from us.


Correction : the Bible reference corresponds to Micah 6:8 not to Isaiah 1:17

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LindyLynden Williams

“When Jesus separates the sheep and the goats,…nothing we can do as human beings will secure our place in heaven more than an unselfish concern for the marginalized, the downtrodden, the dejected who cry for justice from us.”

You are right, not the creed of 28 FB, but love to God and love to our fellow men will be the basis for God’s judgement which decides our destiny when he separates sheep from the goats. This is judgement according to Jesus. Its not the “Investigative Judgement” invented to supply the missing link for the failed prediction.

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Which one of the 28 do you think is invalid for Christians?

Have you ever read “Facing Life’s Record” chapter in the book Great Controversy?
Do you have issue with any of it?


I believe every serious Bible student on this forum knows which of the 28FB are not necessary for Christians. You need to identify them for yourself if you do not know them yet.
Regarding IJ did you ever attempt to verify this teaching with the Bible? If you did, you would not have asked me this question.

You asked, “Have you ever read “Facing Life’s Record” chapter in the book Great Controversy? Do you have issue with any of it?”

First of all, “Facing Life’s Record” is not a chapter title from the original Great Controversy 1911. It is found in 1911 GC on EGW website, and also found in the booksFrom Here to Forever1982 and Love Under Fire2011.

Let me ask you, Where in the Bible is this doctrine taught? Can you prove from the Bible that Jesus had to wait 1800 years in the first apartment of the heavenly sanctuary before entering into the most holy (the second) in 1844? These and many issues can be identified in this doctrine. I am sure your are aware of them.


I find it interesting that someone would ask which of the 28 “beliefs” is invalid. I never said they were invalid, although I do not agree with all of them. The 28 will, in no way, save you. They have no saving power at all. Only the blood of Jesus saves you. So to ask that question shows that you have not thought this through. They only exist because they give us a set of shared beliefs, which in many instances, tend to exclude people rather than bring us together. Huge difference.

Please post a bible verse where the blood…“saves”

What is so threatening about the 28?
Survey/poll your church and see what % of attendees have ever read the complete book of the 27 or 28. Then survey/poll and see what % have ever read even the whole new testament or even all 4 gospels.

Have you ever heard a person who read the 27/28 book say to you …“It made me sooo legalistic”?

I would not shed one tear if all the 27/28 books disappeared, however I wonder if those who counter it have ever read the book or just whine about some parts of it. I think it is just immature and shallow faultfinding.

Many in the SDA church don’t read bible, SS lesson, Desire of Ages.
I wonder what % have even read the small book "Steps to “Christ”.

Here is a wake up call for the typical SDA critical anarchists…check out article 11 of the United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

First: It isn’t 27 or 28 Books. I was speaking about the 27 or 28 beliefs that some Adventist churches post on the back of their bulletins. The reason for two numbers, it that it varies as to which version is being posted.

And, I can’t believe I have to respond to the question about being saved by Jesus Blood. Again, it is a metaphor. It means we are saved by Christ’s robe of righteousness. Not by our works.

If you have to use “proof texts” to “prove” something…your in trouble before you start. There are plenty of contradictory texts in the bible. So you can “prove” all kinds of false understandings if you want to cherry pick verses. Be very careful with that.


Any bible verse to support that?

“I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness” (Isaiah 61:10)


If you’ve read it and refer to it provide a link!

Not trying to argue, honestly asking because I’ve heard this so often, why do people say many SDA don’t read the bible? Was there an article or something in one of the Adventist publications stating this as fact? Pretty much everyone I knew in my past churches read the bible regularly, as well as having read and distributed many copies of Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ. As for the SS lesson, that rings true. Just wondering. Perhaps a poll would clear up this issue :thinking:

I can’t believe your even asking that question. Have you ever read any of Paul’s books? Almost every thing he wrote, especially Romans, is about Righteousness By Faith. Go back and read the whole book of Romans. If you still can’t figure out where righteousness by faith comes from, then no one can help you.



Here is a question that might help you identify what type of justice your heart desires - restorative or retributive:

Think of someone who has done a great deal of harm and wrong to others. What would you want God to do to them at the first resurrection/‘Judgment Day’?

Is it God that decides our destiny - or is it our choice whether to love God and love our fellow man that decides our destiny?

Consequently, is God’s judgement a determination of what will be or a revelation of what already is?

Try this, in the larger context: Heb 9:22" In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness."

Forgiveness is an element of salvation but is not salvation in essence.