I Was a Stranger

Sabbath School commentary for discussion on October 30, 2021.

This week’s Adult Bible Study Guide focuses on the question of social ethics, particularly how Christians should treat those we sometimes consider strange, also know as strangers. According to Oxford Languages, “strange” denotes the “unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.” It is a shortening of the Old French estrange,  from the Latin extraneus or external. Hello aliens, foreigners, teenagers, the queer, the loud. Here we meet the Other. The other from a different mother. They and them have arrived and now they’re inside our gates. We know they are on our planet, now they’re in our space—what should I do to or for thou?

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My morning walk with my wife and dog often takes us round a Mormon church. The other day I found myself wondering about what goes on in that building and thinking what a strange denomination that has always seemed to me.

Then I remembered that’s undoubtedly what the neighbors must have thought of me when I was a kid given that I, despite my love of baseball, didn’t play little league and went to church on Saturday instead!

An Adventist trying to find a person whose life choices are “out of the mainstream”—that is “strange”—need look no further than the closest mirror.


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