If Church Was like the Apple Store

What keeps bringing you back? That’s the question I had in my mind as I walked out of the Apple Store yesterday. A friend recently bought a new laptop (congrats!), and we visited the store together. In Korea, the Apple Store isn’t your normal Apple Store. At the end of your purchase, they ask to announce that you just bought one of their products, and the whole store erupts with applause, laughter, and cheers. One of the staff who helped us previously began to show us different programs that they offer. His kindness and sincerity struck me, along with something he said: “We aren’t just about products. We desire to help the community. The reason why it’s called ‘Apple Myeongdong’ and not [just] Apple Store is because we hope to influence and help the surrounding community.” Those words struck me. A secular company based on productivity desires to influence and change the community. Now to some, the cheering may feel embarrassing or awkward, but I couldn’t help but connect it to the meaning of church.

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