Imagine Undoing Racism

I hereby declare my sense of, belief in and interpretation of mysticism to be properly basic.

Further, and having sufficient evidence to convince any rational person beyond a reasonable doubt that Bible thumping and proof texting are as anathema to human progress and the Holy Spirit as is any belief in, or pulling citations from, any other supposedly holy book, I logically and summarily reject anyone’s efforts to convince me of anything to the contrary.

Having thusly presented myself an overarching trump card (inadvertent pun decidedly intentional) and by rigging the rules in such a way as to ensure that I cannot lose any further debate on any issue*-well that combined with the fact that Spectrum says I’m hogging the conversation-I predictably claim for myself comprehensive victory in all matters and respectfully bow out.

(*Unless, of course, someone else comes along, and using their preferred interpretations, explanations, justifications and rationalizations, has the temerity to define and declare skepticism, communism, antidisestablishmentarianism, atheism, etc., to be properly basic. In which case any and all of their arguments must be considered absolutely authoritative and unquestionably indefeasible and they themselves are to be deemed not merely unvanquished, but utterly impervious to defeat.


(Oh, and I should add racism to the list of potential properly basic isms, not only to stay at least somewhat on topic but given that historically some have-and others still do-consider this a completely natural outgrowth of human existence.


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