Imago Gei - The Androgyny of Christ

This week we are making space to hear Nathon Hilton’s story of being disfellowshipped at his church due to the affirmation of himself and other gay Christians. We also discuss his work in which he looks at the Androgyny of Christ in Scripture, along with other ways that marginalized identities throughout history have made space for their existence by finding their own stories in the narrative of the Bible. Nathon holds a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Salamanca in Spain, in addition to a BA in English and Theology from Andrews University. He is currently translating Alicia Johnston’s book “The Bible and LGBTQ Adventists" into Spanish and focusing his studies on the philosophical and theoretical intersections of literature, religion, and spirituality. I first met Nathon a few years ago back at Andrews, and I am excited to have him share his personal journey of faith through the LGBTQ lens as well as some of his contributions to the world of queer theology. I’m your host, Kendra Arsenault, M.Div. And our sponsors for today’s episode are Spectrum Magazine and SDA Kinship International

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Again, another delightfully subversive podcast. I’m always amazed at how far Spectrum is willing to pursue these impulses toward reimagining Christ into something new. It is really the beginning of a new faith and tradition. This is something I never thought we’d see anybody post on a platform even as out of the mainstream as Spectrum. Truly groundbreaking and an indication of where Adventist theology is going in the next decade. Women’s ordination is all but decided in the NAD and now we will see LGBTQ+ welcomed and traditional narratives of Christ redefined. We made God, and will see our making of God redefined as we dwell more on the universal mind that we all share and explore our own divinity not as subjects but as masters of those definitions.