Important Official Statement from the Inter-American Division

Administrators of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inter-American Division issued the following statement:

The Henry family confirmed that Pastor Elie Henry, a regional spiritual leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and his daughter have been held by unknown persons in Haiti since the evening of December 24, 2020. The Henry family is in regular contact with Pastor Elijah and understand that he and his daughter are doing as well as one might hope under the circumstances. The family and others are working diligently to secure their safe return.

The Henry family and the Church are asking you not to take part in social media speculation, but rather to ensure that your energy is used to keep Pastor Henry and his daughter Irma in your prayers during this difficult time.


This article originally appeared on the Inter-American Division website. 


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what a terrible situation…the $5 million ransom sought seems a bit exorbitant, but not doubt haiti is reeling from the pandemic and people are desperate…it’s strange that the u.s. state department doesn’t seem to be involving itself in this u.s. citizen kidnapping…

Prayers needed!

His name is Elie, Pastor Elie Henry, not Pastor Elijah as the typo indicates.

It is also newsworthy that his daughter Irma Henry is chief of Physical Therapy at the Adventist Hospital in Haiti.

I’m praying*********************************************

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