In Defense of the GC Session

Which is approx $460 per hour, $8 per second!

I am not sure that ALL the expenses are counted. And how much more money members traveling to the show spend out of their own pockets?

Interesting math…

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Indeed, compared with $228,310.00 in revenue per hour annually, or more than $1 million per hour over five years to back up $460 per hour cost of quinquennial meeting. Do we really want to quibble?


It’s in the secular, worldly west where membership is declining (if it is indeed declining); while in the so-called “developing world” membership is increasing. They are not “rich and increased with goods” and are more receptive to the gospel than those who live in rich countries. When the time of trouble starts, everyone will get religion, but for most it will be too late; and they will be following the wrong leader.

The cost of the session per head seems quite reasonable. I must admit, when I see that total, I know what that amount of money would mean for projects that go unfunded because of local conditions. There is one particular project that I have in mind that would be transformed by a $100,000 grant. This money would represent 200 such projects, or even 400
$50,000 projects.


nope, but remember everyone except delegates and employees are paying for their own flights, hotels and food…my guess is everything amounts to around 11 or 12 million…

ok so i was off by a few…


At least something we can agree on…lol


I imagine that there would be many interested in the medical and educational opportunities that being a member of the SDA church would bring. Not coincidently the level of education is much lower in Second and Third World Countries as well.

Is it Twitter, George? lol…lol



Where is the church growing?

Check the numbers yourself.

It is not growing in the NAD for sure. Looks like Adventism’s only hope is in Second and Third World Countries.

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They are way too quiet, unusually quiet.
I think they all are having strokes by now!!!
It doesn’t look good!!!
As Kevin says, “Stay tuned”… :wink:


lol…much ado about nothing, I fear!

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No quibble at all.
Let them just have fun since the money is pouring in. It’s raining… free gold drops from Heaven…

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I found them on twitter:


Remember that those countries also have a much lower level of education. Uneducated people are much easier to “convert” with some kind of hope of a better life.
Educated people usually scrutinize thinks much differently.


But, … What are those projects good for? Do they help elections of church officials?
Let’s just forget this money thing, so that the crowd can swim in the pool of coins and have fun. It’s only for 10 days, and then reality hits again…

This is so funny. :slight_smile:

Waaay too funny, Carolyn!

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