In Landmark Sermon, Chris Oberg Discusses Science of Sex and Gender

No, we dont have to talk about this…the scriptures have already done it for us…God created Male and Female…gender disphoria is as it reads gender confusion…its really not that complicated…kids get confused…if gender disphoria were random…then why are there a disproportionate amount of confused kids wanting to go the way of being male way more than female?

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What about sin? What has happened to us as a people of the Bible? Doesn’t God’s word mean anything to us anymore? If God himself calls these lifestyle choices an abomination, how can we, as His professed people disavow His word??? I am one that loves the sinner and hates the sin. I live that mind set in my own life, why should I live a different mindset outside of my own life? I have very dear friends that are LGBTQ. I have never condoned their lifestyle, no matter how sincere. At the same time, I love them dearly! One has nothing to do with the other. I firmly believe that we should welcome people of all genders into our congregations, but, I do not believe that they should hold an office in our churches. In that position, they are setting the example for all peoples. We are counciled in God’s word as well as the SOP that we can overcome every besetting sin. Paul says that he dies daily. Chris Oberg alluding to National Geographic is disgusting. This is a magazine that has always promoted the big bang theory, so we know where they are coming from! If they are using science to promote their argument, they are using the wrong source. They should be using the Bible and conform science to the Word! SOP clearly tells us that the Bible and science can live in harmony, but, the Bible must come first. I saw only one text used during this whole sermon. Where is God’s word and where is Christ, the great physician, in this sermon. I find this sermon very disturbing, and even more disturbing, that so many people commenting on it are in agreement with it!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for delivering this marvellous sermon.
As the mother of a transgender child (female to male) who is now 19 years of age I know all to well how truly needed sermons like this are today. When my son came out we had well meaning Christians tell us that what was happening within my child was ‘not of God’. Those three words pierced our family causing so much pain and harm it took years to undo the damage. I came across this sermon in doing research for my second book in which I hope to help bridge the gap between Evangelical Christians the more progressive Christians among us on this topic.
My first book was a very raw and deeply personal memoir about discovering the son we never knew we had. It began as my own personal writing that I was doing to help me come to terms with what was happening within our family. I never intended others to see it. However, somewhere along our journey I too became all to aware of the terrible stats and the harsh treatment of transgender youth by society and felt compelled to tell our story to help others understand and to let other families know they were not alone. Sadly, my own son became part of the stats when he tried to take his own life.
The churches that are brave enough to approach this topic with an open mind and heart are the ones that I believe are truly doing the work of God. They are the churches that will lead us forward to a space where we, as a society, can be more loving, compassionate and Christ like.
May God Bless you Chris Oberg, your church, the members of your family and your congregation.
Warmest regards, Cheryl B. Evans (Author of I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a transgender child).