In Letter to Associates, Mannatech Details Link to Ben Carson

During Wednesday's Republican debate hosted by CNBC, questions arose over GOP frontrunner Ben Carson's links to supplement maker Mannatech that has been embroiled in legal actions over claims of false advertising. Carson denied that he had a relationship with Mannatech, calling the suggestion, "total propaganda." Videos of Carson endorsing Mannatech products remained on the Mannatech website until very recently. Carson has also stated that he was paid to speak at Mannatech conventions, which the company does not deny, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Today at 2:00pm, Mannatech Global Communications sent an email to Mannatech associates clarifying Carson's involvement with the company. Spectrum obtained a copy of the email from a long-time Mannatech associate. The pertinent portion of the letter follows:

Dear Mannatech Associate,

At the Republican Presidential Debate on Oct. 28, Dr. Ben Carson was asked about his involvement with Mannatech. He said that he had been paid to speak at Mannatech events and that he was a customer. That is a true statement and clearly defines the limits of his relationship with the company.

He also made a statement about Mannatech products, which is completely compliant, and is a good example of a positive testimonial. Carson said: “Do I take the product, yes. I think it’s a good product.”

Regardless of the interpretation put on his comments about his relationship with Mannatech, the fact is Dr. Carson’s only involvement with the company has been to be paid to give speeches at corporate events and as a customer. He has never been a paid endorser or spokesman for Mannatech or its products.

Dr. Carson is a long-term customer and has spoken about his personal and professional experiences at Mannatech events. Dr. Carson chose to participate in videos while attending corporate events, where he gave his personal perspective and testimony. He was not compensated for his participation in these videos. While Dr. Carson has talked positively about Mannatech and its products, again, he is not a spokesman or a paid endorser.

As a reminder, we are participating with Dr. Carson’s campaign to comply with Federal campaign finance regulations, so please do not post or share material about Dr. Carson or this topic on social media or on any public venue.

This has created unprecedented media coverage, so if a member of the media approaches you, in any way, do not respond to them. Immediately refer the inquiry to Mannatech’s Communications team by emailing

Mannatech’s Commitment to Compliance

Mannatech is committed to a culture of compliance with technology and products that are backed by science and clinical trials, and the challenges Mannatech faced are now in the past. Mannatech’s more than 100 patents establishes the company as a leading global developer of unique, high-value, quality health and wellness technology. Its products, which are backed by scientific validation, clinical studies and the highest standards of quality, have created a platform from which hundreds of thousands of its entrepreneurial business Associates can confidently operate and build successful businesses that are safe and compliant.

Our focus is to ensure that Mannatech sales Associates can build long-term business based on a culture of compliance and science-backed technology and products.

Sincerely, Al Bala President & CEO Mannatech, Inc.

The following outlines Mannatech’s history with Dr. Ben Carson:

Dr. Carson has spoken at four Mannatech events His appearances were included in videos that were made available on Mannatech’s website and other channels Dr. Carson has stated that he has used Mannatech products for several years Dr. Carson continues to purchase Mannatech products Dr. Carson has shared that he is a satisfied Mannatech customer Dr. Carson has never been a paid endorser or spokesman for Mannatech or its products All references to Dr. Carson were removed from Mannatech and Associate digital sites in participation with Dr. Carson’s campaign team

The following are Questions and Answers regarding Mannatech’s relationship with Dr. Carson, the company and its commitment to excellence:

Q: How many times has Dr. Ben Carson spoken at Mannatech events? A: Dr. Ben Carson has spoken at four Mannatech events.

Q: Was Dr. Carson paid to participate in Mannatech videos? A: No. Dr. Carson chose to participate in videos while attending corporate events, where he gave his personal perspective and testimony. He was not compensated for his participation in these videos. While Dr. Carson has talked positively about Mannatech and its products, he is not a spokesman or a paid endorser.

Q: What is Dr. Carson’s current involvement with the company? A: Dr. Carson has no direct association with Mannatech. He was never a paid endorser or spokesman for Mannatech. However, he is a current customer and has purchased Mannatech products on a regular basis for a number of years.

Q: Is Dr. Carson a company spokesperson or paid endorser? A: No. He is not and has never been a paid or official endorser or spokesman for the company. Suggesting otherwise is simply not accurate.

Jared Wright is Managing Editor of

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Why is Spectrum publishing this pre-emptive disclaimer on behalf of Dr. Ben Carson? No reader of this Journal has written or implied any negative ethical behavior by the good doctor.We are not a political or partisan organization. I would really appreciate why this issue and the specificity in the article was published.

Why now? Why this disclaimer? I am confused!

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I’m glad to see Spectrum finally balance out their Carson-related publishing. Mostly he has been criticized around here for his homophobia, Islamophobia, pro-gun-violence etc. But he has actually been in favor of civil unions of gays, supportive of peaceful Muslims, calling them God’s Children, while being critical of the brands of Islam that breed violence and mistreatment of others (ISIS, Sharia). And it would have been much harder for the Germans to bulldoze the Jews, had they been armed, and a handful of victims of gun crimes is a smaller price to pay than a nationwide bloody civil war that would result in the loss of the 2nd amendment. And by the way, owning a gun and the willingness to use it to defend one’s family does not disqualify a person from being an adventist. That is almost as funny as saying that the “decision to do nothing is where you have power”. Do we not all consider those brave souls on the plane that crashed in Penn on 911 to be heroes???

As long as it is acceptable to be political enough to be critical of Ben Carson, wouldn’t it be fair to give out a bit more positive information than simply saying “he was a great doctor”.

How about the fact that he received the highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his especially meritorious contributions to society. Or being named one of America’s Best Leaders by US News and World Reports. Or having received the Jefferson Award for being the greatest public servant of the year, helping the disadvantaged in our society. Or for Healthcare Humanitarian Award for enhancing the quality of lives and “changing the course of history” with his contributions. Or the fact that he was elected by the Library of Congress as a “Living Legend”. Or for receiving the Spingarn Medal, the highest honor given by the NAACP. Or that he was the 2012 receiver of the Influential Marylander award for substantially improving the quality of life, and for his humanitarian efforts on behalf of the citizens of Maryland. Or for receiving the William E Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership. Or for the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal as recognition of his courage, integrity, tolerance, equality and his creative expression through superior achievements. How about mentioning his tireless outreach to America’s youth, the millions of dollars he has provided in scholarships and education programs. How does he find the time to sit on dozens of prestigious organizations that strive to enhance our culture? He is clearly passionately dedicated to the good of humanity. That he has an occasional viewpoint that clashes with Adventist Forum’s theology doesn’t seem like reason enough to “pile on after the whistle” and to ignore all the positive!


One of the things I value and appreciate about Spectrum is the forum they provide through comments and response for people to do exactly what you have done - respond to the presentation and share your own perspective. While no source of information is perspective free, I appreciate the respectful dialogue that (it seems to me anyway) they both encourage and provide for, and the opportunity for conversation they provide. Thanks for sharing your perspective. And thank you to Spectrum for providing a place for the conversation to take place…


there are a lot of moral, talented, successful men and women in Anerica. few if any are qualified for the office of president in the years 2017-2021. Dr. Ben Carson is unprepared for the office his seeks. But he is far from being alone in that regard. Tom Z

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If you pay attention to the news these days, you’ll know that this is not at all preemptive. Dr. Carson’s ties to Mannatech have been in question since the CNBC GOP debate. Carson denied having had a relationship with Mannatech. This document details Carson’s involvement from the company’s perspective. It is another piece of the ongoing story.

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As an ardent and addicted follower of this presidential campaign and the attendant debates, I have been astonished at Dr Carson’s astronomic rise to prominence.

While I believed Dr Carson’s disclaimer during the recent debate, about his minimal Mannatech involvement, I found it most affirming that Spectrum should publish the company’s response, which I otherwise would probably not have seen.

With Doctor Carson the most prominent Adventist on the planet right now, far outstripping Ted Wilson’s position, it is entirely appropriate that Spectrum keep us all abreast of his every development. I sincerely hope Spectrum will continue to keep us informed.

I also understand that presidential contender, Senator Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, was raised by Adventist missionary parents. When last was our denomination so blessed to be “in the limelight”?

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Carson seems to me to be unprepared as well, but Clinton is dishonest and hardly one I would trust with he reins of power. She might do a good job, but you could count on some sculduggery that was unseen.

Those interested might check a Facebook post Carson put out regarding his inexperience. He admits he does not have experience in government, but points to the present impasse in govt. and notes that combined, the legislators have a total of 8700 yrs of experience, and yet we have what we have. The real problem of course is that Obama is an ideologue and feels he does not need to compromise.

Perhaps Carson would be a breath of fresh air. I just think he might easily fall to crafty deceivers who would take advantage of a good man. But maybe that is a chance we have to take.